The Third Day Naturals Giveaway (for real!)

This giveaway is now closed…congrats to Pam!

I’m so sorry I didn’t get this up yesterday afternoon like I promised…I made a technical error and temporarily broke my blog.


Fortunately, I knew how to unbreak it, so there’s that.

The Goods

You all know Third Day Naturals from their many previous appearances on my blog. They’re a small company owned by a blog reader and her family, and they make natural soap, lip balm, body scrubs, and more.

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I’m totally in love with my evergreen soap (I tried it in the sampler pack, fell in love, and ordered several more full-size bars). It smells like Christmas in a bar, and it’s a lovely, natural sort of evergreen scent because Third Day uses essential oils for their fragrances.

Third Day Naturals Soap

Also, I’m loving the chocolate lip balm lately. It gives just a slight tint to the lips when you apply it, so not only does it provide moisture, it also makes it look like you’re wearing a very subtle lip color.

For flavor alone, though, the lime lip balm is the one to beat. It tastes like key lime pie on your lips. And like all Third Day naturals lip balms, this is made with good stuff like shea butter and coconut oil, which means it works really well and is healthy for your skin.

Third Day also recently sent me some of their body butter. It’s kind of like a solid sort of lotion, although it melts on your skin when you rub it on. It’s made with over 65% shea butter, so it’s uber-smooth and silky, and it comes in other great scents, like Citrus Sunshine and Vanilla.


I got the lavender scent, which smells lovely, like all the Third Day products. And like their other products, this has no phthalates, parabens, or petrochemicals.

The Giveaway

Third Day has kindly offered to give away a body butter, soap, and lip balm (your choice of scents for all three products) to a lucky reader!

(Third Day also offers scent-free products, so do enter even if you can’t tolerate scents.)

To enter, just leave a comment. You can tell me what looks the most appealing to you in the Third Day shop, or you can just say you want this prize. ;)

I’ll choose a winner randomly after the giveaway closes at midnight EST on Monday, December 16th. One entry per person, please! Readers in the U.S. and in Canada are eligible.


  1. Kathy says

    Would love to win this! My husband has cracked fingers all winter long and would like to try and see if this natural soap would be less damaging on his skin. Thinking that anti- soaps are very hard on him. Thanks for having a give-away and if I do not win going to order some just to see.

  2. Jennifer B says

    Ooh, the body butter for sure! It’s really dry where I live right now, so my skin would love it! Such a great giveaway, thanks!

  3. Shell says

    Thank you for having this giveaway. I would like to try the evergreen soap for the holiday season, as well as the natural lip balms.

  4. Sharelle says

    Chocolate lip balm sounds fantastic. I work outside a lot and need something natural for lip protection

  5. Emily N. says

    All their items look really appealing! I know this isn’t one of the items in the giveaway, but the honey vanilla sugar scrub sounds divine!

    Also, you might want to know that the first link in your post to Third Day Naturals doesn’t work :(

  6. susan says

    Would love, and be so grateful to win this! I’m a retired senior on a limited income and it would be a luxury to me.

  7. Jenni says

    I would love to try ANY of Third Day Naturals’ products. The grapefruit soap would make a great wake up lather. A feel good, smell good company!

  8. Jenni says

    I would love to try ANY of Third Day Naturals’ products. The grapefruit soap would make a great wake up lather. A feel good, smell good company!

  9. Debbie Flowers says

    At first glance of your opening comment I thought you broke your leg!! So glad it was only your blog. ;P I would love to try Third Day products. Merry Christmas to the Frugals.

  10. Dori W. says

    Wonderful giveaway !
    I would love to try these products on my
    oh so dry winter skin.
    Thanks for the chance to win !

  11. Stacey Withee says

    I am thinking body butter in any scent would be great to combat my dry skin this time of year.

  12. Jenessa says

    I just ordered one of their stocking stuffer sets for a white elephant Christmas party and I can’t wait to see it. Body butter is a wonderful invention. Here in northern Nevada it is the only thing that keeps my hands from cracking open and bleeding in the winter. I would love to have some that doesn’t have all the yucky chemicals.

  13. Linda Sand says

    I’m allergic to so many ingredients I would love a chance to try this company’s products without risking buying another one I can’t use.

  14. Liz says

    I really like the sound of the body butter! I’m really picky about the lotions I use because I can’t stand that oily feeling most of them tend to leave. I’d love to try out something more natural!

