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Five Frugal Things | an eBay jumpsuit

It’s Tuesday! Time for some frugal things.

(Although honestly, it’s always time for frugal things around here…)

1. I bought a jumpsuit on eBay

Kristen in a mirror selfie, wearing a jumpsuit.

I have a really long torso. And this means that one-piece items, especially those with a pre-defined waist (dresses, jumpsuits, rompers, etc.) are very frustrating for me.

The waistline always ends up hitting me in my lower ribs and then I feel like I can’t breathe.

Romper top

But eBay randomly showed me a $17 Old Navy romper with a blousy top and I thought, “Hmmmmm, maaaaybe that could actually work!” Because the blousy top gives a little wiggle room about where the waist sits.

Kristen in jumpsuit.

I ordered it and it does indeed work on me.

Kristen in a jumpsuit.

ALSO: it has pockets!

Kristen with hands in pockets.

I can wear it now, as-is, and when the weather gets cooler, I’ll just throw a denim jacket over top and call it good.

2. I got a new screen protector for my phone

I always, always keep a case and a screen protector on my phone because I am terrified of dropping it and cracking the screen.

Phones are small, expensive, and slippery. I don’t trust myself!

This last week, I did indeed get a crack on my screen protector, and while that was annoying, it was very minor in comparison to an actual screen crack.

cracked glass screen protector.

I took off the cracked protector, installed a new one, and $13 later, I’m good to go.

Cases and screen protectors are a most excellent investment.

3. I got two cool stools from the Buy Nothing group

Two black stools.

Someone was giving away these screw-top stools and they actually sat for a bit, unclaimed. I figured the girls and I could use them, so I spoke up and asked and now I am the proud owner.

They’re a little dinged up, so I may paint them eventually, but I think I’ll probably just keep the color black.

4. I roasted some chicken breasts + made chicken broth

I have scavenged some things from my chest freezer at the other house, mostly stuff I didn’t think anyone there would bother cooking. One such item was a package of bone-in chicken breasts.

On Sunday, I roasted them to use in a main dish salad.

roasted chicken breasts on pan.

Once the roasted breasts cooled a bit, I deboned them and then threw the bones into a pot. I poured boiling water on the baking sheet to loosen all the browned bits, then dumped it all into the pot and simmered it to make a little batch of chicken broth.

5. I…

  • sold two books on eBay
  • listed three books for sale
  • brewed my coffee at home
  • filled up with gas at Royal Farms, using my rewards card for the discount
  • started a couple of spray painting projects (look for ’em in the next Five Frugal Things!)
  • made a menu plan

Your turn! What frugal things have you been up to lately?

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Hanna K

Tuesday 5th of July 2022

I’m love to garden but it can quickly become expensive. This has turned me into a keen cutting propagater and seed collector. I’ve got a station full of fuchsia, rose and geranium cuttings and hollyhock and calendula seedlings. Come spring they’ll be ready to go into the garden.

Julie from GJ

Saturday 2nd of July 2022

We...went camping this week and spent $0 on food or drinks. We took all our own and didn't have any lunches out. We were in a pretty rural area, so there weren't many options for eating out, but I'd prepped us well with good lunch options like pimiento cheese and chicken salad for sandwiches.

We switched our Verizon plan to a pre-paid plan. While this was a bit of a PITA, our bill is $40 lower per month (and will go down another $10 in a few months) and we have 30 GB of data instead of 10.

I switched my credit card to a cash back Wells Fargo card and WOW. I am loving it! Because all of my accounts are with Wells Fargo I can easily move the "cash back" straight into savings, get a grocery store gift card, etc.

I spent a ton of money at Sam's yesterday. And while that may not seem Frugal, the produce is so inexpensive there compared to the regular grocery store and I get twice as much. It also lasts twice as long! So I figure in the end it means i spend less at the grocery store and that's pretty good.


Thursday 30th of June 2022

I saw a funny meme. Out in public, with all the complements, you look so cute. But in the bathroom stall, it's just you, wrestling with that jumpsuit. Hahahahaha!


Wednesday 29th of June 2022

Hey there all.... I've been doing really good at losing some far I've lost over 25 pds...and that has been about in 3 to 4 months...I don't eat meat as much and I'm eating alpt more at home. What I eat is salads alot of the time n I eat alot of pinto beans as well. I haven't done a really big run this year at Costco but I do plan on going in the next month or so, and that will be a big run by using my food stamps as well. I'm really happy to read all the posts on here on how everyone is saving alot of mulla and its great to know that I'm able to save alot of money on my electric bill since I'm not using my AC as much...

But I think that is it for now...But much success to all the ones who have posted b4 me and after me..;-)


Wednesday 29th of June 2022

Good for you for eating at home more! That's such a big win for the food budget.

Corrine Wilson

Wednesday 29th of June 2022

1. I sauteed some over-ripe fruit and other fruit scraps with cinnamon. I then made a simple crumble for on top using oatmeal, homemade dandelion jelly, the end of some Cheerios, and almonds. I am eating it for breakfast this week. 2. I made baked french toast using bread leftovers. My kids are having this for breakfast this week. I used dried lavender, from my garden last year, to make lavender simple syrup for coffee. 3. The carwash near my house broke while I was getting my car washed. They gave me 2 free car wash tickets. 4. I am off of work with my kids this week. We went to our local library and found fruit trees in the field behind it. We picked a few lbs of wild cherries and a few pounds of mulberries. We also picked black raspberries and juneberries, but they got eaten while we walked. The mulberries we used for muffins, which will be my son's snack next week at camp. 5. We took advantage of 3 libraries this week. We also went to the science museum and planetarium, which we have a membership for. We took walks and went on a hike. We painted rocks and played outside.

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