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52 New Recipes, Week 9 | Pulled Turkey Sandwiches

My new-recipe-trying was right on schedule this week! I thawed a turkey breast from my chest freezer to make these sandwiches.

This called for boneless, skinless turkey breasts, but mine was bone-in.   So I just cut the breasts off the bones, froze the bones for stock, and proceeded with the recipe.

You salt the turkey 24 hours in advance and then grill it low and slow with a package of wood chips for a smoky flavor.

I’d never used wood chips before, so that was kind of fun.

The wood chips made the grill smell especially delicious! I bought mine from Ace Hardware in the grilling section, and one bag will definitely make multiple batches of this recipe.

The turkey turned out really well, and all six of us agreed it was a keeper recipe.   Sweet!

The recipe calls for making a mayo-based white BBQ sauce, but several of us chose to use regular tomato-based BBQ sauce. Either works.

I also made a batch of coleslaw to eat with our sandwiches, and that was a new recipe from a Cook’s Country magazine too.   So, bonus points for me!

The only thing is, it made a very large batch. Which means I will probably be eating coleslaw for a lot of days.

On the upside, it used up almost a whole cabbage from my produce box.   And I am quite likely to eat stuff like this for a snack or with my lunch if it’s prepped and ready to dish up.

So, I’m feeling somewhat optimistic about getting thru the leftovers.

(I hate that it’s dark when I take photos of my dinner plate. HATE IT.)

In case you want to look this recipe up in your Cook’s Country magazines, this is from June/July 2016.

And it’s currently available online here.

Next Week’s Recipe

I’m planning to try a recipe from this Simple Recipes book, which I’m currently borrowing from the library.

It’s called Chicken with Pesto-Mushroom Cream Sauce, and it’s served over rice.

I like pretty much anything with a creamy sauce, and I feel like pesto can only improve a cream sauce. So, I have high hopes.

Your turn!

What was your new recipe this week? And what are you planing to make next week?

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Friday 3rd of March 2017

If you do this again, I HIGHLY recommend using bone-in turkey and keeping the bones in while cooking. Remove the meat from the bones after cooking and use the smoked bones for stock to use in soup.

I have made both a smoked turkey noodle soup, and smoked turkey wild rice soup and both were good, but the wild rice soup was out of this world with the bit of smokey flavor.

Barbara F.

Friday 3rd of March 2017

Thanks Kristen for the info on magazine used. Definitely will try the turkey. I love reading the responses and getting more recipes to try from other readers. Just finished leftover corn beef soup from last week. Now for some new recipes, preferably ones I can freeze for leftovers.

Mrs. Daisy

Friday 3rd of March 2017

I tried a Chicken Stroganoff on Wednesday from Cooking Light. It was edible...but that's about it. It was very bland, I poured hot sauce on mine to bring some life to it. I am still trying to get through the leftovers because I am not going to throw away perfectly edible food...but this is the last time I'll be making this version of Stroganoff!


Friday 3rd of March 2017

Our new recipes this week was :

Mine : mac and cheese, but what's new is that the sauce was made of carrots, squash, cauliflower and cheese instead of just cheese. It was ok but I would not do it again

My 4 yo decided on rolled lasagna, so basically it's just lasagna noodles with the stuffing on it (ricotta and spinach), and you roll them and add sauce and cheese on top. So not new to us, but new recipe for her.

And green curry. Did not like it. Hubby loved it.


Thursday 2nd of March 2017

Oh YUM! I love things with a smoked flavor. A friend sent me a small package of alder-smoked salt--it is dark brown and very flavorful. I added it, along with curry powder, to a red lentil stew this week.

I also made cardamom cookies using my mother-in-law's recipe. Very crumbly and tasty.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.