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1. Do Something With The Sweet Potatoes

Pretty sure that’s how my to-do list needs to start.

These need to either be cooked or planted because soon, those shoots are going to be so tall, I won’t be able to shut my drawer properly.

Did you know there are other instances where you can plant food that might otherwise go to waste?

You can stick garlic cloves in the ground, and they’ll grow into a new head.

If cilantro or another herb has roots, it can be planted.

Green onions almost always come with the roots attached, and I’ve successfully planted them.

And of course, sweet potato and regular potato chunks can both be buried to grow more potatoes.

I’m sure some of you experienced gardeners can name a few more types of produce that are gardening-friendly…have at it in the comments!

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Wednesday 9th of May 2012

If you just pick off the sprouts and put them in water, you'll end up with a sweet potato vine. You can pot it in dirt after you get some good root growth. It makes a lovely vine to use as a house plant or a hanging plant outdoor. It could also be a learning experience for the children.


Tuesday 8th of May 2012

I enjoyed the tips you are providing on your frugal living can make life easier by providing long term living for doing something one time.Thanks for the the information......


Monday 7th of May 2012

I have two sweet potatoes sprouting also. I live in an apartment. I could try to pot them. What exactly would I need. I do have a sun porch that I share w a neighbor. The only other place would be my kitchen which can be freezing cold from the window a/c unit in the summer.


Monday 7th of May 2012

I would think the best place for them would be the sun porch. They need lots of sun and lots of space and they don't like cold so the a/c might not be good for them. They will need a much bigger pot/more dirt than most other plants because they grow sweet potatoes on their roots.

I grew regular potatoes on my balcony last year, and I used large potting soil bags. You could also try a large barrel. I would think it would need to be at least 3 feet deep, and more would be better.


Monday 7th of May 2012

I think it's a good idea to plant some sweet potato slips...we've also planted lettuce - the kind that comes with the root attached...

Have a lovely day!


Sunday 6th of May 2012

We end up doing sweet potatoes most years (because we forget!) I really like the leafy ground cover they make and the potatoes in the fall are a nice bonus.

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