  15. Kristen says

    Holy cow, I’d love the Evergreen soap bar. I love all things Christmas so the mere thought of christmas tree soap makes me giddy!

  16. says

    I would love to win this. I have ordered from Third Day myself. I have the Java lip balm and would love to try the lime. It sounds wonderful. The evergreen soap sounds amazing.

  17. Valerie says

    Hm…tough call between body butter and lip balm. I’d go for the body butter, but I think my daughter would go for the lip balm!

  18. Jan says

    I would love love love to win this! Thanks for the giveaway. Everything looks so good, I am having a hard time picking one favorite

  19. Meredith says

    I would love to try the body butter (probably unscented) on my little guy with eczema. It’s impossible to find something that can keep his legs moisturized in the winter! (Also, chocolate lip balm sounds like pretty much the best guilt-free pick-me-up ever.)

  20. Diane G says

    The soaps and body butter sound great. I would love to try these out. I was gifted with some lip balm last year and I LOVE it!

  21. Rebecca K. says

    I’ve been wanting to try some of these products, I just haven’t gotten it done yet. I would love to win!

  22. Kat H. says

    I’d probably get an unscented soap for my mom and one of the lip balms for my boyfriend (his choice).

  23. Caitlin says

    I love the soap! I just bought a few soaps, a sugar scrub and a lotion bar, all for Christmas presents back when they offered free shipping on cyber Monday. I’d love any and all!

  24. Monica J. says

    The body butter sounds perfect for a dry skin in winter.
    Thanks for the opportunity to win something!

  25. Kristen says

    The lip balm with subtle color sounds sublime. I never think to put on lipstick unless it is an extra fancy occasion. This would be the perfect combo for me!

  26. Stephanie says

    I teach preschool at a Christian school. And any of these products would be awesome to help my over dry skin due to washing my hands multiple times a day!

  27. Josephine says

    I’d really love to try the lip balm. It’s hard to find a lip balm that will heal your lips after they have become chapped (without the medicine smell). Also I’d love to try the soaps. Christmas in a bar of soap sounds lovely!!

  28. AMG says

    I would love to try the lotion bar, I wash my hands so many times a day that they get dry and cracked and it sounds like this might be a solution.

  29. Brittany says

    Love their products! Their naked oatmeal soap is so great!! The lotion bars are great too! Thanks for introducing me to such a great company!

  30. PamV says

    Oooh! It all sounds good. I have dry-ish skin that is very sensitive around my eyes, so the soap would probably be great. I must say the slightly tinted lip balm runs a close second on the want-it list.

  31. Katie says

    I would scoop up a bunch of the lip balm and the evergreen soap. “Christmas in a bar” sounds wonderful!

  32. Amy says

    Oh the body butter sounds lovely. I’ve been looking for something natural like this for quite some time :-)

  33. Sarah says

    I just realllllly want to win this prize! LOL! I need to take some “me time” away from working full time and taking care of my hubby and our gorgeous two year old son…

  34. Katrina W. says

    I would love to try any of their products. It’s very dry where I live so this would be a wonderful win.

  35. Lea says

    Would love to give their products a try. Always looking for good moisturizing products this time of the year.

  36. Ashley says

    All three of these products are appealing! I would love to have some nice things to pamper myself with this winter.

  37. Nashay says

    I have not tried Third Day Naturals products yet but would love to. I absolutely love your blog and as a new reader, your post always inspire me. Thank you for taking time out of your day to write.

  38. nancy says

    Oh, I want that evergreen soap so much right now, for myself and to give as Christmas gifts! Mostly, I tend to prefer unscented products, and body butter and lip balm would be great to have to help my skin through a very cold winter.

  39. michelle says

    Feeling decidely un-Christmas-y right now :(, so Evergreen soap sounds awesome, and my skin looks and feels like sandpaper and is desperately in need of some good moisturizing. I need to go take a look at what fragrances they offer!

  40. Andrea Turcotte says

    I love the way you describe the Third Day Naturals products. I just have to try the body butter! Please sign me up for the contest. Thanks and Merry Christmas.

  41. NMPatricia says

    I would love to win this. My feet are SOOOOO dry and I think the shea butter might help. Would love to try. I am so hesitant about buying things without knowing they will work or make a difference. It’s a frugal thing, you know. :)

    On another note, I am just so impressed by your blog. In the beginning, it was because I missed having small children. But as yours grow up, I think I am in love all over again. Plus, I like the realness of this blog. Thank you for blogging.

