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A well-spent ten cents

A healthy basil plant, growing in mulch.

While doing some bargain-shopping at Walgreens this spring, I picked up some seed packets which were on sale 10 for $1. I got some flowers, some tomatoes, and a packet of basil seeds.

My flowers are doing fine, I just picked my first tomato, and my basil plants are doing VERY well. I planted a couple of seeds back in March, and those seedlings bit the dust for some reason.

I reseeded in April, this time a little more thoroughly. These seedings all hung in there (they even survived several uprootings by my two year old!), which means that I’ve ended up with about 10 healthy basil plants.

I still have some seeds left, which hopefully will still be good next year, and I have so much more basil than I need, I’ve even freecycled a number of my plants.

So far I’ve used it in some panini sandwiches and on top of grilled pizza and I have a number of recipes using basil that I plan to try (not the least of which is a pesto recipe).

Considering that a single basil plant from my grocery store costs $2.50, I think my ten cents was well worth it. In addition, having a basil plant is a nice way to reduce waste (and if you’ve been watching my food waste photos, you know I need help in reducing fresh herb waste!).

I just pluck what I need and the rest stays happily on the plant.

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Wednesday 19th of May 2010

I have a basil plant in a small flower pot. I'm having issues with the leaves dying. I'm keeping the plant watered well--daily that is; and it's in the sunlight about 6-8 hours/day (as the insert told me to do...) Any suggestions?? thanks!!!


Wednesday 19th of May 2010

Hmm...maybe you're overwatering it? Does the soil look and feel dry every day? If it doesn't feel dry, then skip watering it.


Monday 13th of October 2008

Store your seeds in a jar in the fridge for next year. Keeping them cool and the moisture out helps them last longer. I have seed packets that are 3 years old and I'm still using seeds from them and they sprout fine.

Love your site!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.