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Five Frugal Things | lid, meet jar

1. I joined a lid and a jar

(questionably frugal, but I’m including it because I am the boss around here.)

small glass jar.

A little glass tea-steeping pot fell off of my kitchen shelf and onto the tile floor, where it shattered immediately.

I did initially blame Chiquita (because, obviously), but I think something else on the shelf actually slid down into the pot, pushing it off.

Here is one household crime that is not actually Chiquita’s fault. 😉 She breathed a sign of relief upon hearing she was acquitted.

Oddly, the glass lid did not break.

glass lid.

I looked at the size and thought, “Hmm, I wonder if this might fit any of my saved glass jars.” and it did fit very nicely on a saved candle jar.

glass jar filled with Skittles.

So now it looks a bit like these mini apothecary jars, and I’m tickled with my save.

2. I painted an old plastic basket for Sonia

She uses this old green bin to hold items in her bathroom, but she didn’t love the green color.

green plastic bin.

So, she texted me to see if I had pink spray paint in my stash, and I did indeed!

pink spray pain setup in a yard.

It looks much, much more Sonia now.

pink plastic basket.

3. I got a free symphony ticket

Last week, I had an exam, followed by two long days of presentations, followed by another exam. So after that, I took a break and went to the symphony.

Kristen in white dress.

The bigger-city orchestra was playing at another venue that includes free parking; sooo, both my ticket and my parking were free!


It was warmer that day, so I skipped my usual black Target symphony dress and wore one of my new Target dresses.

Kristen in white dress.

I really, really wished I could teleport Lisey here because she loves to hear orchestras, and one of their selections that night was the theme from Pixar’s Up movie, which Lisey would have loved to hear.

But as I was talking to her on the phone last night, I found a free summer concert that’s put on by the Hawaii symphony orchestra! So she’s gonna probably go to that one. 🙂

4. I got a free lamp from my Buy Nothing group

I am no home design expert, but I always remember that Maria Killiam says you can basically never have too many lamps.

(She even brings lamps with her when she travels. Ha.)

So, if I see a good one pop up on my Buy Nothing group, I try to snag it.

Remember this one?

table lamp.

Well, I picked up this vaguely similar one, and I haven’t quite decided where it will go.

lamp on floor.

I will play around with it when school is done.

5. I…

  • made my coffee at home
  • packed my lunches for my many recent school days
  • made a lot of random meals while dining solo here at home
  • did not buy a Cybertruck (even though I think someone in my neighborhood did, because I have seen it drive past my house every day lately!!*)

Your turn! What frugal things have you been up to lately?

*my friend The Nonconsumer Advocate often ends her Five Frugal Things posts by mentioning that she has not bought a Lear jet that week.

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Saturday 18th of May 2024

I ate my daughter’s leftovers for lunch because I knew they would get tossed. Also I’m going to wash shorter cycles for dishes and clothes and see the difference in my bill. Thank you

Wendy G

Saturday 18th of May 2024

1. I didn't buy a Cybertruck but I make parts for it and I get paid to do it to put in savings because my car is paid for! I count that as frugal. :-) 2. Took lunch/water/snacks to work and had 3 lunches provided at work. 3. My iphone7 did not hold charge anymore so was going to buy another refurbished (I don't buy new), but my DIL had a iphone12 in her stores. She gave it to me and took that "cost" off of a debt she owes me. Saved me $300 that I was going to spend on a iphone10 and got a newer version. I went from a 2016 model to a 2021 model. 4. Mowed and trimmed my yard myself. Last year I was so busy I hired it out. Also, pruned a tree that was hanging too low to mow under without being assaulted by the tree.


Thursday 16th of May 2024

On my local buy nothing group, someone was giving away an entire case (12 bottles) of the slightly pricey salad dressing that I'm particular about using. 12 unopened bottles! I immediately responded and picked it up within a couple of hours (on the way home from church, which was very convenient!). I'm so proud of this! I go through about a bottle a week of this salad dressing so we are set for a while!


Wednesday 15th of May 2024

We just moved overseas and while we are waiting for our goods to arrive I have become creative with repurposing items in the meantime: 1. I splurged on a coffee machine, but the box is now serving as a clothes hamper. 2. The plastic containers from the vegan food section (I can't believe how much I actually like vegan food) double up as sponge and dish soap holders and keep the all wooden countertop stain free (strange choice for a cooking area, but it's a rustic home, so granite would not look good) and organized. 3. I cut up extra large bags from the commissary into smaller sections to pick up doggie do when I had nothing else at hand. 4. I have created rather strange meals from leftovers even though we have a separate food waste bin, just because I don't want to waste food. 5. The vet had been on us for a while that our dog needs to loose a few pounds, so I started weighing the dog food and realized how much extra food is in a scoop when you don't pay attention. I think I'm onto something.


Tuesday 14th of May 2024

I’m very intrigued by the idea that you can’t have too many lamps because I think I have too many lamps. Seriously. I don’t know where to put them all but I love them and don’t want to part with them.


Thursday 16th of May 2024

@Kristen, I will tell my DH. He feels six per room is too many. lol! I love lamps too!


Tuesday 14th of May 2024

Maria Killiam says each room needs six. So....are you at more than six per room?? lol

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