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Cheap + Cheap + Cheap + Expensive

Sweater: Purchased on clearance for a few dollars, then modified with a pair of scissors.

So much better without that fake collar thingie.

(That’s a tip from my ebook, by the way. Before you give up on a piece of clothing, see if you can cut off part of it. This works great for faux-layered items like my sweater.)

Black shirt: Purchased at Goodwill for $2.99 with a hole in the seam, then mended.

Stretchy Skinny Jeans: Purchased at Goodwill for $6.

Boots: New from L.L. Bean, $169.00

They didn’t cost me quite $169, though. I’m an Ebates member (I joined back when it first started in 2001), and an email from them alerted me to the fact that L.L. Bean was have a 15% off sale. Plus, Ebates gives a small percentage back, so I got an additional $3.38 cash back simply for signing into Ebates before I ordered my boots.

So, I got $28.73 off. And L.L. Bean offers free shipping every day. So, my boots cost me $140.

I don’t know that I’ve ever spent that much on a pair of shoes before, but I hadn’t spent any of my Christmas money, and I’ve been wanting equestrian style boots for quite some time now (my 10 year old daughter even has a pair, for crying out loud!)

Plus, L.L. Bean’s products are guaranteed to satisfy, and these boots are made of leather, unlike the cheaper boots I’ve seen in the stores.

I have very difficult-to-fit feet, so the odds of me finding second-hand boots that fit me properly were about nil. A new pair of leather boots can stretch to fit my feet just right. Plus, my Goodwill doesn’t have equestrian boots…everyone is donating heeled boots instead (trust me, I’ve been looking!)

I lurve my boots muchly, and thus far, I think they were worth every penny.

Ok. How about some outtakes? Lisey took the photos of me for this post, and Sonia and Zoe were busily trying to sneak into all the shots.

While I think thrift store shopping is a great idea (obviously!), if you need to buy something new online, do remember to check Ebates first. It’s free to open an account there, and if you want, they can send you emails letting you know about sales and extra cashback events (I wouldn’t have known about the 15% off sale without that!).

Plus, if you have an account, you can refer other people and you’ll get $5 in your account when the person you referred makes their first purchase of $25 or more.

(that’s my referral link up there, just so you know. If you’d prefer to sign up without using that link, though, you can always just go to Ebates directly.)

What’s the point of this whole post?

Well, I guess it’s just that thrift store/clearance shopping doesn’t have to be an all-or-nothing proposition.

Also, if you managed to buy part of your wardrobe at thrifty prices, sometimes you can afford to spend a little (or a lot!) more on a long-lasting staple item.

And lastly, when you do decide to purchase something big like my boots, keep an eye out for sales/discounts/cash-back opportunities.


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Thursday 1st of March 2012

Lookin' good! I totally agree with the cheap-expensive combo deal, too.

sandra wyrick

Thursday 1st of March 2012

Great pics! Wish i had your "eye" to see how things could look. I am very bad when it comes to dressing myself.


Thursday 1st of March 2012

Great boots! I bet you will wear them all the time.

I also spend barely anything on my clothes, but a lot on my footwear. I'm currently trolling eBay for a replacement for my favorite combat boots, which I got in 1999. I got a LOT of wear out of them, but are now unrepairably broken. The first pair I saw on there in my size was a buy-it-now for $35, in great condition. I thought I shouldn't buy the first pair that came around (so I could see what they generally go for), but I think that was a mistake! Ah well. I will get the next ones.


Thursday 1st of March 2012

You look hot!

I love how you've shown it doesn't have to be all or nothing - all new or all thrift.

I have hard to fit feet too and have found that to get good use out of my shoes I have to pay more for great quality (in my unusual size). I pay more but they last longer and I only have a few pairs of shoes.

Also, just thought about it, shoes are kind of my transportation too. We don't have a car so I do 5-8 hours of walking in the winter and a lot more in the summer. My shoes need to look good, fit well and get me in to town on foot!


Thursday 1st of March 2012

Here we have Value Village and they always have some great deals on clothes, even toys....

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.