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Final Summer Bucket List Update!

Summer has pretty much kicked the bucket, so I thought it was time to check in and see how I did.

end of summer

1. Roast marshmallows over a fire in our fire pit.

Nope. Although the kids did do this with the neighbors. And when the weather gets cooler, I’m sure we’ll get a fire going.

2. Paint my kitchen cabinets.

Ohh, yes. I got this done. Very pleased about that.

painted kitchen cabinets over fridge

3. Arrange sleepovers.

Yup, I kept on with the sleepover thing through August. Our air mattress has been in steady use!

4. Declutter my house from top to bottom.

I’d give myself a 50% on this. I did get rid of several big bags of stuff, I gave things to my nieces/nephews, I sold some things, and in the process of moving the girls around from room to room, I did a lot of decluttering there.

Also, I’m so proud of Joshua because he did a thorough declutter of his room totally without me. This is really huge progress for him, because when he was little decluttering was like pulling teeth.

5. Move Lisey into Zoe’s room and move Zoe in with Sonia.

Yup, yup. I painted the trim, touched up the ceiling, painted the walls, spray-painted new wall-hangings, and moved Zoe in with Sonia and moved Lisey into her own room.

I’ll tell you all about it (and show you!) on Monday.

blue bedroom painted

6. Go to a u-pick farm at least one more time.

Nope. I seem to only be able to do this once a summer or something.

7. Go to the library every other week.

I did pretty well at this…my kids participated in the summer reading program and they had plenty of reading material all summr long.

8. Make a baby book for Zoe.

Nope. Maybe I can do that in time for Christmas.

9. Say yes to waterplay more than once a week.

Well, after a very hot July, we had a crazy cool August, so the waterplay frequency definitely went down. But I did do a lot of saying yes when we had hot weather, so I’m going to give myself credit for this one.


10. Write to my grandpa once a month.

I think I wrote to him for two out of three months.

11. Possibly write a new ebook.

Ahahahahaha! I love how I thought I might paint my kitchen cabinets, paint and decorate Lisey’s room, switch the girls’ bedrooms and still have time to write an ebook.

Did. Not. Happen.

12. Plan for next school year and order all of our books/supplies.

Done! I bought a lot from CBD, some from Amazon, and a few from eBay.

13. Eat some meals outside.

Eh, not so much. It’s been too buggy. But I do hope to do this some during the fall months.


14. Do some serious baking with Lisey.

50% here, I’d say. We did do a fair amount of baking together, but Lisey also did quite a bit on her own. Which is good, because the point of this whole project was to teach her how to bake.

15. Redo the kids’ chore lists.

Yup. I even got all fancy-pants with it.

16. Do some blog updating.

I got a few things done but there are a lot more that I want to do. I guess I’ll have to figure out how to incorporate that into my routine…maybe I can work on it a little bit every day.


On the whole, I’m pretty encouraged by how I did. I got a lot of projects done (including two pretty big painting projects) and still managed to help my kids have fun (by taking them swimming a lot of and by having lots of friends over for sleepovers.)

And some of the fun things we didn’t get to can easily be done during the pleasant months of fall weather.

So, even though the summer did seem to go by quickly, I don’t feel like I wasted it, and that makes me happy.
Joshua’s 365 post: Found this while I was mowing

(It makes me smile when my animal-loving son stops his mowing to come in and show me and his sisters what he found. He may be in high school now, but some things about him haven’t changed, and I like that. 🙂 )

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Sunday 8th of September 2013

For the record: had you done only the cabinets and moving bedrooms, your summer would have been a success. So. Much. Work. Just for those two.

Katy Wolk-Stanley

Friday 6th of September 2013

You really built up anticipation for Lisey's room. I'm all excited to see the finished project!




Friday 6th of September 2013

Oh gosh...I don't mean to be a tease! I just haven't been able to put together a post about it yet, and I was totally going to this morning but I ran out of time.

Monday, I promise!


Friday 6th of September 2013

Great job! It's interesting the things we get done and the things we don't. Sometimes the easiest things sit on my list forever. I guess it just depends on what you have energy around and for which circumstances (like the weather) are right.


Friday 6th of September 2013

I know, right? Making a fire in the fire pit is way easier than painting the cabinets, but somehow, I got the harder thing done!


Friday 6th of September 2013

Re #9: I think making your kids do waterplay when it's too cool, just because it's on your list, would not be a good parenting decision.


Friday 6th of September 2013

Things That Won't Up The Summer Fun Quotient: swimming while it's cold.

Frances in Texas

Friday 6th of September 2013

I'd say you've done really, really well!

After reading about your impressive work, I was then blown away at the end to read that Joshua is high school age! What?! Wow! Kids do have this way of growing up, don't they?


Friday 6th of September 2013

I know. I'm all, "What? I'm still only 24. How can I have a teenager???" Heh.

Oh, right. I got older too.

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