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Food Waste Friday…

I don’t even know if I can show my face around these parts for a few days, I’m so embarrassed about my food waste this week. In my defense, only about .01% of this waste is from this week…the rest are leftovers from the days when I used to be Her Eminence, The Queen Of Food Wasters. You see, I cleaned out my freezer today, and not just the above-the-fridge freezer.

Yup, I delved into my chest freezer(aka The Largest Freezer Known To Man). It’s a cavernous freezer, equipped with exactly 0 storage shelves and racks, which means that it’s very easy to lose stuff in the bottom of it(especially if you are The Queen Of Food Wasters). As you can well imagine, I had no small haul after cleaning it today.



Um, at least I’m using my old laundry basket, right?

All of this food was probably safe to eat, since it had been frozen, but none of it would have been remotely tasty. I suppose if I was starving, I’d have had sufficient motivation to eat it all, but seeing as I’m not near starving yet, I didn’t want to eat a bunch of freezer burnt food(I doubt my family would have been tickled with the idea either).

At least I have a clean slate now, though…for the first time in a very long time, I know exactly what’s in both of my freezers, and all of the food stored in them is edible and fresh. And while I’m not terribly happy about throwing this much food away, given how much progress I’ve made in my battle against food waste, I’m confident that there will be very little freezer burnt food in my future.

How did you do? If you blogged about your food waste this week, use the Mr. Linky widget below to share your post with us! Remember to leave a direct link to your food waste post, so we won’t have to spend time poking around your blog searching for the right post.

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Monday 22nd of February 2010

I love what you are doing.!! You are a fully realized Christain. He would want us to be responsible with all the blessings given to us. I feel some what emotional about the thought that you are a rare Christian woman. I wish Gods blessings were well thought out as you seem to have displayed. I wish for God to give you all the insight you need to further help in this movement of frugal living. Love and Prayer Your Christian Brother Phil

The Frugal Girl » Food Waste Friday

Friday 24th of April 2009

[...] again. Woot! I’m still not feeling particularly big-headed about it, though, because of my laundry-basket of waste from two weeks [...]


Tuesday 14th of April 2009

I'm so sorry to hear about your cousin. I will keep him, and your whole family, in my prayers.


Tuesday 14th of April 2009

Kristen- I'm so sorry to hear about your cousin.


Monday 13th of April 2009

Jenny, that's so sweet of you to notice! I feel loved. :)

I had a very, very busy Easter weekend(I think I was home for all of about three hours, excepting the hours I slept!), and also, I found out on Saturday that my cousin was one of the U.S. soldiers that died in the suicide attack in Iraq on Good Friday. So, even if I'd had the time, I don't think I'd have been in the mood to post.

I do have a post just about ready to go for today, though.

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