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What are your favorite frugal blogs?

Reader Lara left this comment:

Do you have any frugal blog recommendations? I love yours, of course, but always looking for more! Seems like a lot of the “money-saving” blogs are really about deals / coupons / sales and end up encouraging more consumerism.

I have five suggestions for Lara, and then I was hoping that in the comments, you guys could help me out by recommending your favorites too.


I think of my blog as something of a lifestyle blog, except frugal.

So in making this list, I tried to think about blogs that are similar to mine (as opposed to personal finance blogs, financial independence blogs, or deal blogs).

MoneySavingMom No-Deals

Crystal’s blog is definitely deal-heavy, which Lara is wanting to avoid.

However, if you go to, you can access a feed of all the non-deal posts that Crystal and her team share.

The Non-Consumer Advocate

Katy mostly shares Five Frugal Things posts, and her readers always have lots of their own frugal activities to add in the comments.

The Prudent Homemaker

Brandy has super beautiful photography, and her content is often similar to Five Frugal Things; she posts about all the money-saving things she’s been up to lately.

She also shares recipes and gardening tips, among other things.


Liz usually doesn’t post super often, but what she does post is a lot of in-depth frugal lifestyle content; definitely no deals.

She and her husband and kids live on a homestead in New England, so that’ll be a bonus if you are interested in rural living.

Six Figures Under

Stephanie has a big household that she and her husband manage, debt-free (they started with $144,000 in debt!).  She’s currently working on feeding her family entirely from their food storage so that she can stay out of the stores.

Ok! Share your favorite frugal blogs and help Lara out.

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Thursday 11th of March 2021

I don't know where I've been, but I just discovered your blog and am enjoying exploring your site. I appreciate the Thankful Thursday posts - I can't wait to read them all.

I read through the comments here about frugal blogs, and like many of the commenters I enjoy reading frugal lifestyle-type blogs - I find inspiration in their simple living habits. I too follow some of them listed: Thrifty in Boise, The Prudent Homemaker, Becky at Home, and Six Figures Under especially, plus one other that always makes me smile - Frugally Challenged; the writer is retired and lives in England. I find some of her terminology fascinating, such as courgette (zucchini). She doesn't necessarily write on a scheduled basis, but each time she posts something new I realize I'm reading it with a smile on my face.

Angela Grace

Tuesday 4th of August 2020

Like others, I get fed up with money off coupons and memberships which just make you buy more fully branded high end products. This one is relatively new as blogs go but the owner has been running a frugal group on Facebook for 6 years called Feed yourself for £1 a day. She has recently created the blog on a lovely looking website and has just started taking some contributors so it looks very good for the future.

Kristen A

Tuesday 7th of July 2020

The Frugal Girl is absolutely my favorite blog (and it's not just because we have the same name)! You always share your real experiences, and I appreciate that. I loved your recent blog on kayaking. I’ve also read a few posts from Frugalwoods and enjoy their content. I agree that Liz provides helpful in-depth information.

Thanks Kristen! I love your blog! Keep up the great work!


Friday 29th of May 2020

This one is new and created by a friend of mine.


Tuesday 28th of April 2020

Thanks everyone for the recommendations! I'm going through them adding to my reading list. I really appreciate it.

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