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Five Frugal Things | on a Monday!

I know, we always do Five Frugal Things on Tuesdays.

But last week I did one on Wednesday and now I’m doing on on Monday.

That’s because it’s Sunday night as I’m writing this, I don’t have any Meet a Reader submissions in the queue, and I needed a somewhat quick post to write because I’ve spent allll day studying for my Monday exam.

tired Kristen.

this is a brain crammed with knowledge about diabetes and respiratory disorders

1. I fixed Zoe’s red sweatshirt

She works at Target, so she either has to wear a red Target vest or a red shirt, and I’m proud to say that she has thrifted a bunch of her red tops. I will say, GenZ is not afraid to thrift, and I love that!

Anyway, one of her thrifted red sweatshirts got ripped right by the tag area in the back.

ripped sweatshirt.

I found some red thread in my sewing box.

red thread.

And then I set up my sewing machine. Chiquita was interested in the spare bobbin.

sewing machine and cat.

She got it.

cat by sewing machine.

And after she got the bobbin, she came to bother me.

chiquita by the sewing machine.

Good thing she’s cute or I would be very annoyed.

cat licking thread.

ANYWAY. Eventually, I got a scrap piece of fabric sewn on the inside.

scrap fabric for mending.

And now the outside, while not perfect, is passably good.

sweatshirt mending.

2. I fixed Zoe’s jeans

Zoe’s work jeans sprouted a hole too!

jeans with hole.

So, I sewed a scrap piece of denim on the inside, using yellow thread to hide my stitching.

Then I used blue thread to hand sew around the hole, to keep the hole from getting any bigger.

The finished product looks basically like the un-mended version, which is fine. The hole was tiny, and now it’s tightly secured to the inner denim patch, and it won’t get bigger, at least not for a while.

mended jeans.

I am happy to say that Zoe promptly wore both of these repaired items. 🙂 I’m happy she’s getting more use out of them!

3. I printed papers at school

I needed to print out a bunch of pages of an OB lab packet, plus other homework, plus some forms (med card forms, blank concept maps, etc).

Sooo, I popped into the school library and printed all of those for free.

printed pile of papers.

I mean, obviously, I pay for this privilege because it’s rolled into my college tuition.

But it costs me nothing extra to use this service, so I make a point of it when I have a lot of stuff to print.

4. I caught all of my avocados before it was too late

I got a bunch of small avocados in my last Hungry Harvest box, so I put them on my open shelving in the kitchen to ripen.

And I am proud to say, I did not let any of them get overripe! I noticed them all when they got soft, and I remembered to put them in the fridge (because that pauses ripe avocados very nicely).

avocado toast.

I used them in several scrambled egg burritos, along with cilantro (which is another food that’s easy to waste!).

5. I keep on packing my lunch

Am I eating a lot of peanut butter and honey sandwiches on whole wheat bread?


packed lunch.

It’s not exciting, but it IS quick, easy, and cheap! I also throw several containers of cut-up fruits and veggies into the lunchbox for sides, and I’m good to go.

Your turn! What frugal things have you been up to lately?

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Wednesday 21st of February 2024

Chiquita and the bobbin is a HOOT! You captured the cattitude perfectly - LOL! ❤️


Wednesday 21st of February 2024

Those pictures make me giggle too!


Tuesday 13th of February 2024

1. We ate all our meals at home. My oldest made a whole family dinner when I was too sick to cook. 2. I checked the fridge and pantry when making the shopping list.

Ummm... we just didn't spend money.


Tuesday 13th of February 2024

Do you ever freeze your cilantro? I haven't but have always heard it's possible.


1. Free Chick-fil-A breakfast on Tuesdays = yum!

2. I won a $10 Starbucks card at an event so I used half of that as a treat. And I save the Starbucks cup to reuse the next day with my homemade coffee. Feels like a treat too haha.

3. Ordered Amazon giftcards for doing health insurance rewards like updating contact info, etc. I spent all the giftcards on groceries. And I ordered the markdowns of course. Like.....

4. Amazon Fresh had their full size frozen pizzas marked down to $1 and buy 1 get 1. So I bought 8 pizzas for $4.

5. I have been cooking slightly smaller portions so we have less leftover that can potentially go bad. But I have been cooking a lot of meals from Julia Pacheco on YouTube. She makes healthy food for cheap!


Tuesday 13th of February 2024

1. I used up some frozen homemade mole for my lunches this week. I paired it with rice, tofu, and black beans that I already had. 2. I started personal training at my employer's gym. I got 4 free sessions by submitting a picture of myself during heart health month. 3. We had some remodeling work done in our basement. My husband did some of the work and I did some of the painting, so as to reduce costs. We mostly used paint we had also. 4. I review our Subscribe and Saves with Amazon monthy. I cancelled two orders this month we did not need yet. 5. I picked up free COVID tests from our library since quite a few people have it right now.


Monday 12th of February 2024

Tigers are always "helping". Working all the time is pretty frugal because no time to spend money though I did balance my checkbook during hurry-up-and-wait-time during my night shift this weekend. Despite the night shift happening before in the past, the younger cat got confused when I was sleeping during the day. Not that I heard it but better half said she was crying. Finished off Super Bowl leftovers for dinner tonight. Tomorrow night's dinner will be leftovers from Saturday night. We thought a survey pin was buried or removed (which is illegal) but manual pacing by better half managed to find it (more buried than it was). Saved the cost of having it re-surveyed.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.