What To Buy (and not buy) at Aldi

Instead of “What To Buy At Aldi”, it would probably be more appropriate to title this “What I Buy (and don’t buy) at Aldi” because my preferences are just that…preferences. You might like something that I hated, and vice versa.

But, many of you have asked for me to share my likes and dislikes at Aldi, so I’m posting a list for you. You have to be promise to not be crabby with me if you find you dislike a product I like, though. I will not be held liable. ;)

Happily, when you shop at Aldi you can buy with confidence because anything you buy at Aldi is double guaranteed. This means you can take back any product, get your money refunded, and get a replacement product with no hassle.

To make it easy for me to keep track of things, I’m going to assemble this list in an order that follows the layout of my store, at least for the most part.


Everything. This is almost all name brand, but cheaper than other stores. Sonia is highly partial to the Happy Cola.

Don’t Buy:


Pretzels, cheese crackers, animal crackers, whale crackers (like Goldfish crackers), graham crackers, nuts, and dried fruit. These snacks are all Aldi brand, but they’re really good! I don’t buy a lot of chips, but the ones we’ve tried have been good, especially the blue corn tortilla chips.

Don’t Buy:
Club/Ritz knock-offs, and saltines. I wouldn’t necessarily say you shouldn’t buy these, but you should know they’re not exactly like the real thing. My kids will eat them, but my husband and I aren’t fans. However, if you need them for a crumb coating or for another recipe use, they should be fine.

Edit: Lately the Ritz knock-offs have been much improved. In fact, Mr. FG likes them as well as real Ritz crackers.


Regular or Quick Oatmeal. It’s a great price, is fairly unprocessed, and produces very little trash. Love it.

Don’t Buy:
Cereal. The box or two we’ve tried has been good, but I can almost always beat Aldi’s cereal prices by watching sales and using coupons at another store. If this is not the case in your area, you might want to give Aldi’s cereal a try.

Edit: I haven’t been couponing as much of late, so we have been eating Aldi’s corn chex and bran flakes cereals, along with their raisin bran crunch cereal.

Baking Ingredients

Sugar, cooking oil, powdered sugar, and brown sugar.

Don’t Buy:
Unsweetened cocoa powder. I hated it, but I know some people love it. Chocolate is very much a preference thing. I also don’t buy my flour there because I must have Gold Medal unbleached (I’m picky about my flour!).

Dairy Products

Milk, butter, cottage cheese, cheese blocks, cream cheese, and cream. The prices are excellent on all of these items. They usually have a good price on eggs, but I’m fortunate enough to buy them locally which means I don’t need to buy them at Aldi.

Don’t Buy:

N/A. I had a bad experience with the sour cream initially (it was grainy), but I gave it another try and it’s been fine. Yay!



I know some people have had a terrible experience with the produce at Aldi, but I have to say that the produce at my Aldi has almost always been great (click here to see a bunch of photos of our Aldi produce).

In fact, it’s better than the produce at other grocery stores, and it’s usually way cheaper. I buy spinach, sweet peppers, jalapeno peppers, zucchini, tomatoes (these do vary week to week…if they look bad I don’t buy them), pineapple, cucumbers, berries, melons, carrots, mushrooms, potatoes, oranges, grapes, grapefruit (the grapefruit are SO good!) and pears.

Aldi’s produce is not all organic, but it is often seasonal.

For example, Aldi doesn’t carry raspberries and blueberries in the middle of winter, for example, and they don’t carry grapefruit in the summer. Strawberries, blueberries, and melons are usually only available when they’re in season (presumably because that’s when Aldi can get them cheaply) and grapefruit are available in the winter.

Honestly, I think my family eats more produce now that I shop at Aldi…a lot of produce that was prohibitively expensive at other grocery stores are now well within the affordable range for us, and organic or not, eating more produce can’t be a bad thing healthwise.

Don’t Buy:
N/A. I’ve not had a bad produce experience at Aldi thus far.

Canned/Jarred Foods

I don’t buy a lot of this type of food, but I’ve liked everything I bought so far. I buy tomato sauce, canned tomatoes, mandarin oranges, black beans, canned peaches, and pumpkin when it’s available.

Don’t Buy:
N/A. I haven’t had a bad canned product yet.

Unrefrigerated Grocery Items

Macaroni and cheese (I shamelessly feed this to my kids when my husband and I have the occasional date night!), flour tortillas, and pasta.

Don’t Buy:
Dried Tortellini. This was a temporarily stocked item, but it was terrible. I cooked it and cooked it and it wouldn’t soften.


Lunch meat, pepperoni, and bacon. These are all good quality and they’re usually much cheaper than they are at a regular grocery store.

Don’t Buy:
Pretty much everything else. I say this not because the quality is so bad, but because the prices are usually not that great. I can almost always beat Aldi’s meat prices by watching sales at a regular grocery store.

Paper Products

The upscale toilet paper and paper towels. These are well-priced and of good quality.

Don’t Buy:
The bargain-priced paper products. They work in a pinch, but they’re really not that great.


Shampoo, toothpaste, and feminine supplies.

Don’t Buy:
I haven’t had a bad toiletry item from Aldi yet, but there are some items they just don’t carry, like easy-glide floss and gel deodorant.

Frozen Foods

Fruit (strawberries, blueberries, pineapple, rasberries), OJ concentrate, corn, fish, ice cream novelties. Ooh, and the eclairs/cream puffs are tasty too. ;)

Don’t Buy:
Ice cream (the quarts, not the novelties). It’s just not up to par in our opinion.



Sparkling juice. We buy this for special occasions, like Christmas, and Aldi’s sparkling juice is really good and really cheap. I’ve occasionally bought fruit juice there too and it’s been good.

Don’t Buy:

N/A. I haven’t bought any bad beverages, though admittedly my experience with this is limited, as I don’t buy a lot of juice or soda.

Incidentally, if you’re super serious about saving money on your groceries, stop buying beverages and drink water instead. It’s nigh onto free and drinking it instead of other beverages is likely to have a positive effect on your health.


So, there you have it!

I should add that this list is not at all comprehensive…Aldi carries a LOT more items than the ones listed here, but most of them are just things that I don’t buy, like frozen dinners, frozen breakfasts, canned soups, snack cakes, prepared cookies, bread and rolls, sausage, bologna, coffee, refrigerated roll/biscuit/pie dough, breakfast tarts, granola bars, and oatmeal packets.

These things might be tasty, but I don’t have any personal experience with them, so maybe my Aldi-shopping readers can report on the quality or lack thereof when it comes to these items.

Also, I’d be interested to hear what other Aldi shoppers love or hate, so please chime in! :)


  1. says

    We love Aldi’s! As a general rule, we typically buy most everything except meat and some of the produce from Aldi. We like the fact that there are not so many choices and they have good quality items at very good prices. We can get in and out in less than an hour with enough groceries for 3-4 weeks! Saving us time and money.

  2. Shauna says

    I like most things at Aldi, but don’t care for the canned fruit and netiher do my kids. I’ve tried twice and have came to the same conclusion both times. On a positive note, I agree that their produce and dairy products are great! I got reduced fat sliced American cheese for lunches at a great price, $2.49 for 24oz. Raw spinach is a great price, almost half of what I would pay at Walmart most of the time.

  3. Amanda says

    I’ve replied with some of this before but…

    Canned~ I like the corn (not creamed), beets, red & black beans, and usually use them in recipes. The price is good and if frozen or fresh isn’t an option it works.

    Michigan – Meats ~ Most are good and if shopping wisely the prices are ok. Turkey tenderloins and ground turkey are much cheaper than the regular grocery stores.
    New Jersey – Meats ~ Were often questionable.

    Michigan – Produce ~ I bought once or twice and won’t buy any more. I find the produce in our store is same day use. I found a local produce store with great prices instead.
    New Jersey – Produce ~ Was like your store. It wasn’t organic or of the best quality but it worked. If things were “ugly” you could cut it up and use it in a recipe.

    Oh and to your gluten-free readers Aldi’s frozen Turkey Meatballs are GF. They are easy for a quick dinner option and taste good.

    The rest of the things we eat from Aldi’s is like your list. Most of the things I avoid is purely out of personal taste.

    • Marianne says

      Thank you for the tip about Aldi’s frozen turkey meatballs being gluten free! I just called my hubby and asked him to pick up a bag. I have missed having meatballs and have been too lazy to make them using my gluten free bread crumbs.

    • Steve says

      Savoritz crackers WERE a one of my favorites UNTIL RECENTLY! They WERE better than Ritz crackers ever were. HOWEVER, they must have changed suppliers! The new crackers don’t have the buttery goodness of the ones previously. They are bland and relatively flavorless! (Like Ritz has become, by the way!) I wish they would return to the previous supplier. Unfortunately I won’t know because I won’t buy any more and therefore won’t know if they got rid of these horrible ones. This is the FIRST TIME I ever found an Aldi product that was NOT superior to the corresponding product elsewhere. I can no longer give Aldi the blanket recommendation that I have been!

      • Kristen says

        You know, we thought the same thing about the Ritz-ish crackers. They used to be super good, and they do seem to have changed of late.

  4. Taryn says

    Our Aldi’s in Trussville, Alabama has pretty great prices on meat. The produce is always excellent quality and we buy a ton of it. We’ve had good luck with everything we’ve bought there so far. The only dislike I’ve had so far was with the shredded cheese, which was okay and edible but a little bland.

  5. says

    I don’t think we have these stores anywhere in my neck of the woods, but I was curious, when you had bad experiences, did you return the items, or did you put them into your foodwaste? I am much more concious of my foodwastenow, thanks to this blog.

    • SallyJune says

      Just this week I returned a bag of beef jerky. I bought 2 bags last month; one was fine, one was moldy. I took back the moldy one and got a replacement, no questions asked. The store is newly opened, so neither the staff nor I bothered with the refund part.

  6. says

    Great article! We started shopping at Aldi’s about a year ago so my experience is somewhat limited compared to yours. I agree with a lot of the things you posted. We shop at an Aldi’s in Iowa.

    Snacks: Their pretzals and chips (we have only bought chips twice) were really good. The chips tasted just like Doritos.

    Produce: Had a bad experience with their apples once – just tasted horrible but everything else (blueberries, bananas, strawberries, cumcumbers, carrots) have been great. We had no problems with their apples before that so I think it was just a fluke.

    Soup: Love their cream of chicken, cream of mushroom, tomoto soup, and Fit Active Brand of Chicken Broth.
    I have tried their Chicken Noodle canned soup and I thought it was awful. It’s not something I have often, just when I am sick.

    Cheese: All of the cheese we have tried there has been great. We have noticed no difference compared to other brands.

    We have never bought meat, juice/pop, or toiletries from there so I can’t really comment on that. We try to buy everything from our grocery list from Aldi’s than head to Walmart to buy the rest (I just wrote about this on my blog earlier this month).

    I was a bit of an Aldi’s snob before I tried it. Although it’s a different experience (paying for the cart, can only pay with debit/cash, bring your own bags or pay for bags, not a lot of vareity, the list can go on…) it’s worth a try. I can’t believe how much we save by shopping at Aldi’s.

    • Tammy Myers says

      I think paying for the cart is a bit misleading. You put in a quarter, yes but you get it back when you return the cart to the proper location. I wish all grocery stores did this! Funny how people will return that cart to get their quarter back! The paying with cash thing is a bit to get used to for a lot of people but I normally shop with cash anyway so for me it was not a big deal and I don’t have a debit card. Love the savings, tho!

      • Karie says

        Best and most charming thing is that many folks just pay it forward..drop the cart and then give the cart to the next person… it is so nice to see how happy and touched some folk are.
        Saltines are awful..too salty! Dried fruits are so much cheaper and good! Meat in Green Bay pretty pricey. Vegies… touch and go as well. Chicken broth great..low sodium…cheeses are very nice. Pretzels (honey wheat) delish!
        Dried puddings nasty and grainy. Flowers this spring were just beautiful..my azalea lasted for at least two months.
        Baking goods can’t be beat! Do not like turkey deli products or much else re deli meats. Peanut butter great..even some German jams when they have them. Basically I really save lots and lots of money and it is fun to shop here!