  42. Lauren M. says

    They have a beautiful website, I’d love to try the Healthy Jelly on my 3 babes after their bath!

  43. Manuela Miljak says

    I just love anything in lavender. I usually cannot tolerate any scents but natural lavender is always a winner.

  44. Lorri says

    Oh my…the Java Lip Balm and Chocolate Lip balm are both calling my name. Could I put one on the top lip and one on the bottom lip and have a mocha? Smile….

  45. Pam says

    I love great smelling products and have wanted to try some natural products, especially coconut oil. I’ve heard great things about how it can make dry skin disappear – a winter woe that comes with hand-washing!

    Love your blog, recipes, and recommendations!
    Merry Christmas~

  46. Jeanette Rene says

    Everything from their shop looks yummy but especially the body butter! I would love, love, love to win this!

  47. JB says

    That body butter sounds like heaven……………a foot rub could take care of my dry feet and my husbands dry hands!! :)

  48. Kindel Devoir says

    Wow! All these products look awesome! But the lavender body butter has my curiosity. I’d love to win freebies! :-)

  49. Katie says

    Thanks for this post! The scent free products are the ones that jump out for me from the website, particularly the body butter. It can be hard to find natural products without scents and my family is very sensitive to them. Please put my name in the draw. Thank you :)

  50. Maggie says

    Ok, here’s what I would get: evergreen soap, lime lip balm, and the mint/Rosemary body butter. Separately, I’d also get the pocket-sized unscented hard lotion bar for my friend’s daughter to try out on her eczema. poor girl!!

  51. Noreen Nixon says

    My chemo skin is a daily irritant -the body butter looks heavenly ! Thanks for the great giveaways :)

  52. Kristie says

    I would love to try the body butter in any scent. I recently bought the lotion bars for stocking stuffers and now wish I had ordered the body butter for myself.

  53. Telena Reynolds says

    I’d like to try the evergreen scented soap. By the way, I look forward to reading your blog post daily!

  54. Terry says

    The Body Butter looks so nice, especially when I’m looking at a foot of snow that fell. I know I’ll need some good moisturizing very soon.

  55. Tiffany H says

    Oh, man! They all look sooooo good! But I would love to win the lavender body butter! Mmmm lavender. To put it on before I go to bed and help make me fall fast asleep! Oh yea! Just a little piece of heaven!<3

  56. Carissa says

    I would love to try some body butter. I have recently started making my own beauty products with all natural ingredients but have not found a lotion/body butter that I like yet. I would love to see what they put in theirs and how well it works.

  57. says

    I would love to try their lip balm! Especially the java!!! I chose the no caffeine route this pregnancy, and man I miss my coffee :D.

  58. Amanda Yoder says

    Oh how I would love most to try their Vanilla body butter! Their lip gloss, esp. the lime sounds amazing too. I’ve tried their soap sampler before, but most were a bit too strong for my low scent preference.

  59. Kathryn Barram says

    Thank you again for your generous spirit that isn’t just demonstrated at Christmas, but all year round. What a great way to help someone advertise their wares. I can almost smell the evergreen soap from the blog – great packaging! Cheers to whoever wins and Merry Christmas to all. Kathryn

  60. Jennifer Spilsbury says

    The body butter sounds like something I totally would love to try! I currently use a body butter by The Body Shop, but there are still a lot of ingredients in it that I’d rather not have absorbed into my skin, ya know?

  61. Annette says

    I bought some Third Day soaps last year as stocking stuffers after seeing your blog. Didn’t keep any for myself – maybe I can win some….. Merry Christmas!

  62. Karen Stephens says

    I would very much love to win these products but not for me, for my daughter. She is the one that brought me to you and your blog. She reads it everyday and shares tips with me often. Finally one day I decided I needed to check it out for myself. Well, needless to say… I’m hooked! I believe she would love the Lavender body butter, definitely the evergreen soap and the chocolate lip balm. Here’s hoping I’m strong enough to give it away! Thank you for your blog! It’s awesome!

  63. Kaitlin says

    I’d love all 3 products, but the body butter sounds especially delightful! I have very dry skin that has been made more pronounced by winter and pregnancy, and I’ve been looking for a natural moisturizer that works.

