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Green is springing up all around me

And I love it! After a winter full of brown, gray, and white tones, green is such a sight for sore eyes.

Seriously. Don’t sunlit green leaves just make you feel happy?

(the deciduous trees are not yet green around here…this is just a large evergreen bush/tree in my backyard, and I am choosing to see it instead of the bare trees. I’m looking for the good, people!)

Hostas are peeking through the dirt (I keep my hostas in pots because the voles around here are voracious hosta-eaters.). I got my hostas free from my neighbor, who is a landscaper. Sometimes when he re-does people’s landscapes, he comes home with extra plants from the old landscape design, and that is just lovely for me.

When I raked up the leaves from the corner of the yard, I was pleased to see that the tiger lilies Mr. FG’s aunt and I planted last summer (they were extras from her garden) were poking their green shoots up.

And the lilac bush (ok, it was more like a stick last summer) from the same aunt is putting forth some leaves.

My hyacinths are getting awfully close to blooming. These were growing in random places in our yard when we bought the house, so I dug them up and planted them around the mailbox. They seem to be quite happy there.

The other green shoots are from my tulips, which I bought at Aldi.

These daffodils near the road were here when we moved in, so they were quite free. 😉

And finally, this is my hydrangea from Aldi (you may remember it from my post on frugal, patient gardening). I just promoted it to a big ol’ pot, which I bought at Goodwill. I was SO tickled to see it because I’ve been watching for a large pot for months. I hope that the hydrangea will do some major growing this year in the new pot. I mixed some compost in with the soil in the pot and I figure that should make for a happy plant (some of the SunChips strips are in this pot, actually!).

I would plant it in the ground, but I haven’t found a good not-too-sunny place for it in my yard as of yet.

And I am very worried that if I plant it in the ground while it’s little, those pesky voles will eat the roots right up and then I will want to cry because I’ve patiently nursed this stick for two summers already (I shared a photo of the bloom last year).

You know, I thought this post was going to be sort of off-topic but since I am so excited about the green plants, I wanted to share anyway. Frugality is so soaked into my life, though, even some of the posts I plan to be off-topic don’t seem to end up that way. All of the plants in this post were either free, or were purchased very inexpensively, and even my hydrangea pot was only a few dollars at Goodwill.

I think frugality flows through my veins. 😉

So, how ’bout you? Are things becoming green in your neck of the woods yet?


Today’s 365 post:“Brrrring, brrring!”

Joshua doesn’t have a 365 post ready yet. Must go add “write 365 post” to his chore list on My Job Chart.

Update: Joshua has a 365 post up! It’s called “Wonder why these are here?”

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Wednesday 23rd of March 2011

What do you use for potting soil? I'm not a very good gardener, but trying and ever so slowly improving... I don't have a lot of space so I use a lot of pots which, from what I read, you are supposed to use potting soil. I feel like I spend a small fortune every spring on dirt! I know you use your compost, but do you mix it with the potting soil from last year? do you use garden soil? Do you have to add some sort of peet moss type thing to it? Thanks - Kimberly


Wednesday 23rd of March 2011

I'm in Dallas and our first bulbs have already bloomed and the flowers are now dying off. We put our vegetable garden in last weekend, using starters from the nursery as well as a lot that we grew from seeds ourselves. We already have some blossoms on a few of the tomatoes, and there are tiny little cucumbers on one of the vines. We just love walking out in the yard after work and seeing every new little leaf on the grapevines and new sprout where we sowed seeds. Exciting!!

Molly F. C.

Wednesday 23rd of March 2011

My five year old spotted the first yellow crocus which popped up in our front yard. Had some beautiful weather last week but it has been getting progressively colder and snow might be seen tomorrow!

Kat C

Wednesday 23rd of March 2011

It snowed here today ( Alberta, Canada). BUT, some snow melted last week and I gog the slightest glimpse of grass & some green columbine leaves in my garden. My front garden is sadly covered with at least 3 feet if snow ( it faces north) which means I sometimes have tulips in June! It's a month behind the south facing gardens in my neighborhood.

Connie Seward

Tuesday 22nd of March 2011

Tons of snow and ice here in Alberta. We won't see any leaves on our lilac tree until May! ............ heavy sigh!

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