    • Tina A says

      We shopped at Aldi in Ireland! Thrilled to be able to have the same experience here in KY. The cart and bag thing is a direct European influence, as this is how ALL grocery stores are over there. Amazing, wish it were like that here for every store. Sure would generate less waste and encourage re-use!

  7. says

    I have had horrible experiences with the meat (particularly ground beef and whole hams) at Aldi. The ground beef is FULL of bone chips and fatty bits even when it’s supposed to be 93/7 and the ham tasted like plastic when I cooked it. To be fair, I tried these products multiple times at random intervals of time, and they were bad each time I tried them. Thank goodness for their money-back satisfaction guarantee!

    Everything else I’ve tried from them has been excellent. Produce at my store is hit-or-miss – some weeks it’s in great shape, others I just leave it because it’s wilted or wrinkly. But you really can’t beat the milk, cheese, and other dairy prices…and of all the “discount stores” I’ve been to, they have the best yogurt. It isn’t grainy or weird in texture like the stuff from, say, Save-a-Lot.

    • Rebecca says

      I also had a really gross experience from the ground meat. I bought the lean and when i opened it to fry about 1/4 of the package was SOLID FAT eww. I threw it out and cooked the lean because i already had the noodles for my speg. boiling and had no other ground meat for the sauce. BUT I have shopped Aldis for years never had a prob before or since.
      Oh and the turkey Keilbasa isnt great either but the reg. Keilbasa is awesome.

  8. HeatherS says

    The only things I’ve bought there that I would not buy again is the mac and cheese and fruit. My kids wouldn’t eat it, even though they didn’t know it wasn’t the blue box stuff. Our Aldi has great veggies but their fruit is not good. It all looks past its prime and the apples are soft (ok for baking though) and the bananas turn within a day. I think I did have a pineapple from there that was good though.

  9. says

    We’ve had great success with the ground beef, and the 93/7 is as cheap as the occasional sale price elsewhere. Also, we like the hummus and fresh salsa better than any name brands we’ve tried.

  10. says

    Thanks for the great list! We have an ALDI about 10 miles from our house and I’ve always thought about trying it sometime. Do you use coupons there and I’m curious if it’s cheaper to buy ALDI w/o coupons versus a different grocery store w/coupons. Do you know how the prices compare to Wal Mart?

    • says

      I’ve done some comparision shopping between Aldi and Wal-mart and the prices are generally cheaper. (This is in Indianapolis, Indiana, so it might be different in your area.) It’s also considerably cheaper than Kroger (I haven’t compared to other local grocery stores).

    • Kristen says

      In my experience, Aldi is WAY cheaper than Walmart. I am honestly not that impressed with a lot of Walmart’s prices.

      • Belinda says

        They don’t use coupons. I am a couponer, and if you hit the right sale with coupons you can find get items cheaper elsewhere, but when they aren’t on sale or you don’t have the great coupon, Aldi is the place to go.

      • Karie says

        And I am not impressed at all with Walmart produce..looks crummy. Walmart is very tricky…they are not always the cheapest at anything… canned goods and toiletries…detergents, cleaning agents…otherwise…yuck

  11. says

    Chocolate/Candy: Completely agree with your assessment! I love Haribo gummis and they always have them for less than $1.00 at our Aldi. Everywhere else they cost significantly more. I have to say that the chocolate is outstanding. I have even used their chocolate bars as baking chocolate without a problem–and their are significantly cheaper than what I can get at my local Kroger or Wal-mart (I know, I know).

    Snacks: We do buy quite a few chips and have only had a couple of ‘off’ bags of Dorito-style chips (they had almost zero flavor powder). The Frito-style chips are excellent as are the Cheeto-style puffs. We haven’t tried the crunchy Cheeto-style and I am not particularly fond of their potato chips. I love the Fit/Active microwave popcorn as well as the dried fruit (particularly the cranberries and the berry mix). My husband loves the salted peanuts.

    Cereal/Grains: The oatmeal is definitely a good buy. I have tried the Cinnamon Toast Crunch-style cereal and it was quite good. We don’t eat much cereal, though.

    Baking Ingredients: I buy ALL of my baking ingredients at Aldi. Even flour! But I’m not picky and have always had good results. The chocolate chips are good and I didn’t notice a difference with the cocoa powder (although, to be perfectly honest, I never use cocoa powder). I was a bit nervous about trying vegetable shortening and basic spices, but so far, so good. As a warning, the spices come in HUGE jars, however they are very cheap.

    Dairy Products: Everything! I have to say that we love the Aldi sour cream. We buy the full fat version and have never had any complaints. I also think that their butter is almost always a fantastic deal. The milk is also significantly cheaper than what we can get anywhere else. And I completely agree on your cheese assessment. The cheese is awesome!

    Produce: Our Aldi is hit and miss with produce. They sometimes have what we need, sometimes not. However, we always go to Aldi as the first stop on our grocery shopping trip so we can buy what we want there. We have found that at certain times of the week/day, the fruit flies can be really bad in the onion and potato section.

    Canned/Jarred Foods: We buy the Fit/Active citrus and have liked the canned peaches. I think the tomato products are outstanding. Of course, there is some variation in what they carry, but we buy tomato sauce and paste as well as diced tomatoes at Aldi.

    Unrefrigerated Grocery Items: I do NOT like the pasta (I’m VERY picky when it comes to pasta texture), although the egg noodles are perfectly good (and so much cheaper than the supermarket!). I also buy the rice and dried beans (though they rarely have anything but Great Northern and Pinto beans).

    Meat: We buy the same things as you do. I do sometimes buy their whole frozen chickens. Our Kroger rarely puts whole chickens on sale for less than $0.79/lb, which is Aldi’s standard price.

    Paper Products: I’m glad to hear that the paper products are good! I’m definitely going to give them a try. I have, in the past, been very particular about zip-top bags, but their sandwich and freezer bags are comparable to store brands elsewhere.

    Toiletries: My husband tried the anti-dandruff shampoo and it didn’t work. We haven’t tried anything else.

    Frozen Foods: Same as you. My husband likes the pizza rolls and french bread pizzas (he lived alone last summer and doesn’t like to cook…). We also really liked the Aldi orange juice. The Drumstick-style ice cream novelties are one of my favorite things. I did have a really nasty batch of coconut Mexican paletas last summer. They were just vile.

    I must admit that I was initially reluctant to shop at Aldi. I was worried about the quality of so many off-brands. I have been blown away by how good almost everything is. I like that I don’t have to take bags to recycle every time I go grocery shopping (we still always have enough bags to use as trash bags, lunch bags, etc.. from our small trips to Wal-mart). We recently started purchasing a fabric tote from Aldi every time we went. Our plastic bags that we bought 18 months ago are starting to show their age and the new plastic bags just don’t look as sturdy.

    • Am says

      I really enjoyed reading your post! I just wanted to throw in one tid-bit of info though, nothing serious: Doritos “flavor powder” doesn’t do anything to the actual taste of the chip. Doritos will taste like Doritos with or without the powder. I know that you are talking about the generic Aldi brand, but this is information that is seemingly relevant and interesting so I thought you should know! :)

    • Karie says

      Love the zip top bags, freezer bags and saran wrap. It sticks like glue…prob IS saran wrap but an off label. Years ago shopping at Aldi’s was grim..but WOW..In England, they are knocking off any grocery store..especially in wine sales..trust the Brits.

    • Frank Lee says

      I would add Aldi bacon to the “don’t buy” list. Even the so-called “premium” bacon. It cooks up like no bacon you’ve ever seen before – not strips, but more like thin curls. Impossible to make a BLT out of those little moon-shaped bacon snacks.

  12. Rebecca says

    My kids like the chocolate syrup, it tastes the same as hershey’s. And they have no complaints about any of the crackers, ritz style or otherwise. Though I am GF and have not tried them for the obvious reason. I use their flour, but sugar I can get at Woodmans cheaper, I wish aldi carried whole wheat flour. We also like their crunchy, Nature Valley knockoff, granola bars, they are up to a dollar a box cheaper. We didn’t like their spaghetti sauce, we are very picky about that one. We didn’t care for their salsa, it was ok, but not great, and we love our salsa.

    Their cheese is good, but given that I live in WI, I can get better tasting local cheeses cheaper at woodman’s.

    The produce by us is hit or miss, and often is cheaper elsewhere.

    If I need diapers, theirs are the cheapest price per diaper I have ever found. Anywhere.

  13. Rebecca says

    One great thing, ALDI has the cheapest soymilk I have ever seen (organic or otherwise), it tastes good, its made from whole soybeans, and is ORGANIC. $2.50 a half gallon in regular, vanilla and chocolate.

    • Lydia says

      I have actually found cheaper soymilk at COSTCO. If you have a membership – there were 3 half gallons for less than $4!!! I have one child who outgrew his lactose allergy and another who hasn’t (Yet)….so I buy regular milk AND soymilk. I do really enjoy the Aldi experience and the only thing I haven’t liked was the soft tortillas, I just didn’t like the texture. But they didn’t taste wrong – my husband enjoyed them. I guess I am just a soft tortilla snob!

  14. says

    I love the entire Alid’s experience, from the quarter shopping cart to the bag-your-own groceries to the limited selection of products. It’s the ultimate modern-day simplicity shopping experience.
    I love to buy produce, black beans, flour tortillas, black olives, old-fashioned oats, powdered milk, mandarin oranges, applesauce and just recently I tried the house brand of baked chips. They were better than Lays and were $2. A seasonal favorite of ours: the mint flavored Oreo knockoffs. These were superior to Oreos and I think I paid less than $1.50. I almost never buy packaged cookies but these were special.

  15. says

    I love shopping at Aldi! I buy many of the same things you do. I also buy their ground turkey – at my local “regular” store, it is typically $5-7/lb! Ridiculous! But at Aldi it is $2.50 for 19oz. An excellent deal and it has never once been sub-par. I can’t speak to the other meat because I don’t think I’ve ever tried any other kinds, but the turkey is great.

    I am not a big sale-watcher/coupon clipper – I just can’t seem to find the time most weeks – so for me, Aldi’s cereal is a great deal. Most boxes are about $2-$2.50, and considering they last my husband and I about a week, it’s really inexpensive for us.

    The produce is amazing – I too find that it is better quality than the stuff at the “regular” store.

    There is so much more that I buy there, many weeks I am able to do 90% of my shopping there. There are a couple of things I’ve tried that haven’t been great (their L’oven fresh pizza crust – blech!) but for the most part I have not been disappointed!

    • WilliamB says

      If you have a food processor you can grind your own meat. (Also if you have a meat grinder, of course.) Cut the meat into chunks – maybe 2″, which is big for a chunk – then process using the metal “wing” blade (ie, not a disk), in short pulses. It goes a little easier if you add a touch of oil to the meat – maybe 1-2t. per lb. Experience will help you know how small to cut the chunks, how much to grind at a time, how much oil to use or if you need any at all.

      If you do this, then you can buy cheap holiday turkeys. You don’t need to cut way close to the bone, and you can use the nice meaty scraps to make a rich turkey stock.

      I started grinding my own meat after one too many well-documented stories about commercially ground meat. I don’t mind low-quality scraps, but there are so many other possible problems:
      – meat deterioriates in relation to exposed surface area, ground meat is almost entirely surface area and so deteriorates (= goes bad) very quickly;
      – most stores use old meat – meat that hasn’t sold – to make ground meat, so it’s more likely to go bad to begin with;
      – stores have been known to illegally redate ground meat, increasing the risk (Food Lion was notorious for this but it’s not the only one) (Food Lion was the subject of 2-4 “60 Minutes” investigations)
      – it’s almost unheard of for ground meat to contain the stated amount of fat (Nutrition Action Newsletter had several dozen packages from different stores tested)
      – most stores mix scraps from a few different animals, industrial producers do so from thousands; in the unlikely event of tainted meat, this mixing makes it almost impossible to trace the taint.

