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Food Waste Friday


Just so you know, the can of black beans is not’s merely there for perspective. 😉 I keep taking close-up shots of my little containers of food waste, which makes said containers appear much larger than they really are, and so I thought a can of beans for comparison would be helpful.

The noodles were growing some really interesting mold, which happened because some unorganized house wife (read: me) put them in a place she never puts leftovers: the door of the fridge. It was a small container and it somehow went unnoticed for two weeks, which means that I should have found this last week and included it with the carrots.

So, I didn’t technically waste anything this week…it’s just lost waste from last week.
To all my FWF participants….the Mister Linky Widget is having some issues, to say the least, and so we can’t operate quite like we usually do. However, you can still participate (and still get a spot on my blogroll for another week) by leaving a comment with a link to your food waste post.

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Sunday 31st of May 2009

I had waste this week. (Hanging head)

Kolfinnas Korner

Saturday 30th of May 2009

Here is my food waste post.....


Saturday 30th of May 2009

I had a terrible week...but here it is anyways...

Mrs Green

Saturday 30th of May 2009

Wahee! After my dreadful week last week I have redeemed myself with zero food waste. Here is my post and well done to everyone else too! You are such an inspiration, Kristen:


Friday 29th of May 2009

I just posted my ugly photo- not too bad- only a bit of greens and some old canned white beans. Going for zero next week!

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