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Grocery Spending/Menu Plan | 4th of July week!

Here’s what I bought this week:

Aldi groceries arranged on the floor.

And I also stopped by the produce stand to pick up cucumbers, corn, and peaches.

I spent $56.74 at Aldi, $40.99 at Weis, and $6 at the produce stand for a total of $103.73.

What will we be making with our groceries?

For breakfast, we’ll be eating homemade granola, homemade yogurt, fruit, scrambled eggs , and cereal.

Lunches will be yogurt smoothies, fruit, nuts, sandwiches, and leftovers as necessary.


  • My cousin (the one you’ve seen in the engagement pictures) is getting married, so that’s where we’ll be at dinnertime tonight. 😉

Sunday (we’re having our 4th of July meal on Monday)

  • French Toast
  • OJ
  • scrambled eggs


  • Grilled Bratwurst
  • chips
  • fruit salad


  • The kids have some free meal coupons from our library reading program, so we’re going to go out and take advantage of those.


  • BLT Chicken Salad ( a green salad)
  • Cheese Bread


  • Seafood Subs
  • raw veggies
  • chips


  • Chicken Quesadillas
  • green salad

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Saturday 10th of July 2010

Would you post your recipe for BLT chicken salad? Thanks. :)

Benjamin Bankruptcy

Sunday 4th of July 2010

You groceries look very attractive, hell even your food waste does.

You've probably seen this before but it's a photo essay on what people eat and spend on food per week


Saturday 3rd of July 2010

I *heart* the summer and all of it's fresh vegtables and fruit.

Let's not even talk about the fact that 7 watermelons have been consumed in my household.....( a DAY) in the last week, and and entire BUSHEL of corn grilled and consumed in one night.


Saturday 3rd of July 2010

Do you think one week you could post us a list of exactly what you've bought at Aldi and Weis? I ask because at my house (and there's only 2 people + 1 cat) we shop at Aldi, a fruit and veggie market, and Jewel, and I'm interested in seeing what you buy at Aldi versus Weis. Thanks! And CONGRATULATIONS! to your cousin. :-D (I say this as a newlywed.)


Saturday 3rd of July 2010

I've always wanted to know: what do you put in your seafood subs? They sound good!

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