      I am about as unalarmist as one can get when it comes to food contamination – I’ll eat street food in almost any country in the world (current list includes Mexico, Burma, Rwanda, China, Haiti) – but I don’t buy ground meat from most stores.

  16. Lisa says

    We don’t have an Aldi where I live and that makes me very sad. When ,y kids were smaller, we lived close to one and I saved soooo much money shopping there. Glad for those of you who are blessed enough to live close to one. I do threaten to shop there when I go visit my in-laws, but I don’t think I would have enough room in my vehicle for my family to ride home.

  17. Vicky Kelly says

    Love your list! We like their bread (I do sometimes make my own in our 2 breadmakers but admit not often), it’s soft & even the whole grain is good.

  18. melanie wyrick says

    Be careful buying frozen fish and canned mandarin oranges…all have been product of China. No telling what toxins are in the food.

  19. Julie says

    I have been an Aldi shopper for over 15 years. I prefer to not buy some of the canned veggies. I have tried the meat. Through the years I have had times where I had to buy it there and then there were other times I could afford to buy it from other stores. We are happy with Aldi. I just go through this funk sometime where I want to shop at higher end stores, and then I realize that that does not work for our family.

  20. says

    We don’t have an Aldi here in North Texas where I live. There are some in the Metroplex, about 130 miles from me, and I am NOT driving that far.

    How would you go about finding out if they were planning (or force them to, lol) build one in our area? I am seeing that we MUST have an Aldi. It’s important for my wallet’s proper development.

  21. KBaker says

    i buy almost everything at Aldi — and fill-in with other stores. we’ve had no issues with snacky items (flavored rice cakes, nuts, dried fruits, pretzels, etc.) — other than the potato chips being VERY salty. not always a bad things when you’re craving. hahaha…

    we do not care for their cereal: it just seems to get very soggy very quickly.

    i have used their flour, sugar and brown sugar. but… te chocolate chips were AWFUL. very chalky/grainy texture. i’ll splurge for my Hershey’s any day. :-)

    also… much of the Fit & Active is good. deli wraps, chicken/beef stock, etc. don’t see a big difference (from other boxed, that is — homemade is waaaaay better).

    love the blog. keep the good stuff coming!

    • says

      we did not care for the chocolate chips either….hershey’s all the way. But otherwise we buy also everything at Aldi. I have even been using a new menu plan services called e-meals.com and they have a Aldi menu option. We like alot of the Fit and Active items. One item we did not like….was the cheapest individually wrapped cheese slices. Didn’t taste like cheese to me. The rest of the cheese has been good. MY littlest loves the provolone.

      • Annette says

        Actually I have had Nestle’s chips that would not melt smoothly but clump up. The Aldi’s chips melt wonderfully and spread smoothly every time!

  22. KBaker says

    p.s. we ALWAYS score on the produce. and… it outlasts any of the other options we have here by far. try it, ladies/gents!

  23. says

    Now you’re reminding me why we need to go to Aldi! Unless I find really fantastic coupons, which is rare, it’s really hard to beat their prices on nuts and dried fruit. They’re great quality and SO much cheaper!

    My Aldi is of the terrible produce variety, though I might take a look at their grapefruit. It can get pretty pricey at Kroger. I’ve also had bad experiences with their frozen mahi mahi–there were tons of bones in there! Ick. It also didn’t taste very good. I’ve had good experiences with their frozen fruit (though it’s not much cheaper than the frozen fruit at Kroger when it’s on sale) and frozen novelties, also.

    A question about the Gold Medal flour, Kristen: I bought three bags of it recently when it was on sale and I had coupons, and I’m eager to try it since you swear by it. Is it really the best flour out there for baking? We’ve been buying the Kroger brand organic, but it’s SO expensive, and I don’t see the point if Gold Medal is better! How do you really “tell” what flour is best?

    • Kristen says

      I like it because it’s unbleached, and because it just seems to work better. Store brand flour almost always makes my dough heavy and not as tasty (that could be the bleach issue, though).

      I should try my store-brand unbleached and see how it is.

    • WilliamB says

      My vote goes to Gold Medal Unbleached as well.

      Unbleached is a clearly superior product. It’s less processed – bleaching is for cosmetic purposes only – and the bleaching process makes the flour less responsive to leaven. In short, products made with bleached flour come out denser than unbleached.

      Gold Medal regularly tests as tasier and fresher than Pillsbury, although often the difference is subtle, to say the least. The trained tasters at Cook’s Illustrated can tell the difference, I can’t. But I trust their testing so unless Pillsbury is noticably cheaper I get Gold Medal.

      BTW, my store has all Gold Medal flours on sale ($1.25/5 lbs, instead of the usual $2.35!). Maybe your store has it on sale also?

      • Diane J says

        RE Pillsbury vs Gold Medal flour – I live in Minnesota. All my years in 4-H baking bread for county and state fairs, I won either blue or purple ribbons when using Pillsbury and the one year I used Gold Medal the loaf of white bread was heavy and did poorly. A few years ago my main shopping list was for Festival Foods or Cub Foods or Rainbow, with Aldi the few extras, as their choices were so limited. Today Aldi is the main list, and if I can’t get it there, I either have a short list for the other stores or skip it altogether. Shopping at one store is enough – I don’t like running here and there. I like everything there except the canned salmon, wrapped American Swiss slices (taste like plastic). The coffee is a great deal and tastes surprisingly good when strong – we mix it with a lesser amt. of Starbuck’s Sumatra. AWESOME!

  24. Mary Carpenter says

    I have been a loyal Aldi’s shopper since 1993. It is the #1 grocery store in Europe. I raised my 3 voracious teenagers on their chips and nacho products! I like all their products, but I have not bought processed meats. The only ham I’ve bought it the spiral cut ham, which was excellent. They have large t-bones that my dh loves. They do not accept coupons and mostly carry the Aldi’s brand. I love the hummus and salsa. The prices are so good I save more than half of what I pay at Walmart. I don’t use their paper products (picky me) or the fresh meats. I live an hour away and don’t want to transport the fresh meat for fear of spoilage. I like the whole shopping experience, bagging my own, bringing my own bags, and paying cash. Don’t forget the quarter for the basket (you get it back and you don’t run into carts in the parking lot).

  25. Cari says

    As a child my mother always shopped at aldi’s and the experience turned me off to all things not name-brand. Of course this was fifteen years ago, and Aldi’s may have upped their standards, but I found all aldi-brand products tasted like chalk and were simply not up to par with name brands. To this day I shudder whenever anyone mentions shopping at Aldi’s… that’s how bad my experience was.

    • Karie says

      Aldi was grim many years ago..I agree..try it now..you will be amazed. And I am VERY picky about taste.

  26. Pat says

    Their spiral sliced ham is the best! I started shopping there just for the ham and now I get lots of their other stuff too. I am particularly fond of their salads since those bags are usually $2.99 each in a grocery but only $.99 at Aldi. I like their cheese and the canned soups are just as good (if not tastier) than Campbell’s. The only thing I won’t buy there is milk. I did once and it just tasted weird. But I love shopping Aldi!

  27. says

    Yes, how do you tell how a flour is better? I am curious, as well, how to tell. I wish there was an Aldi located closer to me. The closest one is 80 miles away. :(

  28. Erica says

    I have been shopping at Aldi since I started reading your blog a few months ago and I LOVE it! I usually find butter, milk, cheese, eggs, diapers, and wipes cheaper at BJ’s and buy meat wherever I find it on sale. Then I go to Aldi and buy everything else that I can. I feel like I’m stealing when I grab their crackers, cereal, large tubs of yogurt, sour cream, canned beans and tomatoes, and PRODUCE – love the produce!!! I usually have to fill in somewhere else for things they don’t have but it’s so worth it for the money I save. Thank you for the info!!!

  29. says

    I really need to start shopping at Aldi, especially since most everyone has had positive things to say about it. I’ve been putting it off since it’s about 10 miles from my house versus the grocery stores that are in a 3-5 mile radius. I’m interested in Aldi for my basics, especially dry goods and dairy. I’m nervous about the produce; it seems to be hit or miss. We’ll see (if I ever get up the courage to go!).

    Some people asked about flour and I’m with Kristen on only buying Gold Medal Unbleached. I buy it for two reasons: 1) I prefer unbleached flour for baking (especially breads) because for some reason it just produces better tasting bread and 2) I can usually find two brands of unbleached flour, King Arthur and Gold Medal, but Gold Medal is significantly cheaper and more likely to be on sale. I don’t know what Kristen’s reasons are but those are mine.

  30. Toni says

    Regarding the meat, just wanted to put in a plug for our local Aldi. I’ve been there when the manager has been walking around the store with soon-to-expire meat in his hand giving it away for free. You don’t see this in your local mega-store! Agree about the prices, but the quality is very good.

  31. ArdenLynn says

    I shop for my family of 10 and I would be lost without Aldi. Even still, there are a few items we don’t like. I don’t buy cottage cheese, bacon or lunch meat there. I also don’t like any of the bread products.
    Sometimes in the summer, the milk will spoil within a couple of days of buying it. That has happened a for a few years so I have gotten out of the habit of buying milk there.

  32. says

    I agree with you on the Ritz (Aldi brand) crackers. They aren’t very good and the graham crackers with cinnamon in their brand isn’t as good either. Their small individual pizzas are good too for a quick meal sometimes. But, I’m like you and love 99% of their items but have to watch prices on a lot of things.

    • Amanda says

      I haven’t been to Toronto but in Windsor I haven’t found anything exactly the same. I will ask my friends in the Windsor and London area and see if they know of something. Overall the prices you pay for groceries are crazy outrageous compared to what we’re paying. I often ship legal things over the border to help out a friend.

    • beany says

      I don’t think we have anything really comparable to Aldi, but I would say that the closest thing is No Frills, or Price Chopper or Food Basics. No Frills is associated with Loblaws, Price Chopper with Sobey’s and Food Basics with Metro. They carry the exact same brands but are cheaper because they follow the same principles as Aldi, like .25$ for carts, no baggers, limited grocery items.

      I get the Aldi flyer in my inbox, and things seem so much cheaper, not only food products but they carry all kinds of housewares too. I think it would be awesome though if we did have an Aldi here in Toronto!

  33. Shauna says

    One other thing I forgot to mention, not specifically about Aldi, but I swear by the Forever Bags, which can be purchased at Walmart for $5 where I live. So, if I happen to buy a lot of produce at Aldi, it really does make it last about three times as long!

  34. says

    I just moved into the Aldi area and I like it so far. It could never be my sole grocery store but it’s good for certain things. I got a Dole pineapple for $1.50 this week. Last week they were $2 and I thought that was a good deal. It’s pretty easy to tell if the produce is good or not so I just don’t buy the bad stuff (there were some really overripe eggplant recently). Everything I’ve tried has been good (large bunches of broccoli crowns for $1.50, avocados for $.79, bananas for .$39/lb). We’ve liked the cheese (pre-shredded cheddar & mozzarella).

  35. Kristen says

    I really wish my Aldi’s was as nice as yours. The Aldi’s here is incredibly small and doesn’t carry regular stock items you may need. The produce there is horrible, if they actually have what they advertise, it is often already bad in the store or will go bad within a day or two at home. Yes, last time I went to Aldi’s all I wanted was milk, cream, and bananas. They only carried the milk and I thought maybe I will just get a different fruit and the clementines and the pineapples they had literally squished when you touched them. Luckily we have a Cub Foods in our area and they have pretty good prices and now they double coupons.

  36. Mrs. R. says

    Diapers, diapers, DIAPERS! Cheapest in town, and never any leaks or any other problems! We’ve tried ALL the brands available, believe me, and Aldi
    has our very faves.

