Food Waste Friday | What is it with me and strawberries lately?

Every week, I post a picture of the food that has gone bad over the last seven days. Why do I do this? Because in March of 2008, I finally got fed up with the amount of food I was wasting, and I thought that showing my waste to other people would motivate me to use up my food instead of wasting it. Because this often embarrassing practice was so helpful for me, I invited other bloggers to join me in posting their food waste photos, and Food Waste Friday was born.

And it’s not that I don’t like eating them. Or that people in my house don’t like eating them. But goodness, it’s tough to get through a container without having a few go bad.

(photo taken after dark with a point and shoot. No glamorous lighting for my rotten produce this time!)

I also have a shriveled-up mushroom that smells funky, and that green, uh, thing.

It’s moldy and when I took it out of the fridge, I really couldn’t tell if it was a cucumber or a zucchini.

Would you like to guess what it is? I only knew once I cut it open.


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  1. says

    When I photographed my Fridge (very early!) this morning it was a case of ‘walk on by there’s nothing (wasteful) to see here’… feeling rather proud of myself I emptied the condiment stash at the bottom to find half a jar of sundried toms. I’m a firm believer that ‘out of sight’ is ‘out of mind’ when it comes to food, so quick perishables and produce never normally find their way down there! oops! However I’ve decided to chuck them in the slow cooked chilli I have on the go today for dinner, after all ‘No Waste Tastes Great’! I’m working on the presumption that anything that has till 2014 on it as ‘use by’ date when unopened, should be able to last a month opened (even if they only advise 2 weeks?)…let’s hope I don’t live to regret it!

  2. says

    I have been having a strawberry issue too! And we LOVE strawberries. I just think the strawberries at the grocery store always come with a few that are just too ripe. I’m going to the farmer’s market this afternoon. Hopefully those will be as perfect as I’ve been dreaming they will be.

    • WilliamB says

      A few days ago I did some serious triage on the remaining 2 bls of strawberries. Bowl 1: good condition; bowl 2: mushy but edible; bowl 3: freeze for ice cream, smoothies, or jam; bowl 4: compost.

      I felt like an obsessive but only 4 strawberries went into the compost.

  3. says

    It’s a zucchini, I think. I also think the strawberries at the grocery store are much closer to their final days and more often than not, they have a moldy one in the package that helps speed the process up.

  4. says

    I am glad I started this. This week I had no waste at all, I checked through out the week to make sure nothing was going bad, and if it was I found a way to use that day.

  5. says

    Definitely a zucchini, based on the end. Also the color is a little dark for a cuke. We’ve been getting just barely enough produce out of the garden to eat, so none of that is going to waste right now!

  6. says

    I didn’t have a good week. Bananas, cilantro, jalapeņos and tomatoes. I always freeze the bananas but didn’t get to them in time.

  7. Momofthree says

    I had a great week with only a couple tablespoons of sour cream at the bottom of a container that got pushed to the back of the fridge. There were a few strawberries in our fridge that were on the soft side but no mould yet so I threw them in a smoothie for breakfast and one banana that will go into muffins today before it is too far gone.

  8. Lindsey says

    Strawberries are terrible! I bought a package Wednesday night & this morning discovered they’ve all grown hair…Produce and I have always had issues.

  9. guest says

    Our local store had a sign up yesterday with a suggestion – they said as soon as you get home, rinse all berries with a mix of 1 part vinegar (suggested cider vinegar) and 10 parts water. Apparently the vinegar will kill any bacteria that quickly rots them. Hope it helps!

    • Jen says

      That was suggested here last week, too. I tried it and mine lasted until I was able to get all the way through them–at least 5 days.

      • Kerri says

        I have used this trick the last two times I got strawberries, too, and it really works! No more strawberries going bad the day after purchase.

  10. says

    This week my family had a bit more food waste than I like, but hopefully we can do better next week! Looks as if you all did not have a bad week. :) Hugs. Juli

    • says

      I was thinking this too. I don’t often have bad zucchinis because we tend to eat those fast. But we’ve had plenty of moldy cucumbers ;p

      Oh well.

  11. sonya says

    i am making your orange jello salad and i am also using your homemade whipped cream…it smells amazing!!! caint waite to try it!! thanks for the recipies!! i got tilapia from auldis the other day and am gonna try that also this weekend!!

  12. Jennifer says

    Have you tried the vinegar trick with strawberries? When you bring them home, soak them in a bowl of diluted vinegar (1/2 cup vineger, 1 1/2 cups water) for a couple minutes. This helps kill any mold spores existing on the surface of the strawberries. Then transfer the strawberries to a clean container, and toss/recycle the old one. I’ve had really good luck with this trick. You’ll still get soft spots, but no mold!