  64. Cathy Simon says

    I would like to try a new natural lip balm because the one I’m using right now isn’t working as well as last winter. Thanks!

  65. Rose says

    I would love to win because I get such dry feet and hands in the winter. I would love to see how well these products work. Thanks so much for giving me a chance. I am a dedicated reader from Canada.

  66. Maria O says

    I would LOVE to win, I could share these with my MOM! She never splurges on stuff and I rarely do, so this would really be a treat!

  67. Diane Parrett says

    Would love to try the Evergreen soap! Who doesn’t want to be a walking Christmas tree this time of year!! :)

  68. clickr says

    You make Third Day products sound so luscious that I’m dying to try them. Thanks to you and to them for the chance to try them.

  69. Rosalyn says

    This would be an AWESOME thing to win! The lime lip balm sounds right up my alley, as does the Citrus Sunshine body butter and the pink grapefruit soap. Love me some citrus! So refreshing!

  70. Mary says

    I love natural lip balms so much! My lips are chronically chapped. I look forward to trying their products some time soon!

  71. Janice Davis says

    Like you, I think I’d love the evergreen soap. Sounds so wonderful! But I’m also torn between the lime items and the lavender body balm. Such great products! Thanks for giving me an opportunity to enter this give away. I’m keeping my fingers crossed! Christmas blessings ~ Janice

  72. Kristen Carnahan says

    Love the idea & plan on trying some soon. Citrus body butter & lime lip balm sound amazing! :-)

  73. Jamie Stone says

    The evergreen soap sounds great! We don’t do live Christmas trees anymore, so I miss the smell! Thank you for the chance at the giveaway!

  74. Becki says

    I love the third day natural soaps! I have the sampler pack and have been loving trying all the scents. I’m not sure what I’m going to do when they run out because I love so many of the scents! Not sure how I am going to pick. I can’t wait to try some of their other products as well!!!

  75. KT says

    I don’t use a lot of body products, but these sound irresistible……and delicious. I definitely would like to try them.

  76. Shawna McMinn says

    I would love to win this! I plan on ordering some of their soaps. I want to try the peppermint tea tree one. Those r two of my favorite essential oils. Add a little lavender in there and I’m sold for sure!! Thanks!!!

  77. Debra White says

    I have very dry skin all year round. Haven’t found anything that works very well. So would absolutely love to have this. Thanks!!!

  78. Kellie says

    I love your blog! Third day naturals has some fantastic products I would love to try. Thank you, Kellie

  79. Denise Laney says

    I would love to try these products! I am a redhead, and have very sensitive skin. Just recently, I had a bad experience with the skin on my face, and had to go to a dermatologist. I am seeking out soaps, body butters, etc that are all natural, paraben, phlates free, etc. Please enter me! Thanks!

  80. Glenda Jackson says

    I would love to have this giveaway. The key lime sounds delicious. Also, the evergreen soap would be a lovely sent for the shower.
    Thank you for the giveaway opportunity, and I really enjoy reading your blog.

  81. Debbie Williams says

    I would love to win this!! I love essential oils products. They seem not to set off my scent allergies :)

  82. Jessica Beamer says

    I would love to try the lip balm. I had surgery on my upper lip to repair it after a dog bite, and now my lips are perpetually peeling.

  83. tiffani conti says

    have been trying to find a more natural bar soap or body wash – would love to try to bar soaps!!

  84. Katie says

    I think the Lavender Body Butter looks divine! My kids have very sensitive skin so I am trying to go as natural as possible. :) Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

  85. Mary says

    I think this is an awesome gift and am always looking for products that make my dry hands survive winter better!

  86. Sandra Nunez says

    Wow these products sound so appealing and best of all, they ‘re natural. I’m going through a bad case of chapped, cracked and bleeding hands this season. Thinking of switching to more natural products. I’d love to give these a try. The scents sound especially lovely! Yum!

  87. Beth says

    I would love to try the lotion on my 2 yr old son. He’s had eczema almost since birth! It is getting better the older he gets, altho I don’t like to use the medicated products, but that seems to be the only thing that helps! I’ve tried coconut oil, but that makes it worse, also used another product when he was 7 months old that was lavender scented (I think it was natural?) and it helped some, but not long term. Thanx for sharing about the products! I might just have to buy some if I don’t win!

  88. Kelly Kahler says

    Wow, the lime lip balm sounds like I might be tempted to eat it and the lavender butter would be gone in no time if I owned it!