    Like ’em better than any national brand…..and MUCH cheaper. Pretty sure they’re made by the same manufacturer as a boxed brand at Wal-Mart—but are less exp. at Aldi!

    There are LOTS of other things we like buying there, too. :-)

  37. says

    The disposable ladies razors are not good. They work ok for legs but area more sensitive or soft is horrible and painful…like a dull razor.

  38. Hazel says

    We have Aldi in the UK (and Lidl, which is similar and rumoured to be run by the owner of Aldis estranged brother…) but it sounds like they carry different products according to country. We have the same basics, but no tortillas, black beans, salsa or the same variety of crackers.
    I buy tinned tomatoes, sugar, some produce, olive oil (did very well in a UK taste test), cereal (I’m also trying to reduce the amount of cereal we eat, even though I’m boring and only buy plain, uncoated cereal. Our Aldi doesn’t have porridge oats), and sometimes frozen pizza to keep in the freezer for emergencies. They’re about $2.

  39. Mandy says

    We shop at your local Aldi and love it. In fact it is the main place we get our groceries. The only thing I haven’t liked there is their Cheerios. Some of them are really hard and stuck together. All the other cereal has been okay for us though. I’m a little upset about the milk prices soaring all of a sudden. We decided to start buying our milk across the street at BJs which for some reason has a better price. I am curious to know where you get your eggs. A local blogger? Thanks so much for your great blog! Love it!

    • Kristen says

      Yep, I buy them from a local reader who has a few chickens. He’s only got a few, so he doesn’t have enough to sell to a bunch of people, but I am the lucky recipient of two dozen every two weeks or so.

  40. says

    i’ve had lots of bad experiences with their bananas…they always go from green to brown without ever being yellow! so i stopped buying them. and their cheerios knock off is not good.
    but i love aldi!

  41. Wanda says

    All Aldi’s I find are not created the same. The one I used to go to when I lived in Pa was horrid. Dirty,the cashiers sloppy in appearance and the store never seemed to carry what was advertised.

    The Aldi’s here in Florida are much better. I usually do not pick up produce at Aldi’s because I have an abundance of farmers markets to choose from. Most of the products I have used from Aldi’s I liked. There were a couple of times the fish wasn’t up to par and the peanuts were stale but on the whole it is a good place to shop.

    I have to say the fit and active brand is pretty good. A about a month or so back they had a sale going on fit and active waffles and well while not a huge waffle eater I was in the mood so I picked up a box. Awesome and now I cannot find them again.

  42. says

    I don’t think there is a Tortellini that ever cooks soft ever.

    However…their ground Turkey is a great deal at $2.49 each.
    and its a bit more than a pound.

    I do like their corn flakes a lot.
    As I do like their baking and pancake mix.
    And their produce is a great buy.

    Anything Light & Fit is generally good as well.
    My dad is borderline diabetic and he can have their
    plain L&F yogurt. Their flavoured ones are
    comparable to Yoplait.

    Otherwise, I do keep track of what I buy according to if
    anything has MSG. Alot of their products have it.

  43. julie says

    just started aldi’s again since i found your site. i tried it years ago & wasn’t thrilled. now i started like 2 months ago & i love it. the oranges are fabulous & zucchini, yum! i buy quite a bit there now

  44. says

    No Aldi’s in Austin….is it really much cheaper than WalMart? I buy all my staples at WalMart and my produce and perishables at HEB, a Texas chain, or at Sprouts.

    • Lynnessa says

      I’m still an avid Walmart fan and didn’t find Aldi’s products to be significantly cheaper than Walmart’s (although there were exceptions like almonds and spinach). It has other benefits that Walmart doesn’t have (is small, easy to navigate, the simplicity of the options makes the shopping experience quick) but the inevitable downsides are that they are small and won’t have specific items you may need and almost requires a second trip to another grocery store. Hope that helps you prevent coveting an Aldi :)

  45. Lynnessa says

    Thank you for the great post and discussion Kristen! I recently tried Aldi due to your recommendation and so this listing came in very handy. I’m a pretty picky consumer and was pleasantly suprised by their face wash and shampoo. The face wash is very gentle, easily gets all my makeup off, and doesn’t dry out my skin. I also love that they carry dry roasted almonds at a great price. We bought a kitchen cart there and was disappointed to find it broken in several pieces when we opened it at home. They took it back cheerfully and allowed us to inspect each of their boxes to ensure quality before we took the replacement home. Their customer service was great!

  46. says

    I am making a conscious effort, for environmental reasons, to shop local. So I have organic fruit and vegetables delivered to my door, buy my meat and bread from local retailers and have joined a food co-op for groceries. However I’ve found it impossible to manage without supermarkets, although I’m working on it, and our local Aldi is one of the shops I visit. I mainly buy tinned and packet goods but I do invariably pick up a few favourites from the cold meat and dairy sections. I like to know where my meat has come from and have been disappointed in their bread so I don’t buy either of these. My main gripe is the same as with all supermarkets, that is the excessive use of non-recyclable packaging. Our Aldi doesn’t have a deli counter and all the fruit and vegetables are bagged.

    I like a bargain as much as the next person but I do believe that we have a responsibility to try to buy food that has been produced sustainably. I’d rather seek out cheaper foods and cut back on quantity than quality.

  47. Shannon says

    I think I am a little late on this comment but I used to work for our local Aldi until I got pregnant with our first and I decided to be a stay at home mom (now we are on baby #3). I have grown up on Aldi food and find it good. I wanted to tell everyone that I know for a fact that all the tomato products come from Red Gold, all of the Cheese comes from Kraft and the Mac and Cheese is also Kraft. The frozen dinners are Banquet and the chicken (not 100% on this one) comes from Tyson. The candles and room sprays come from Glade. I know this because when I would unload the trucks the “name brand” food would be in the truck too. When we placed orders we would contact those company’s to place orders. And every now and again the “name brand” is accidentally packed in the Aldi boxes and sent to the store. Most everything is “name brand” food just in a different package. When I first started working there I couldn’t believe it. Some people pay three times the amount for the same food.

    • amandabeloux says

      Oh my goodness! Thank you so much for posting this!!! I too have a hard time understanding why people would want to pay so much more for certain things just because Aldi is somewhat looked down upon… A co-worker of mine literally asked me once, “isnt that where the poor people shop?”
      I work in a corporate atmosphere. I couldn’t believe my ears.
      So now that I KNOW that the knock off brands at Aldi are made by the same companies as name brands, I feel even MORE prepared for ridiculous questions like that. hehe

  48. says

    I buy a lot of my meat and fish at Aldi and haven’t had a problem with the quality. In fact we just ate the last bit of turkey ham (turkey cured with ham spices) in chili tonight for dinner. I like their ground turkey – the price can’t be beat. Same thing with their chicken breasts.

    The only canned food we usually buy is the canned tomatoes and tomato sauce. Both are good, especially the diced tomatoes with jalapenos if you want a little kick in your meal.

    I used the dried fruit and oatmeal to make my own granola cereal. I’ve had very bad experience with Aldi produce spoiling quickly after I get it home from the store. As a rule, I don’t buy their produce.

  49. Lori says

    Their mozzarella cheese–comes in a ball–is wonderful. Very soft and creamy. And their toilet paper is very reasonably priced and better in value and quality than the major grocery store brands.

  50. Michelle H. says

    Thanks for the list! Aldi is now opening stores in the Dallas/Fort Worth region and after hearing so much about them I’ll have to check it out.

  51. Jessica says

    Thanks so much for your post. I just went to the new Aldi in town for the first time. It was pretty good. I wouldn’t buy meat there (I prefer to buy animal products as the local butcher/farmers’ market or not at all) but the produce was really decent. Two things in particular: organic soymilk (my daughter’s favorite) and also automatic dishwasher detergent that was free of phosphates and chlorine and packaged in a cardboard box (as opposed to plastic). I’ve been looking all over for this product at a decent price!

  52. Susan says

    I love Aldi. We’ve shopped there for years and saved a TON of money. One week, I happened to be in Wal-Mart and decided to shop there. I figured if I bought the store brands maybe I wouldn’t spend too much. NOT! I spent almost twice what I would have spent at Aldi. Never again….. I am back to being a faithful Aldi customer. We like all the products sold there. Occasionally I find a stem in the green beans, but I just pick it out. No big deal. I love their spaghetti sauce and parmesan cheese. I buy a lot of the frozen chicken breasts. My dogs love the pet chews. I USED to get great pantyhose there….discontinued :-( Long live Aldi!!

  53. Daniel says

    Are there shredded cheese and cheese slices (provolne, cheddar, etc.) any good? I am grilling burgers and want to try their cheese slices. Also, making quesadillas and want to know if the shredded cheese is any good. Thanks in advance.

    • amandabeloux says

      Um…. nearly four years later you get an answer…
      YES the cheese products are my favorite. Delicious. I’m a cheese freak and the only one I’ve tried there that I didn’t care for was the goats milk cheese. Very pungent and bitter.
      Other than that, I’ve tried them all and loved them

  54. sarah says

    I love ALDI for multiple reasons! It reminds me of when my dad was stationed in Germany(when I was young) and multiple shopping experiences with my late grandmother. I find everything I have tried to be comparable if not better than national brands at ridiculously lower prices. My favorite ALDI brand items thus far: crunchy cheetos, doritos, every cereal(particularly cocoa{more chocolaty than cocoa krispies} and fruity crisp rice{doesn’t leave that weird filmy taste in your mouth like fruity pebbles}),pop tarts(they have unfrosted strawberry!), coffee(superb, has wonderful aroma, a full bodied flavoring and not too bitter), mac and cheese, and hamburger helper(my only suggestion is to reduce suggested water by 1/4 cup what the instructions state). I’ve enjoyed their canned fruits, marinara sauces, frozen pizzas and baking goods as well. My next venture will be the health and beauty aids after having read this article and its comments.

  55. Molly says

    I’ve had bad luck with the dishwashing detergent, but I think that might be it. We do buy all our cereal here (our other stores don’t have fantastic deals, usually, even with couponing, and even then it’s a whole other grocery store stop, and that’s not worth it to me), and we’ve had great luck with the half-gallons of ice cream. I also REALLY like the orange mac and cheese in a box – and it’s only 35 cents! (Yes, I prefer the fake-cheese mac and cheese.)

  56. CeCe says

    We just got Aldi in Texas and we were so thrilled. We have been able to cut a lot of our grocery spending just by switching to Aldi. I hated their pizza rolls but my hubby liked them enough to eat them. I prefer Totino’s. I also didn’t care for their jarred pickles. But everything else we have tried from Aldi has been a winner with our family. Including dog food for 4 dogs, we spend about $80-90 every two weeks for our family of 3. I still hit our Central Market and Whole Foods Market for fruit and fresh veggies if I can’t get to the farmer’s market. But even then I am spending less than before. I started buying more local produce and what is in season and that means less money spent. On average we spend about $125-150 every two weeks for food.

  57. Sue says

    I’m a new Aldi’s shopper and the prices are pretty impressive. The 80/20 ground beef was definitely the best I’ve ever had and a great price too! Potato chips were excellent and very cheap. Only disappointments so far were the cereal, and the milk I bought was all curdled inside the lid. Our store is small and clean – very limited choices, but you can get in and out very quickly. Just remember your quarter for the cart and bring your own bags!

  58. Christy says

    I have shopped at Aldi’s. I buy the sour cream, as I feel it sets up better in my cheeseballs than does name brand at double the price! My Aldi’s GIVES away fruit and veggies if they are going to go bad, so that it doesn’t go bad. They do the same with the bread, if it is after expire date, they just give it away!

  59. says

    We also get canned tuna and salmon at Aldi. Often their wild-caught frozen fish is a really good price, too. (And, being that it’s wild-caught, it should have any more toxins than any other wild-caught fish, regardless of what country it’s packaged in.)

