Zoe, the faithful snowman builder

On Tuesdays and Thursdays, I post a picture and just a few words.

Of my four kids, Zoe is probably the most enthusiastic about playing in the snow.  Her favorite thing is to build snowmen, and even when we have dry, crumbly snow, she still gives it her best shot.

zoe building snowmen

Fortunately, she got some wetter snow this past week, so she was able to create snowmen with a little less effort.

At the start of this winter, she asked for help in procuring something for eyes, and I realized that avocado peels would work perfectly with a little help from a pair of scissors.

bunsen the snowman

(This one is named Bunsen, probably inspired by the Muppets.)

Thanks to my avocado-eating habits, there’s always a peel or two to be found in the compost bucket, so this has turned out to be a pretty handy way to give faces to her snowmen.


P.S. Would you do me a personal favor? Remember my friend Erin who was selling tshirts to raise money to adopt a little girl from the DRC?  Well, due to political issues, she hasn’t been able to bring her daughter home for the last year and a half, despite the fact that she’s legally adopted.  And she’s not alone…hundreds of kids are stuck in the DRC.

The families feel certain that President Obama could fix this issue, but they need to bring it to his attention by getting 100,000 signatures on their petition.  Would you take two minutes of your day and sign the petition?  It’s super quick and easy and only your first and last initials are displayed on the petition.  They need 100,000 signatures by March 10th in order for this to happen.

Thank you!!

Two quick things (free Big Hero Six, plus a Swagbucks event)

I’ve got two things in my inbox that I wanted to share with you, and I’ll make this super quick.


Right now, you can get a Big Hero 6 DVD free through TopCashBack if you are a new member.

TopCashBack is like Ebates, but I usually find their cashback rates to be slightly higher, so I generally check there first.


You do have to buy the DVD through Walmart.com, FYI.

I’m not a Walmart fan, generally speaking, though I occasionally shop there under duress.  But I know a lot of you have no choice but to shop there, and hey, you might as well get the DVD free.

(We do unabashedly love Big Hero 6! And Baymax. Baymax is the best thing ever.)

The DVD offer ends tomorrow, so hurry up if you want it.


Today is Swagbucks’ 7th birthday, and they have some special birthday stuff goin’ on involving bonuses and games and such.

(If you don’t have a Swagbucks account yet, go sign up for a free one!)

This post contains affiliate links for TopCashBack and Swagbucks, which are both services that I use myself.