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Five Frugal Things | post-Christmas

Hello, hello!

I knowwwwww that traditionally, Christmas is not over (the 12 days of Christmas have just started!)

cat under wrapping paper.

But in my world, Christmas is basically over after December 25th, so I am considering this a post-Christmas edition of FFT. Mmmkay?

Roll with me here. 🙂

1. I sold some Hallmark ornaments on eBay

Due to…events (!), some of my Hallmark ornaments did not make sense to hang on my tree any longer.

It occurred to me that perhaps some people might be interested in these particular ornaments, though, so I listed them on eBay and promptly sold two of them.

ebay packages.

This is not the type of eBay transaction that will make me rich (we’re talking less than $10/each here), but I feel happy that I was able to do a sort of match-making.

If I just dropped these ornaments off at Goodwill, they’d probably disappear into the abyss. But listing them on eBay ensured that the ornament went specifically to someone who wanted it, and that makes me happy.

2. I made a ham and egg sandwich

I used a leftover Christmas roll and some leftover ham (plus some sauce and spinach) and while yes, this made only a tiny dent in the ham, every little bit helps. 😉


As A. Marie likes to quote, “What’s the definition of eternity? Two people and a ham.”

So I figured a prompt start on using it up would be wise.

egg sandwiche.

3. I bought a book on eBay

Someone had recommended a book that would be helpful as I pick up the pieces from what I’ve been through. But my library did not have a copy.

I forgot that an inter-library loan was an option (whoops!), but I did find a copy on eBay for a good price.

books on nightstand.

And you know once I’m done with it, back onto eBay it will go.

4. I used a 50% off coupon for some puzzle ModPodge

Zoe and I did a puzzle this summer, and she wants to hang it on the wall.

mod podge.

So, we needed some puzzle Modpodge, and before I checked out at Michael’s, I google and found a 50% off coupon to use.

5. I used some frozen milk to make cinnamon bread to give

I wanted to give a loaf of bread to my neighbors (they’re the ones who let me borrow their lawn equipment and helped Lisey with car repairs) but I was short on milk.

Luckily, I remembered that I’d frozen some when I had extra, in exactly the amount I needed for this cinnamon bread.

sliced cinnamon bread.

So, I thawed that and made two loaves.

Your turn! What frugal things have you been up to lately?

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Wednesday 3rd of January 2024

I have two words for you: ham salad! I love it so much.


Wednesday 3rd of January 2024

How do you like making yours?

Lisa S

Monday 1st of January 2024

I got that exact puzzle for my sister in law for Christmas this year!


Thursday 28th of December 2023

The only tangible things I bought on my vacation were my usual travel souvenirs: a fridge magnet and a very small pinata to be a christmas tree ornament.

Dawn in WA

Thursday 28th of December 2023

FFT (or 10): 1. Did not buy any new wrapping paper, and instead, used wrapping paper and bows I've accumulated over the years -I have a wrapping paper addiction!. Fortunately, it's always purchased "discounted" at Costco, Hobby Lobby etc. I have fewer gifts to wrap each year so I'm working hard to use up paper and gift bags...and not buy more! 2. Used gift cards purchased last year on Target's 10% off day to purchase a gift that was on sale already, giving me an extra 10% off. It needed to be In Store Pick Up to qualify for the sale price, so I combined that with other errands...and didn't buy anything else at Target. 3. Made smaller batches of cookies so none went to waste. 4. Made ham and potato soup last night with the left over ham/ham bone from Christmas with my kids and grandkids. 5. Took leftover Christmas breakfast quiche for my dinner that night at work. 6. Did no after Christmas shopping. 7. Didn't buy a "throwback" football jersey for myself (as I normally would have done) and instead, waited and got it for Christmas from my brother in law. 8. Used Good Rx to pick up a prescription my insurance won't cover, saving over $100 9. Used other unused or partially used gift cards (Home Depot etc.) toward other gifts for my significant other. 10. Working on submitting my HSA receipts to get reimbursement.


Wednesday 27th of December 2023

Happy Birthday! I just stumbled across your blog for the first time and really love it! Have a blessed year!

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