    I like the choc. chips just as well as Nestle ones from the regular supermarket – and these have real vanilla in them, whereas the standard brand ones at the supermarket have “vanillin” instead. (Yuck)

  60. Olga says

    I shop sometimes in Aldi for European chocolate & frozen berries. But this time I purchased small food processor.
    Used only once to chop 2 boiled eggs & next time when I tried to do it again that it was already broken…
    I don’t know if I can return this product to the store for the money refund…

  61. Jessica says

    I have been an Aldi shopper for 3 years. I absolutely love it! I am not a picky eater at all so everything Aldi’s has appeals to me. I am a big snacker and you cannot beat the prices on all of the snack/junk foods they have. The first aisle in Aldi’s is where I spend the most of my money. The Fit n Active Cereal Bar in Blueberry are delicious and cheap. The name brand is Special K and at Walmart are close to $4-$5 a box.

    I will say that the Fit n Acive brand is what had always kept me an Aldi’s shopper. It is perfect for someone like me who likes to snack a lot.

    I do have to fill in at another store which varies between WalMart and Hy Vee.

  62. Teresa says

    I’ve had an on-again/off-again, love-hate relationship with Aldi for years. Love the prices and convenience. Strongly dislike running the gauntlet of chips and sweets, walking thru the door. I’d shop Aldi more often if they had a larger, better selection of healthier foods. I try to get in and out quickly, for basics, to avoid poor impulse purchases. On the flip side, the compact store and simple selections make Aldi an excellent source for quick, affordable grocery shopping – if you are diciplined. (It’s tough. They they offer very unique and interesting items.) I do have deeper concerns about Aldi’s country of orgin labeling. I like to know where my food comes from – eg Millville cereals. The labeling is vague. (If anyone knows, please comment.) Considering Aldi’s overall low prices, I’d say nine out of ten (90%) products purchased meets/exceeds expectations. (Funny, when an Aldi product is bad, it’s a really WEIRD bad. As in, “YUCK! – I will never buy THIS again!” bad.) But, some good things worth trying – L’Oven Fresh Cinnamon Raisin Bagels; Millville Bran Flakes; Kirkwood frozen chicken breasts. (When not on sale elsewhere.) Aldi’s dairy/cheese, fresh/canned veg., Mexican foods, basic $2.49 coffee, jams, and other staples are well worth trying at least once. Mamma Cozzi’s extra cheese pizza, about $2.29 ea, is very similar to Tombstone’s. Aldi’s Winking Owl wine, $2.69 per bottle, is not bad either, for a budget wine. Taste is hit or miss. Depends on the year, variety and vintner bottling it. Not sure but vendors may vary, year to year.

    • shelley says

      I love ice cream but not bananas. I heard of this recipe on pinterest and wish so badly I liked bananas after reading it :(
      So much healthier!!

  63. says

    Omg!!! Aldi is the best thing ever!! I cater and buy alot of my food there, like the pasta and sauce which is excellent, all the cheese is top quality, and they have specialty cheeses which are excellent as well, not to mention so cheaply priced!! my husband loves the soup, the ne chowder and chickem dumpling tastes home matheres one coffee I bought that I swear is starbucks, the veggie juice tastes like v8 the cat litter is easy to scoop and my cat doesnt mind it! Oh! The home made pizzas are awesome! Gotta say, never had bad experience and everything is higj quality! Try the hazelnut candy bars and wafers yummmmm!!

  64. NewYawkahBroad says

    I loved the sour cream! I agree the ice cream isn’t that great, neither is the personal pizzas.

    I wasn’t crazy about the coffee…..

    • Elizabeth says

      I’m surprised that so many people said not to buy Aldi ice cream, my family actually really likes it and when I want Rocky Road I ONLY buy it at Aldi because they have the marshmallows instead of marshmallow cream in it.

      • shelley says

        I agree Elizabeth! I haven’t had the rocky road but any other flavor has been exceptionally good! The Drumsticks are delicious!

      • dj says

        I love their Rocky Road ice cream, and where else can you get it for $2.69? Another store near me has Edy’s ice cream on sale for $3.50. I used to buy Edy’s until I tried Aldi’s ice cream. I haven’t bought anything else since. I’ve also tried the Moose Tracks and the Strawberry. Their flavor selection is a bit limited, but what they have is always good.

  65. mike says

    I bought 4 loppers and one garden scissor for trimming hedge
    from ALDI
    all tools except one were junk working with them
    few hours – one tool also damaged my hand.
    Its cheaper and safer to buy one good tool in real hardware shop.

  66. Bob in Indiana says

    Aldi’s is key to living well within a budget without sacrificing quality, as most reviewers seem to feel. They keep improving. Of course, spices, bleach, condiments and coffee are unbelievably low. It is important to stock up on their “seasonal” specials, such as pesto sauce, balsamic vinegar, or german mustards, etc., where quality is off the charts and prices are rock bottom. Supermarkets here are retaliating a bit, like with milk, but to little avail. Now, Walmart is even higher priced, dramatically increasing their tomato products which used to be cheaper. Now just dry drink mixes like ice tea, which Aldi no longer has, and whole grain pasta, which Aldi’s seldom has in a choice of shapes, are the only reason to go….and to buy Fabulosa and light bulbs and shavers. My last holdout was that I love Tide and it gets Consumer Reports ™ great ratings over everything else. Aldi’s new Tandril Premium is the equivalent of Tide at one half the price, even with specials and coupons. I would compare their water softener salt to Morton’s, also. These really help the budget conscious also. They now have pretty much covered the landscape with wine varietals. With their European heritage they do a pretty good job for half the price or less of lame supermarket wines, esp. the Winking Owl Shiraz. Actually, however, many of the varietals would be much better and cheaper in Europe than their California sources, almost reaching good with more character. This surprises me. They are just experts at targeting the high volume, higher margins items that the supermarkets have convinced us are not. And you can buy Best Seasons-like salad dressing mix and canned Chinese vegetables from the Payless brand and you’re totally covered.

  67. dianeski says

    I want to feed my lab puppy (cooked) ground turkey (with brown rice and grated carrots), but my husband says it’s too expensive, even at Sam’s. Is it pretty cheap at Aldi’s? Has anyone tried Aldi’s ground turkey?

  68. Morgan says

    I am a stereotypical broke college student- and Aldi is a lifesaver! Unless there is something I absolutely need (for a specific recipe, for instance) that I can’t find, I never go grocery shopping anywhere else. The dried fruit, pita chips, and fruit/cereal bars are my favorite snacks. I’ve started baking quite a bit- and I buy all of my baking supplies there. I buy soymilk (I wish they had almond milk), butter, cheese, sour cream, yogurt (its great- and so much more affordable for a girl on a budget!), and anything else I may need from week to week. I recently found off-brand ‘Laughing Cow’ spreadable cheese, which has since become one of my favorite snacks. The only type of meat that I’ll buy there is Fit & Active ground beef and chicken breast- but that’s probably the only meat I would buy anywhere (since that’s really the only meat I know how to cook!). The lunch meat isn’t my favorite- but its edible, and I don’t buy it regularly so it works for me. I love their produce section! I only buy what I know that I’ll eat- because it doesn’t last as long as what you might buy from other stores, but that’s not an issue for me. All of their fruit is great- and recently my local Aldi has really expanded its veggie selection (I’ve been getting asparagus and squash). Their frozen pizzas (again, stereotypical college student!) are just as good as name brand- and so much cheaper. The frozen food selection is hit-or-miss, you never know what they’ll have from week to week. They sometimes have a fantastic veggie-pesto pizza, but then again sometimes they don’t. I found green bean fries one time, but they haven’t had them since. Overall, Aldi allows me to eat like I would at home on my college-student-budget. I will continue to shope there, even when I am a real-life-grown-up- and especially when I have kids!

  69. shelley says

    As far as dairy goes-
    Their skim milk is disgusting. It tastes like iron or some sort of metal taste. I’ve not had any problem with the sour cream though.

  70. says

    MUENSTER CHEESE! I think I would go to Aldi’s for this even if I didn’t want anything else there! But I do want MANY things there.

    What I have not been pleased with are NON-FOOD items: food processor which broke after one use. I got the pesto made and then took it back for a full refund.

    I agree with you on the meat, but I do buy ground turkey in the frozen section to mix with my ground beef from other sources in meatballs, chilis, etc.

  71. Twila says

    I am a picky shopper and love there butter. You can’t get any better anywhere it is good. Cost only 1.89 a pound it make the best fudge ever. I like there bake items but sometimes find better deals on flour etc at Walmart. I am good at buying fresh for less. I have to be because of my diet. It is salt free and hard to shop no matter where I am.

  72. shelley says

    My kids love the yogurt in a long type package. I freeze them and they are frozen yogurt popsicles! The whipped yogurt in cups is very tasty as is the smoked cheeses. The refrigerated hazlenut creamer is wonderful as are any of the glazed nuts. The glazed pecans heated up taste just like the expensive roasted ones at the mall.
    One thing I didn’t like was the shells n cheese. It had a very odd flavor.

    • shelley says

      I later tried the Greek yogurt by Friendly Farms. It was plain with blueberry on bottom. I do not like it at all. I am used to the texture and taste of Oikos Greek yogurt. FF was thin almost water, light on taste and the blueberries were totally tasteless.

  73. Trish says

    Thanks! I just learned about Aldis and looking forward to trying it out. Your comments both pro and con are really helpful.

  74. Margaret says

    I do not buy any produce that has been shrink wrapped. I found that even though the bell peppers were priced less than Kroger, the heat from the shrink wrap damaged the peppers.
    I do buy their pineapples when they have them. They are $1 less than elsewhere.

  75. Rebecca says

    I bought their trash bags in a pinch and WOW- I’ll never – ever pay through the nose for the name brand again. They are the tall kitchen 13 gal four flap bags. Very strong – I heart them :)

    • DONNA says

      Their 13-gallon kitchen trash bags are NOT as good as Glad bags. They are very flimsy. I could have bought Glad bags on sale for the same price as the Aldi bags.

    • Nichole Seni says

      i buy the drawstring ones and have no problems. i recycle so i dont have a lot of trash so i usually use one large black bag a week on top of recycling.

  76. Rei says

    Has anyone bought sugar from aldi only to find it to have a bitter taste?
    I bought a bag back in June or July and the taste of the sugar was quite bitter, as if salt had been added to the bag. I had stopped buying sugar from there until last week. I figured I would try it again, maybe the other bag had been from a bad batch, but lo and behold this new bag of sugar also had a bitter taste to it..

  77. Kimberly says

    I love the Aldi frosted mini wheat cereal. I actually like it better than Kellogg’s. I also love their peanuts, kettle cooked potato chips, regular potato chips, the Fit & Active fruit strips, EVOO, and black olives. I haven’t any any bad experiences with cheeses. In fact, I’ve had some great cheese from Aldi. I really like their “fresh” pizzas. They aren’t are good as from a pizza restaurant but for at home they are good. They are better and cheaper than the ones as Walmart. The only bad experiences I have had were from a bag of beef jerky that tasted bad and then I realized it was full of mold. I returned it and got my money back. I also tried a container of ham in the deli meat section. I hated the taste of it and won’t get any deli meats again. I bought a bag of frozen chicken breasts that was disappointing. The chicken really shrank, which I assume was because they must pump it full of water before they freeze it. It wasn’t a good deal once the chicken was cooked. I’ll stick to my local grocer for fresh chicken breasts from now on.

  78. Patti says

    Hi: based on all the comments I tried my local Aldi this week and it was great. I totally agree about the diapers they are great no leaks and so far the lining has not irritated the baby’s skin. Packaged salad is crispy and my 6 yr. old loves the gummy bears. I still had to run to Wegman’s for catfood but the litter works for my picky kitty. I’ll continue going there. I saved $$$$.

