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E-book and Productivity Series Input

Alternatively titled, Come tell me what to do!

First off, about the Christmas e-book….I’m in kind of a quandary.

I feel like I might have bitten off more than I can chew, in the sense that Christmas is such a huge topic, especially for an e-book first-timer like myself. I should probably have decided to write an e-book about something really simple, like “25 Homemade Gift Ideas” instead of a book about all of Christmas. And I probably should have picked a topic that wasn’t time-specific so that I could take my time getting it finished.

I keep feeling like this book isn’t done because new topics keep popping up into my brain and I realize I haven’t even touched on them in the book. Then again, I can’t possibly cover all of Christmas in a little e-book.

The wants-to-do-things-really-well side of me feels like I should have started this months ago so that I could make it more fabulous than I can at this point in time. And that same side says that I should give up on getting this done now and should wait until next year to release the book (maybe at the beginning of November 2011). I’d still do a bunch of Christmas-related posts during the month of December, since you all had submitted such great Christmas questions this week.

On the other hand, my it-doesn’t-have-to-be-perfect-to-bless-other-people side says to just finish it up and release it even though it’s not perfect and comprehensive (and even though it’s less than wonderful to release a Christmas e-book in the middle of December!).

On yet another hand (??), having to finish up a book about a Simple, Frugal Christmas might stress me out and cause me to not apply some of the principles I’m writing about in that very book. I might feel relieved at the idea of not having to have this finished until next November.

What do you think? Are you anxious to have the book now, or would you prefer to wait another year so that you could have a really well-done and more comprehensive book?


My second quandary has to do with the productivity series. I didn’t manage to get that done in November because this past Thursday fell on Thanksgiving Day, and that de-railed my weekly plan. I’m thinking that maybe we should just finish that series up in January (I think I have 3 more posts to share) because people are probably more likely to be in a productivity mode at that point than in December. Plus, that would free up some post slots for Christmas-y topics.

Or maybe you all are dying to hear about how to be more productive because you need to be more productive in December?

Enlighten me! I want to do what will be most helpful to you.

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Monday 6th of December 2010

Delay the e-book. There's nothing to lose by waiting, and more to lose if you put out content you aren't 100% happy with.

Glory Lennon

Sunday 5th of December 2010

Your true friends would not want you stressed, Kristen, especially this time of year. Please delay the e-book to do at your leisure throughout 2011. You'll feel better that you put forward your best effect and still have time to do all you do without going bonkers! January is fine for resuming the productivity posts, too. Now, have a great Christmas!

Katy Wolk-Stanley

Friday 3rd of December 2010


I vote to take your time with the e-Book. No need to push yourself over the edge here.



Friday 3rd of December 2010

Post a few bits and pieces (if I may call them that) and give yourself the time to do a job you will be truly satisfied with. That's my feel. I'm sure everyone will enjoy what you can give and it's really good of you to commit time and effort to it all.

J x


Thursday 2nd of December 2010

i vote for taking your time and making it the best quality and most comprehensive. that's how i'd be happiest about it! and you're right ... not to stress over the holidays .. .is what it should be all about! just my two cents. i read all your posts but rarely comment so here ya go!

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