  13. says

    I have had a hard time with strawberries too. I tossed one or two this week but we ate the rest. My one year old can really put them away. We just had some deli made soups that got tossed. We should have known better but I wasn’t feeling well so we bought them, yuck!
    I even posted some tips today for how to avoid waste! They usually work for me but sometimes my diligence fails me. ;)

  14. Maria says

    I buy strawberries at the grocery store often. I clean them and slice them up as soon as I get home. I store them in an airtight container in the fridge and they usually last 5 or 6 days – if we don’t eat them all first.

  15. Valerie says

    I have given up on strawberries from the grocery store and only buy local. I have one grocery store that sells “local” berries though those can sit there for days. The local taste so much better than the ones that are coming from Florida and Ca. We have someone that comes Tues, Thursday, Friday Saturday and sells them on a street corner, they said they are picked that morning. I also have another place I got them from where you can pick (no thank you) or they pick them and I got some that were picked that morning. $12 for a gallon of berries is pretty good ($8 if you pick). I brought them home then froze half of them.
    I thought I heard you weren’t supposed to wash them until right before you eat them. I know I heard that on the Chew last week, but I had heard that prior specifically for Strawberries. Strawberries are also one of those fruits you should try and buy organic since there is no peeling.

  16. says

    I did waste a couple of strawberries. Usually Aldi’s has very good strawberries, but not this past week. I refuse to buy strawberries at Walmart or Sentry, as I have seen wet and moldy ones in the store. I am a picky strawberry buyer who looks for fairly dry but good looking berries. I don’t know how people go into a store and grab a thing of strawberries and put it in their cart in 5 seconds. I am choosy when it comes to strawberries, apples and bananas. I have even had bad carrots once from the grocery store. So I am picky. Their fresh lettuce and spinach sometimes doesn’t look good, or peppers, etc.

    Food waste this week, couple strawberries, two rock hard oranges. Been using the old oranges when I need a tiny bit of juice for recipes, but not rock hard. Managed to mostly eat the pears I bought a bit ago. Seems no one in my family would eat them. Hard to know what moods will strike your family, know what I mean? My boston lettuce has a few bad spots, which is strange, but picking around it and eating what I can. Oh, we did throw out a hunk of cheese covered in green mold. We do tend to trim off the white mold, but green not as much and I know it was quite old, as my hubby loves cheese, meat and crackers but rarely eats it and I can’t take much cheese anymore. I only buy the block when it is real cheap, as I know he won’t finish it. I should plan on making use of it shredded when it gets close to going. I know I can freeze cheese, but it seems to dry out sharp cheddars, so don’t like those blocks frozen.

    Think that is all so far. But I have some left over mole sauce, that wasn’t quite right to use up and my family didn’t really help much with it on burrito night, so may have to repurpose it somehow. Saw a recipe for using it in a crockpot with some other ingredients and chicken to make tacos. Maybe.

  17. says

    I have trouble with strawberries too! I found that if I cut them all up and put them in a pyrex bowl right after I buy them, then they don’t go bad because they’re not squished in the bottom of the box. This also makes it easier for us to grab some when we want them! (I like my strawberries cut up anyway)

  18. says

    I have trouble with strawberries too! I found that if I cut them all up and put them in a pyrex bowl right after I buy them, then they don’t go bad because they’re not squished in the bottom of the box. This also makes it easier for us to grab some when we want them! (I like my strawberries cut up anyway)

  19. Jessy M says

    Zucchini! And the bad strawberry problem is easily remedied by eating them in the car on the way home from the grocery. :) I know you are supposed to wash them but they rarely make it more than 12 hours in our house.

  20. says

    I just saw on tv yesterday that berries should be spread out, like on a cookie sheet, and not touching each other to make them last longer. I’m not sure I can sacrifice that much space! Whenever I buy berries, I try to have them all eaten within a day or two. :(

  21. Sarah says

    We’ve been running our supplies down this week ready for a weekend away so just some blueberries to eat up, that had managed to hide all week in the fridge, and were still edible! Hooray!

  22. says

    Had a container of yogurt that expired a few days ago. Baked a cake with it. Also, had another carton of yogurt that’s going to expire tomorrow! So, we made smoothies out of that and we’ve been drinking it all day.

    I did have to throw something away. Some fresh pineapple slices that turned brown. Could not rescue. That’s why I like frozen stuff and canned stuff. Lasts longer.

    Oh well.

  23. Barbe says

    When I purchase strawberries, I bring them home, wash them and then freeze them for smoothies. Really cuts down on the waste, unless I am going to use them for a fresh dessert. Strawberries are hard to keep.

  24. says

    I would say zucchini too- cucumbers tend to get more juicy as they rot..not that I know or anything…;)
    Oh, my. Food waste around here was horrible, but I didn’t get any pictures. But believe me. It was pretty bad.

  25. Brandy Toenges says

    Hi, I like your blog alot and would like to share with my viewers, do you have a button that I could put on my website? I didn’t see one. Thanks!

    • Kristen says

      I don’t, but golly day, I need to get one up! I have the graphic and the code and I just haven’t gotten around to making it available. Thanks for reminding me.

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