  79. Jacquie says

    The powdered “kool-aid” (Aldi calls it “Mix-aid”) is really good. I can’t tell the difference from the name brand.
    The only issue I have found with the produce is that it goes bad more quickly. My family usually eats it fast enough, though, as long as I don’t buy too much at once.

  80. Belinda says

    Produce is hit or miss and goes bad quickly I find, so eat it fast. Kettle chips are great. And their cheeses, like the asiago, parmesean and ricotta are wonderful and cheap. Just tried their version of a Digorno Pizza and I thought it was better. LOVE their Fit and Active products…especially the fudge ice cream bars! I will shop there for items I don’t find cheaper through sales or coupons at Meijer. Their garbage bags are comparible to Glade, their toilet paper to Scott brand. I find that if the packaging is similiar to a name brand, quality is not far off the mark –I’ve even wondered if the companies have allowed them to sell their products cheaper under the Aldi brand.

  81. Patti says

    You’ve got to get their paper towels – just like Bounty you can select a size – but cheaper, love it. And their liquid fabric softener. Smells good and gets the laundry nice and soft. Cheesecake sampler is really yummy, ginger ale is good and my kids just love love love the corndogs and seasoned fries. I’ m so glad I found both this blog and Aldis.

  82. Tawny says

    I myself love Aldis. At least at my local Aldis I haven’t had any problems with the ground beef, boneless pork chops, and we love their pork tenderloins, so much cheaper than Wal-Mart or Kroger’s (even on sale) which is what we have to choose from. Their pork chops with bones I have had issues with. Have to agree with Patti their liquid fabric softener is great! We have six so Aldis save us a lot. Their Mama Cozzi’s pizzas are good, just add your own toppings to either the cheese or pepperoni pizzas, my kids love them. The boxed brownie mix is just as good as the name brand as well as the cake mixes. The only thing I am picky about is peanut butter, it’s got to be Jiff lol.

  83. otis says

    this is great. i love americans and how they have been brainwashed into name brands. 95% of the items in aldi is produced by name brand companies that private label for aldi. malt o meal is their cereal maker…. tyson does a large portion of their chicken….

    they also do not tack on the traditional 35-40% mark up other chains do. their average is around 28%.

  84. says

    I don’t think most people know this, but the majority of the food at Aldi is name brand, all the condiments, meat products, produce and jarred foods are del-monte, tyson, heinz etc. My husband works for a major meat producer and they make several meat products for aldi. Also the frozen pizza’s are name brand as well as the frozen vegetables and fruits.

  85. Tawny says

    I am an american and I am not brainwashed, I do know that most of the items at Aldi are name brand. That the name brand companies have all rights to sell their product under other names. There are many “name brand” items I do not like. I myself look at the labels and buy my items that are from America. I do not like buying from outside my country. The only problem I have had with Aldi’s meats is their pork chops with bone in, I have found splinters of bone in the meat. As for their boneless pork chops love them. Hamburger, pork tenderloin, chicken tenderloins…… I use them daily. All their canned items, the broth in the box is the same that is sold at Wal-Mart under the “name brand”. My family has been and always will use Aldi as our #1 place to shop.

  86. Jackie says

    Love Aldi’s. Pickles and olives,breads and so many things are great Fruit in jars are from China. Why would eat fruit from China one of the dirtiest countries in the world. Walmart’s brand is from China watch what you pick. Trader Joe owns Aldi’s. Enjoy it and save.

  87. Patti says

    I love Aldi’s and Trader Joe’s and whether or not they are the same company or owned by brothers as long as I can save money I’m okay with it. I have 4 kids ages 17 to 15 months and they are being fed really well thanks to Aldi’s especially now that the baby eats table food. And I get to go to Trader Joe’s and get my wine. It’s win-win for all of us. I guess all Aldi’s are not equal because my store has really good fresh produce all the time. I shop on Sunday and come Thursday my peppers and salad mix are still crisp and crunchy. I’m a happy camper finding this blog and Aldi’s.

  88. Diane Johnson says

    Aldi’s “lite” syrup is VERY good. It is NOT made with artificial sweetener (medically I cannot have Aspartame). Instead, it is traditional syrup simply with less sugar. All the flavor is there. Of course the regular syrup is great, as well, but especially being diabetic, I search for less sugar in foods, and this one really deserves a try.

  89. jane says

    I would like to know what country Aldi products come from
    I refuse to buy anything from China, so I won’t buy an item unless it is stated where it is from
    all Aldi products are from Aldi distributers..not where they are originally from

  90. MRamsey says

    I love Aldi’s. Grandessa Chocolate Chunk or Oatmeal Cranberry cookies are addicting. The price is a bit more for the store itself, but anywhere else it would be a $5 pack easy. Great for guests. Simply put, crack cookies. The danishes are a good weekend treat for breakfast. The can cinn. rolls are pretty good too. Milk dairy prices can’t be beat- period. Some of the meats are avoidable. Like the pre-made pattied burgers. Egh.

  91. Linda V says

    A new Aldi’s store recently opened near us. It’s been great. In my opinion, their arabica coffee – Beaumont – is of comparable quality to Seattle’s Best and other premium brands, but just 1/2 to 2/3 the price. I buy most of my dairy and produce there as well. Marc’s and Giant Eagle are also close – the competition is a good thing.

  92. says

    Thanks for this post! I hate the ALDI dishwashing liquid and dishwasher detergent. Both are very much subpar in my opinion. Other than that I haven’t found a bad product there yet.

    I am pretty stoked they now carry organic blue corn tortilla chips at the ALDI stores around here. I try to buy my corn products organic if I can. Meat – really? I’m surprised. I guess I don’t know meat prices because they’re an item I splurge on and buy grass fed from a local farmer. Our ALDI stores here do have WILD caught salmon though, which is awesome! I can’t afford it otherwise.

  93. Ashley R. says

    I LOVE Aldi – I have found some GREAT deals on home items… I got a rolling laundry cart for about half of what it cost at WalMart (I had literally bought one the day before there and then returned it when I found it at Aldi), and my favorite buy was a cast iron grill pan for $14.99!!!!!!!! WOW!

  94. Tammy Myers says

    I shop a lot at Aldi and pretty much agree with everything. I do purchase soups and spaghetti sauce and like both. We love the wild caught frozen salmon as well. Fresh meat, I have not tried as I tend to buy in bulk and freeze when our local supermarket has it on sale. I do buy the frozen chicken, chicken breasts and turkeys at Aldi and have always been very pleased. We like all the dairy products. Coffee is really good, too. I have not bought the tea bags as I brew loose tea but might pick up a box tomorrow and try it. Canned veggies are really good and better quality than name brands in my opinion. When I buy name brand green beans for example, I always find stems in them. Never with Aldi brand.

  95. pat says

    I don’t buy sugar there. Twice I got a bag with ants in it. It’s cheaper to buy it at Costco. We used to buy coffee there, especially the dark roast but now we get it at Costco as well. Some of the the package goods don’t taste the same, but after a while you don’t notice the difference. The mac and cheese is more cheesy than the Kraft stuff. We buy 90% of our groceries there. You can’t beat the prices anywhere.

  96. VIVIDLY50 says

    hi — fascinating!!!!!!!!! actually i’ve shopped at ALDI’s for years, before there were so many around, and way back then the fresh fruit was not good – however, now the fresh fruit is wonderful. some of their make-up is very good, too. in fact, i support that store. especially after reading the note from the former employee about the quality of the items.

  97. Wax Frog says

    [pumps fist] Fru-GAL! Fru-GAL-Fru-GAL! ;-)

    I’ve bought and enjoyed Aldi frozen fruit for some time. I do wish they carried blackberries and cherries, but it’s nice to have a good quality “emergency” supply in walking distance (burning those fruit calories ;-)).

  98. Skip says

    I have so far liked everything I have purchased from my local Aldi in Salisbury NC. It is such a price difference and quality is equal or better than a lot of name brands. I am off to shop today.

  99. says

    Hi Everyone,

    I have been in Aldi’s stores in about 3 different states. I always have a pleasant experience. I enjoy most of the foods, but I do not like they way they cut their meat. For some reason it always has a shine to it and looks like it was cut differently than all other meats in other stores. No idea why.
    For the small difference that Walmart has with many of Aldi’s products, one thing I think all will agree, pay a few more more cents and get the quickest checkout around.

  100. dmoney says

    I found that I actually preferred Aldi’s diet soda to diet coke. Not nearly as much aftertaste..I remember the days when store brand cola tasted awful and I assumed this was still the case. Not with Aldi’s. I don’t know about their sugared varieties.

    • April says

      Coca-cola is my weakness (bad I know), but in the past I’ve tried every generic brand possible to try and save money, but none of them has really cut it. ALDI’s GT Cola tastes very much like Coke, very happy with it! Haven’t tried the diet…maybe I should (my waistline would thank me lol).

  101. Missy says

    We LOVE Aldi! It’s our first stop before Kroger. Here’s what I LOVE at Aldi and buy weekly. I recently had to start buying Gluten-Free and they have a HUGE selection of GF products!


    1. Blue and other tortilla chips
    2. GF gummies, chocolate bars
    3. Wine–esp. the Malbec!
    3. EVOO
    4. cooking spray
    5. Black Olives
    6. Grape Jelly
    7. Peanut butter bar cookies
    8. Sometimes, their “Oreos”
    9. Cold Cereal (corn “chex” and rice “chex” are now GF, I bought today)
    10. Old-fashioned oats
    11. Chocolate chips
    12. Brown sugar
    13. Milk
    14. Half and half
    15. Natural sour cream
    16. Block cheese (not shredded. It has additives!)
    17. Whole White Wheat bread
    18. Frozen yeast donuts (like Krispy Kreme…almost. A bit sweet)
    19. English muffins
    20. canned soft drinks (these are Pepsi products)
    21. Tomato paste
    22. Flour toritllas
    23. Corn tortillas
    24. organic spaghtetti sauce, when they carry it
    25. Pastas, but not their whole-grain–awful taste and texture, not what whole grain tastes like!
    26. Reeva blue dishwashing liquid
    27. Trash bags
    28. Ultra bleach
    29. Their 1000-sheet roll TP (like Scott tissue)
    30. Frozen fruit
    31. Whoops–I forgot they now carry real maple syrup for $3!
    32. Bananas
    33. Oranges
    34. Grapefruit
    35. Pinapple
    36. Goat cheese
    37. Mushrooms
    38. Wild-Caught Salmon
    39. Frozen turkey roll
    40. Ramen noodles (sometimes)
    41. Canned soups (dh uses for work. We don’t eat them)
    42. Ice cream, esp. their super-premium GF vanilla


    1. Most produce–see above. I buy organic due to “Dirty Dozen list”.
    2. Meat—read labels. It’s from Mexico, US and Canada. No thanks!
    3. Meat–b/c it’s Tyson (comes in Tyson boxes according to manager). We boycotted them after watching “Food Inc” b/c of their practices.
    4. Processed foods
    5. Canned veg or fruit–yuck. Try to buy fresh. Exception: my daughter likes the cherry pie filling sometimes. I DO buy the natural applesauce, when we can find it. They usually only carry the HFCS-sweetened versions.
    6. Coffee. They quit carrying the better whole bean roasts,and now only carry 2 varieties: a morning roast and donut-store type roast. Both are weak and not as full-flavored as I like. We bought Sumatra (Starbucks) at Kroger this week for $5.50 (with coupon)
    7. Paper products (we don’t use)
    8. Dishwasher liquid (it works well, but I make my own)
    8. Laundry detergent (I make my own, but we used to love the Tandil HE detergent before I began MMO)

    Oh, we do buy their cat litter! Cheap…$3.99 here.

    We love their special buys.

    I get produce, meats, organics at Kroger.

    Aldi has a great GF line, I am learning. It’s our first stop and the cashiers know us all by name…but we live in a small town. Great store. Brand names repackaged under Aldi name. Give it a try!

