Guess the cookie artist (and win a $50 gift card to Amazon!)

So, you know that we made frosted sugar cookies last week.

And if you were around last year, you know that we did a just-for-fun cooking guessing contest…I posted six cookies, and you guys tried to guess which of us made each cookie.

We all got a kick out of watching the guesses roll in, so this year, each of us picked a cookie for a 2013 edition of this game.

Remember all the normal-looking cookies I posted?

frosted Christmas cookies

Well, a lot of, um, not-so-traditional ones are in the guessing photo.

(Can you tell I bought some decorating items on clearance after Halloween?? I bought the packs for the very useful eyeballs, but the bones ended up getting used too.)


Just to refresh your memory, there are six of us:

Mr. FG

And you have to assign one person to each cookie.

To make it easy for me to see who’s gotten it right, submit your guesses in numerical order like:


To make this more fun, I’m going to give a $50 Amazon gift card to the first person who gets this right.

I’ll announce the winner tomorrow and the gift card will be delivered via email, so you’ll have it in plenty of time for Christmas shopping.

(FYI, this isn’t sponsored by anyone…I’m buying the gift card myself.)

Have fun guessing!

P.S. Congrats to Pam, the winner of the Third Day giveaway.


  1. Marcella says

    1) Mr. FG
    2) Kristen
    3) Zoe
    4) Lisey
    5) Joshua
    6) Sonia

    I’ve been reading your blog for awhile–love it! Making the cinnamon applesauce ornaments next Monday with my kids on our first real day of Christmas vacation!

    Thanks for all your great inspiration.

  2. Elizabeth says

    Since this was done with this contest in mind, I am left assuming that trickery was involved ;) Which makes me think that Joshua is number 2. But.

    1. Mr. FG (impressive, by the way)
    2. Kristen
    3. Lisey
    4. Zoe
    5. Mr. FG
    6. Sonia

  3. says

    My guess has already been guessed –

    1. Joshua
    2. Kristen
    3. Lisey
    4. Sonia
    5. Mr FG
    6. Zoe

    but I wanted to comment anyway :) I was so amused to see the cannibal cookie. My family has always frosted cookies every year at Christmas time, and the first time my husband (an artist) came and participated in the tradition with us, everyone was scandalized that he made “3D” cookies, as he put it, by breaking them up and attaching various pieces to other cookies with frosting. Apparently he has a kindred spirit in someone in your family :)

  4. stacy says

    This was already guessed by someone, but wanted to add it anyway! Fun stuff!! We also did gingerbread houses and cookies with my 3-year old….those are some crazy cookies! Icing & sprinkles galore!

    1. Joshua
    2. Kristen
    3. Lisey
    4. Mr. FG
    5. Zoe
    6. Sonia

  5. Kat says

    1. Joshua
    2. Mr. FG
    3. Zoe
    4. Kristen
    5. Lisey
    6. Sonia

    I could tell which ones were Sonia or Zoe, Lisey or Joshua and the adults. However, which of the pairs did which? Not so much.

  6. K says

    They’re “Nightmare Before Christmas” cookies! :)

    Here’s my guess:
    1. Lisey
    2. Kristen
    3. Zoe
    4. Mr. FG
    5. Joshua
    6. Sonia

  7. Kathy says

    1. Mr. FG – a little off-the-wall
    2. Kristen – pretty
    3. Zoe – cute
    4. Lisey – sweet
    5. Joshua – hilarious
    6. Sonia – adorable
    It’s the cookies I’m describing!

  8. Barrie says

    1 Mr. FG
    2 Kristen
    3 Zoe
    4 Lisey
    5 Joshua
    6 Sonia

    I had baked a few ginger bread cookies and (clearance bought) Aldi frosting (Yellow from after Easter, and blue from after the 4th), and some Aldi Christmas sprinkles, and gave my 2 year old 4 cookies to decorate and eat. Well, she would spread frosting on, lick it off. Spread more frosting on, lick it off. Spread more on, lick it off. And then just started eating the frosting straight. Needless to say, she was running around like a maniac for about an hour and then had a huge crash/meltdown hahaha. It was cute though :)

  9. Loreen (Lori) Favia says

    What Fun ! I am a new subscriber and I am really happy to have found you!
    the cookies look scrumptious and #1 is an ingenious way to say a broken cookie ! Love the bones !

    Here’s my guess….
    1. Mr. FG
    2. Kristen
    3. Sonia
    4. Lisey
    5. Joshua
    6. Zoe

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