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Four Frugal Things (and one not-frugal)

1. I installed GasBuddy

gasbuddy screenshot.

The main reason I wanted GasBuddy is for the price comparison feature. I sometimes get my gas at Royal Farms, sometimes at Sam’s Club, and sometimes at a Shell gas station, using Get Upside for a discount.

But in order to decide where I want to fill up, I want to get an idea of the current prices, and the app is gonna make that easier for me. 

2. I sold a book and my last ornament on eBay

ebay packages.

I was a little surprised that my final Christmas ornament sold after Christmas! I’d figured it was a lost cause.

But nope, someone wanted it!

I also sold a book I’d already read.

3. I bought my maternity/pediatric book at a discount

We have to buy this book online because there are online assignments we have to do (quiz-type things). Otherwise, I’d totally buy a used paper copy.

There aren’t a lot of ways to save on online textbooks, BUT if you go through the school-specific portal my college has with Lippincott, you can get a discounted price.

I almost forgot about this, since months have passed since I purchased my original nursing school textbooks. Luckily, I remembered in time!

4. I got some more silver Christmas balls from Buy Nothing

Someone posted another bag of basic silver Christmas balls, so I picked them up.

They’re a lot like the original bag I got, which is lovely!

bag of silver Christmas balls.

I usually decorate my tree with quite a few personal, random ornaments, but I think it makes the tree look a little more cohesive if there’s also a collection of silver balls hung all over.

So, I’ll be all set for next year.

5. (fail) I paid $6.99/pound for strawberries

This happened on Christmas Eve actually; I went to Safeway for a few things and picked up some berries which were supposed to be on sale for something like $3.

For some reason, my strawberries rang up at $6.99. Under normal circumstances, I would have tried to get that corrected, but since it was Christmas Eve day and I knew the employees were already at their wit’s end with the long lines, I let it go.

And then funny enough, they turned out to be terrible strawberries. Look how white they are on the inside!!

white strawberries.


And here compared with a more typical strawberry:

white and red strawberries.

It’s ok, though; we ate them all, and one $6.99 pound of strawberries is not gonna do me in. 😉

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Chris B

Friday 5th of January 2024

1. I made a beef barley soup. We raise animal and garden produce. 2. I made an apple walnut pie with free apples and walnuts. 3. Listened to free audiobooks on Libby app. 4. Sew and tie with donated supplies for disaster relief. 5. Trace liners and carrying pouch for days for girls with donated items. 6. Got 10 lb chicken leg quarters for 79 cents per pound. 7. Been using less laundry detergent. Laundry seems to be more clean.

My mom wanted food pantry items for Christmas. We went to Aldi's and Dollar Tree for food and beauty items. She was thankful to deliver a trunkful of items to the food pantry.


Wednesday 3rd of January 2024

Thanks for the reminder about Gas Buddy. I am really not good at paying attention to gas prices. I used to have Gas Buddy but my old phone could not handle having very many apps so I ditched Gas Buddy at some point, but I have a much better phone now and can handle adding an app. :) So now if I can just remember to look at it!


Wednesday 3rd of January 2024

Ugh! I went to buy a bag of oranges that someone must have put in the wrong place. I thought they were. $4.99 (bad enough) but since I was only buying a few things in self checkout I happened to look at the receipt when I was walking out….$9.99 for a bag of oranges! I didn’t need them that bad! Luckily, I was still in the store and just got a refund.

Cindy Brick

Wednesday 3rd of January 2024

(Happy New Year, by the way)

Take the receipt for those strawberries back to the store! If they were mushy and bad (which they obviously were), and you didn't get the sale price to begin with -- I'd take them back. In fact, I've done this many times. You could use the money -- or a replacement pound of strawberries -- couldn't you?

If you're honest, Customer Service recognizes this. Really.

Lindsay B

Wednesday 3rd of January 2024

1. I was able to spend a little of our health rewards money before 2023 ended. Each year it’s basically unavailable until we meet our deductible, and after that we can use it like HSA money. It’s nice to try to use it when possible.

2. I tested negative for Covid twice, after being exposed accidentally at work to a positive case. I used our “free” tests received from USPS.

3. Finally finished a tube of hand cream (after cutting it open to scoop out the remains, of course). I’m also one application away from finishing a hair oil that didn’t work for my hair, by using it as a post-shower body moisturizer. It will be nice to have a little visual space in my toiletry cabinet.

4. DH went grocery shopping last time and forgot to use a coupon for free vegan mac and cheese. I saved the receipt and customer service was kind enough to provide the refund. I was able to return a few other small items at the same time.

5. DH will drop some returns (unwanted Christmas gifts for Little E) at the UPS store while driving home from the office today.

6. Oh, and I found a hardback copy of a library book on potty training that I wanted, instead of buying it used.

Frugal fail: we’ve had some post-holiday food waste from things we weren’t able to freeze or cook before going bad.

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