  102. Missy says

    I wanted to add that I was sorry our Aldi quit carrying (for good):

    -Natural peanut butter (we now buy Kroger’s version)
    -Masa (the best..nixtamalized)
    -Corn tortillas (they carry the fried ones, but they are usually broken)
    -Lacura brand transparent facial makeup. The best, and only $3!

    Other than that, what a great store. Did your Aldi quit carrying these, too?

  103. DJ Johnson says

    SUMMERTIME IS PICNIC TIME – a church friend told me Aldi’s frozen lemonade is very good and she was spot on. IT’S AWESOME ! ! ! !

  104. Barrie says

    I’ve recently fallen in love with Aldi. I like the simplicity. I like that they have what you need, but not what you want (if you know what I mean!!!!!!!). And so far, all of their products have held up to their claim, they’re as good as name brand! My husband was particularly surprised at the tomato sauce, and I was at the mozzarella! I love their bacon.

    I’m going today and I can’t wait! I’m an Aldi freak now!

  105. Barrie says

    OMG! Too funny! I googled “price of Aldi chicken breast” and read this whole blog post without even realizing that it was YOU!! I didn’t look at the top, I just scrolled down to the post. Then when I posted my last comment, it said “next Food Waste Friday” and I thought “HUH! That’s funny, this blogger does food waste Friday’s too!” and then saw that it was YOU! I love your posts :)

  106. sandy says

    I always buy –

    Chocolate – great selection of European chocolate and cheapest price for M&Ms
    Nuts and dried fruit – cheapest I’ve found anywhere and never had a problem with freshness. I’ve bought at other “overstock” type stores, and had bad experiences. Aldi stuff is always good.
    Snacks – crackers, chips have good flavor. Their animal crackers taste just like the brand names. They’re not the cheapo dry shapeless kind!
    Cereal – I don’t eat it, but my kids can’t tell the difference between Aldi and brand name stuff
    Dairy – Aldi has the only cottage cheese I like. No bitter taste that I detect with a lot of other brands. Non-fat plain yogurt is also good and cheap. My husband loves their dip, but it only comes in two flavors. Cheese is cheap and good. Sometimes they have goat cheese for $2.
    Produce – usually it’s really good. I always buy bagged spinach. The last time I went though (at the end of a heat wave week), all the produce was wilted looking. Must have sat on the truck for a little too long.
    Fish – Frozen tilapia filets and shrimp.
    Misc – pasta, tomato sauce, hummus, cat litter, paper towels, TP, kitchen sponges and dishwashing liquid, frozen fruit.
    Icecream – novelties and the all natural icecream are good.
    Seasonal/imported/specialty items!

    I don’t buy –
    Meat, milk and eggs. I’m very picky about this and buy either local or organic. Yes, I know the yogurt and dairy products have the same milk, but I just have to draw the line here.
    Flour – I buy only King Arthur unbleached.
    Frozen salmon – I’ve tried it a few different times and it always has a very “fishy” taste and cooks up very dry.
    Canned fruit – most has added sugar that other supermarket brands don’t have.
    Soda and drinks – I’m pretty brand-name loyal here. I haven’t tried any at Aldi.
    Appliances – haven’t read many good reviews of their house-brand small appliances (icecream maker, blender, etc)
    Our stores don’t carry beer or wine, so I can’t vouch for those either.

  107. angi marks says

    no to the cheese..it’s plastic..as well as the lunch meat…their meat contains pink slime..(look it up)….

    • Greener Goods says

      Aldi no longer buys finely textured beef:

      But their “real” cheese is awesome (read: not something that is called “processed cheese food product ” or “imitation cheese”/

      Their NY sharp cheddar is amazing. The new sharp cheddar they started carrying last week is okay–not as good as the NY style in black wrapper. We buy their block cheese and shred our own. If you read the shredded cheese packages, they contain other added ingredients.

      • Greener Goods says


        Just so you know, our local Aldi manager told me all their sodas (12 packs, except for 24-pack cola) are PEPSI products. I know their chicken, beef and pork actually are delivered in Aldi packaging in TYSON boxes…our friend works there! I assume a Pepsi truck delivers the Aldi-branded soda or it’s coming on pallets with Pepsi labeling.

        The only differece I see is that their Cola doesn’t taste like Pepsi–to me, it tastes exactly like RC (Royal Crown)! We do not like the taste of Pepsi but prefer Coke (on the rare occasions we have it), with a RC a close second.

        Maybe ask your manager if it’s the same there?

  108. lisa says

    Don’t buy the Aldi brand Triscuits. They are terrible.
    Buy the Fit & Active Chocolate PB Bar and the various 100 calorie snacks

  109. lisa says

    Don’t buy the tuna! I gave it to my cats, it’s has the mashed cat food look. I think the GV tuna at Wal-Mart is best regular tuna.
    Buy the
    Natural Cream PB
    100% Whole Wheat Wide Pan Bread

  110. Isabell Grasser says

    I am from Germany, and grew up with Aldi. Let me tell you, everybody and their mother shops at Aldi in Germany, and their selection on awesome foods is tremendously larger, than what it is here in the US. I live in Texas(unfortunately), and sometimes when people hear Aldi, they make faces. Make remarks ect. I usually get upset, because none of them(so far) have been shopping there. I often see the products, I used to buy in the “very” expensive, and overpriced German Store, like coffee. I buy the airtight rectangular package “German coffee, mild” for $4.99. I used to pay $8.99 for Jacobs at the German store. They don’t see me there anymore. The German Spaetzle, and most often I buy their speciality pizzas(made in Germany) their Sorbet(when they have it, olive oil, and once in a while soda for my two kids. Haha, no they don’t bitch about it either. They make fun of the funny sounding names”dr. Thunder” ;) they also like the cereals, all of them. I am not a coupon clipper, but of course go and buy some of my groceries at other supermarkets. I buy my washing detergent Tandil HE(orange bottle) there too, and it works like a charm in my German Bosch washer. So far so good, I wish their selection was broughter in cold cuts and cheeses. But unfortunately, if u go to a reg. supermarket its often the same; Turkey, Ham and roast beef. Cheddar cheese, or white american or? Oh well, maybe one day it will change.

  111. John Lind says

    There are certain items I must have brand name on such as ketchup.Aldi’s ridiculously low prices on produce continue to amaze me. Also check out the price of maple syrup and vanilla. for decent wine for sale there at a low low price! And I agree their dairy products prices are unbeatable

  112. Ron says

    We recently became Aldi converts to their new store in Dallas, TX. The low prices are a no-brainer and we have been satisfied with their private label (store brand) products, which all seem to be on par with store brands elsewhere. That is, it’s good value but not premium quality. I also like to take Aldi flyers to Walmart and get them to match prices. I’m not anti-Walmart but I do like to keep them honest! We like the shopping cart management system because their always available, and our store takes debit cards. I’m used to bringing in bags after shopping at Sam’s for ever. Great option when you’re on a budget.

  113. Candane says

    I bought pork chops from Aldi, Sat. They looked really red. Not pink like most prok chops. They were also really big. Almost twice the size of regular prok chops. They really had no taste and the consistency was not like your usual prok chop. It was a soft, fatty consistency rather than a dry, meatier consistency. Just wondering why. They were not cheap by no means. The dogs like them, but we sure didn’t. I wont be buying anymore meat from Aldi

  114. Sam says

    the ground turkey from aldi’s is good. it has been out for months at the aldis by me but today they were stocked and i bought six of them! the price did go up .49 but still at 2.99 it is still almost $2 cheaper than the other grocery store where i live. i don’t shop at aldi’s a lot mainly just for ground turkey. but i have gotten milk and mixed veggies there before. the price for peppers was about .50 cheaper than wegmans for a three pack. my parents shop at aldis religously for the staples and seem happy with everything they have gotten.

  115. Jim Beranis says

    I disagree on your “Don’t buy” stand on the sour cream. I worked at a local dairy temporarily last summer “Dean’s” and the nights they packaged the sour cream they packed all the local store brands including Aldi’s and also the high end containers of sour cream. It all came from the same vat and I will never buy anything but the store brand now that I have seen for myself that it is actually all the same sour cream packaged in different containers and sold at different prices.

    • Kristen says

      Gosh, that’s so weird, because the two containers I got from Aldi were both really grainy, and I’ve never had that problem with store brand sour cream at any other store.

      Maybe I need to try it ONE more time.

      • Diane Johnson says

        I do know that freezing can cause sour cream to become grainy. Perhaps the variable is storage after packing.

        I prefer Aldi’s “Cheerios” to the real thing – at least a year or so ago. It was more toasted and so much more flavorful. It has been on the lighter side lately. And I agree with whoever recommended the Frosted Mini Wheats. They are so good I even have them dry as a snack at my desk. Healthy in spite of sugar – one of the few things I love even if it has no salt and is whole grain. Oh, one more thing, the frozen lemonade concentrate – I always get raves when I serve it. People think it is homemade and the best frozen they’ve ever had.

  116. Kayla says

    As a manager of 4 years at Aldi, I have come to find that I would be lost without Aldi (and not only for the wonderful job, pay, and benefits). It’s funny that so many people have differences in taste, however, 95% of our products come from the nations leading manufacturers (ie: kraft, tyson chicken, etc. (which is private labeled for the protection brand of their brand image- and to develop ours)), and the other items are generally imports. Aldi has the highest standards and review all products thoroughly before distribution- and we keep it all fresh at the store level by ensuring that products are sold within a reasonable time before expiration, etc. The only item I have disliked is the immitation cheese (it is afterall, fake cheese)! Everything else is just as good, or better- and we match your satisfaction with a replacement of the product (or equivalent) AND your money back… it’s silly not to try Aldi! I know that me, like many Aldi shoppers are the biggest advocates we have- word-of-mouth is the key to our success, and we’re bigger the Walmart in much of Europe. That says something- we are unique, and worth your while! And guess what… in the next few months we are going to be carrying many new organic products of all kinds, Coke and Pepsi products, kraft labels, etc! Exciting, I know. LOVE you all for keeping us alive <3

  117. spendless says

    never bought a bad cracker, candy, canned item or seasonal food product from aldi and the cereal is just as good as other stores brands or name brands

  118. dj says

    I’ve shopping at Aldi for about two years now. They have the best prices on snacks, cereal, milk, ice cream, produce, and numerous other things. There have been a few things that I didn’t like, but for the most part, everything has been good.

  119. Rhonda says

    I have been shopping at Aldi’s for nearly two decades now and they just keep getting better and better. I remember when the cashiers used to have to memorize all the prices and everything was just stacked. The best things I love are 1% milk, cheese, the sirloin beef, boxed spicy chicken wings, grilled chicken in the bag (freezer), multigrain chips and fresh salsa, the fit and active polska keilbasa, the homestyle and chunky canned soups, and the sandwich thins and in general their bread and produce. I think there Marshmallow and Stars cereal is much better than Lucky Charms as is their version of Capt’n Crunch. About the only thing I don’t like is the canned coffee, bhah. I just wish there was a way for customer feedback and some of the special buys would be permanent.

  120. Barbar says

    I have been shopping at Aldi for the past 7 years. I have learn what’s good and what not. Meat I buy from my local bucher, I buy all fruit and veg from Aldi and I have never had a problem. There tined tomatoes, curry,and soups are great. I buy cheese,natural yogurt, milk, boxed stuffing all sauces and biscuits from Aldi with confidence and know it will be good quality. My older son use to hide in the foot well of my car when I shopped at Aldi . But now he asks me if I want any think from the store as he has learnt if you want to save money and still have quality Aldi is the place to shop. I would recommend Aldi to every body try it you don’t know what your missing. There Christmas stock is great. Thanks Aldi

  121. Kay says

    I have shopped Aldis for years. The green beans are canned by a local small canning company, locally grown here in Ohio, who labels for some of the big name brands too. Our local Young Farmers group had a tour there and they had all the different labels they canned for and Aldis was one of them. So people shouldn’t be duped by the “big -name” brands as they are running a game on you.

  122. Wubzmom says

    I want to thank everyone for the helpful comments. I think Aldi is an interesting and important option. In my experience, the produce at Aldi was quite good. I also liked the mini wheat bagels. I care not a whit about labels. I do care about taste. I am reluctant to buy milk and yogurt because I am quite picky – usually buy organic and from smaller producers not national food processors. I also passed on the frozen fish when I read on the label that it was a product of china. That was disappointing because it was sooo cheap! I can’t comment on the rest. I don’t eat processed foods and I don’t bake.

    If I were in a real financial bind, I might consider expanding my list of purchases. Right now, I can get much of what I want at Costco. The rest I buy at an organic market.

  123. terri says

    Their bread is not good. That’s the one thing I wish they’d improve. They have awesome chocolate (European). Aldi is an awesome store with an awesome business model. I only wish one could trace the actual manufacturer of certain products, like their paper products. I boycott Koch Industry products, and hope Aldi doesn’t get anything from them.

  124. says

    hi.. i loved seeing the above comments.. especially the one about her kids eating more produce now that she shops at aldi’s.. i think the same is for my children too and me… my 15 year old loves pomegranates.. well our high end Giant Eagle sells them for about 2.98 a piece, needless to say it was usually a treat.. now they have them for .69 cents a piece!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we buy 10 a week.. i get all my produce there.. their tortilla organic chips and their fresh salsa is to die for 2.65 vs. 6.95 for a not so good salsa at Giant Eagle…. pepperoni, bagels, english muffins, generic gatorade (same exact ingredients) and just newly found the best flat bruschetta in the pizza section for 3.00… i could go on and on and on.. i am a fan of aldis….

  125. Patricia Harvey says

    I was born and raised in California, but moved to Alabama a few years back. I had often heard of friends talking about ALDI’s so I could not wait to try it for myself.

    I have put their products side by side testing with some brand names and I found that a lot of them are the same. I then talked to the manager and he says on some of their products (ketchup) they send their labels to Heinz and get the same product, but in the Aldi’s packaging. I found this interesting to hear.

    Anyways the things we like are Choceur chocolates- can’t go wrong with German chocolates!! I am picky about my chocolates.

    I am used to California cows and had not found any good cheese until Happy Farms- wow I was impressed. It actually tastes like cheese!! There string cheese is the only brand my Daughter will eat.

    There refrigerated rolls and crossaints were better than the brand name, the frozen green beans oh to die for and I usually hate greenbeans!!

    There water is processed at the same plant as Crystal Geyser. So put them side by side and no difference in the taste.

    Chips tastes just as good as Lays if not better.

    There packaged brown gravy is good, I buy all my baking goods including flour with them.

    I love their eggs, but have been afraid to try the milk yet.

    Meat I am super picky about so I will not buy that.

    Guacamole. I usually buy the premade expensive stuff from Wholly Guacamole, but their tastes better!!

    Not a huge fan of their breads. I prefer more expensive whole wheat with seeds.

    I did find some frozen breaded raviolis that were to die for.

    Mac and cheese- oh my. Don’t fool with my organic stuff that I buy. The aldi brand was gummy and just overall disguisting.

    Oh oh oh they had this brioche bread that was heavily around the Holidays- yummy.

    Gatorade brand made my Daughter sick so when we switched back to the Gatorade brand she was no longer sick off it. Must be an ingredient in it that bothers her gut.

    Love their oatmeal. They had an awesome special buy recently on their cranberry orange one- very tasty.

    Fresh veggies and fruits can be a hit or miss.

    I would like to try their fish, but haven’t been brave enough. My friend loves their pot pies. She said they were better than the Marie Callenders which I am eating as we speak :) so will have to try those.

    I love their deodorant, facial cleaner, feminine products. I do like the shampoo, but only the regular. The dandruff one smelled like comet and had to take it back. I have yet to try their razors.

    Foil, cat litter, nicer toilet paper and paper towels are nice. The cheaper ones are just that cheap and find lint everywhere.

    Oh their laundry detergent for HE washers is good. I compared it with Tide. I found no difference in the way it cleans or smells.

    Fabric softner also pretty good though I do love my Downey.

    Peanut butter and jams good.

    The list goes on and on, but I will stop for now :)

    Trish :)

  126. Jan says

    Kristen, With Aldi’s incredible guarantee on all their products it’s worth trying EVERYTHING!. If you are dissatisfied with any food item they will give your money back PLUS replace the item. I have found the other special houseware items to be a great buy. We save at least $50 every week by getting all basics there then supplementing specialty items elsewhere. Cheeses especially around the holidays are from around the globe. Chocolate is the best, wine is exceptional. Their highest priced wine approx. $9 beats the pants off some $40 and$50 wines i’ve had. The only thing I don’t get is why people aren’t packing the place out. Guess the store brands are misunderstood. Too bad for them!

    • Patricia Harvey says

      I don’t understand either. Maybe because they don’t advertise. I bet if they did some tasting stations for people to come and check it out maybe they would get more customers. Like do side by side comparisons.

    • Patricia Harvey says

      I don’t understand either. Maybe because they don’t advertise. I bet if they did some tasting stations for people to come and check it out maybe they would get more customers. Like do side by side comparisons.

    • Rhonda H says

      You should try the ice cream bars, my favorite and with only 150 cals they won’t kill your diet either. I find almost all the products to be exceptional, milk, eggs and meat. Especially the top sirloin. I dont know if all Aldis are like this but I know they use a lot of local and mine is down the street from our biggest dairy and I live in central Iowa where beef, pork and dairy are always pretty good regardless, so I save at Aldis. Also I shop at two different ones, by my home and near my work, ALWAYS BUSY, always.

  127. david says

    Do these comments apply just to USA stores? it wasn’t made clear until I saw the reference to another supermarket. i would assume that the products, suppliers and quality vary from country to country?

      • rita says

        I have been shopping at aldi’s for quite sometime and was pleased when we moved that we found it again. I am curious about the packaged tortellini. I bought them but have not tried them should I take them back without trying to boil them? But I love the store and pick up as much there as we need. My only complaint is the fit and active 32 oz yogurt is awful and full of modified food starch. Since I make my own greek yogurt this brand was way too runny and bad. I love this website and so glad to know everyone is shopping there. When I started about 15 yrs ago, it was me and mostly people on food stamps. I was looked upon by my neighbors like what are you doing there? I smiled and said because I love it and I love to save money!

        • Kristen says

          Well, the hard ones I bought were a special buy, so whatever you bought is probably different, and so I’d boil them and give ’em a try! If you don’t like them, you can always go get your money back.

          • rita says

            Thank you Kristen. These Tortellinis were hard and I agree were brought in for a short time. So I think I will give them a try!

  128. says

    You apparently have been Aldis for a while. They carry organic bananas, apples, tomatoes, and host of organic can goods are of great quality. I buy the Ritz like Aldi brand crackers and I think if you were blind folded you wouldn’t know the difference.I think it is great to place shop. You don’t have to wait for a sale at like at your grocery store to shop. They definitely make it affordable to feed your family.

  129. Sharon Paton says

    I dearly love your web-site and I dearly love Aldi’s. Their return policy (with a smile) is tremendous. My favorite Aldi story is about pineapples. My Aldi manager, Robert at the Kansas City Waldo branch, made a believer out of me.

    Last year when pineapples were on sale for $1 I bought ten for when rippened and cut in pieces they freeze beautifully. Wellll – all ten were rotten and I lost the receipt. When I told Robert he said just go get ten more or we will give you your money back. I almost couldn’t move I was in such shock at his great treatment of me and such service. I said, Robert they are now $2 and he said he didn’t care – just go get them. That’s how they keep their word about their money back guarantee. Sooo, I ALWAYS go to Aldi’s first and fill in what I can’t get.

    Just wanted you to know – you be blessed – I am sending you a question on your e-mail. Keep up the good work – Sharon Paton

  130. Diane Johnson says

    I found the Savoritz cheese baked crackers (Like Cheese-its) are awesome! They’re toasty, seasoned just right, and especially good alongside an apple. Relatively healthy snack and my new winter comfort food; I just count them out and Ziploc them so I eat a planned amount. Slight subject change – speaking of snacking in winter, I have finally discovered often when I think I’m hungry I’m actually thirsty. DO WATER. We know it’s just as easy to dehydrate in winter as in summer but without heavy perspiring it’s not the solution that comes to mind first. Helps with winter weight-loss (and even benefits our skin and energy). It helps my diabetes in lots of ways.

  131. Maureen says

    I shop at Aldi’s regularly and for the most part, I like their products. I am not a fan of their produce, however. I don’t think the quality is very good at our store (except for things like potatoes and onions), and I prefer to buy organic when I can, so I usually get my produce at Meijer. I do like their dairy products as well as their canned goods. Their Mamma Cozzi fresh pizzas are wonderful! $5.99 and it feeds my family of four. I’m amazed at how much more “upscale” Aldi’s has become. We own a small business and when we hosted our company Christmas party at our home, I bought all kinds of gourmet goodies at Aldi’s: Spanish cheeses, hummus, prosciutto, chocolate truffles, etc.

    Now if I could just get a Trader Joe’s here in our area!

  132. Kimberly says

    Wow, this is an old post and people are still reading and commenting on it! Here’s my 2 cents:

    First, I was super excited when Aldi came to my area (Minneapolis, MN). The first stores were in suburbs so kind of inconvenient for me. The first one they opened near me in the city was in a very poor area and every time I went there I ran into people asking to sell me their food stamps, etc. They subsequently opened one closer to me and I haven’t had that problem and the store is usually pretty busy. This, however, means long lines because only one or two cashiers are working. I was VERY happy the day I learned I could use my bank debit card there instead of having to plan ahead to take out cash and keep track w/a calculator as I shopped (although no doubt that would be better for my budget!).

    Although my closest Aldi is only about 1.5 miles from me, I find that I don’t get all of my groceries there. I tend to go there about every 2-3 months for certain items I have found Aldi tends to consistently sell for the best price and then I stock up. My main grocery store is Cub for produce and their larger selection, and I make a trip every month or so to Costco, where I buy most of my meats. Finally, I have also recently begun buying boneless, skinless chicken breasts from Zaycon — all your bulk buying/bulk cooking readers should check them out!

    The things I regularly buy at Aldi include:

    Canned tomato products (sauce, crushed, paste)
    Dry spaghetti, macaroni, pasta shapes, egg noodles
    Tortilla and potato chips
    Wheat crackers
    Dried cherries
    Salt, some spices, cocoa
    Natural apple sauce multi packs, as well as mini muffins and granola bars
    Canola and olive oils
    Dried milk, evaporated milk
    Dried cereals (shredded wheat, cinnamon toast, wheat flakes w/nut clusters)
    Fit Active chicken broth (I do make my own but keep a few cans handy)
    Fit Active cream of chicken and cream of celery soups
    Jarred Alfredo sauce
    Paper towels, toilet paper if I am out
    “Lumere” leave in spray that detangles my daughter’s wild hair well
    Zip lock sandwich bags
    WW pan bread
    I used to find WW hamburger buns, but not recently
    Garlic bread
    Chocolate covered donuts
    Canned corn, green beans, peas
    Canned black and kidney beans
    Frozen cheese filled shells and ravioli
    Frozen apple juice and apple juice in the multi packs
    Their pizza rolls are not as good as Totinos, but not bad
    Frozen chicken breast patties
    Frozen french fries
    Ramen noodles
    Some of their ice cream treats, especially ice cream sandwiches
    I can never resist those chocolate hazelnut wafer bars at the checkout!

    Sometimes I buy bricks of cheese, shredded parmesan, sour cream, 1/2 and 1/2, eggs, yogurt, Turkey lunch meat, butter, margarine, cottage cheese, pancake syrup if I am out as I buy these regularly at Costco. I have bought fresh chicken, pork chops, and hamburger from Aldi and they were fine.

    Things I do not buy at Aldi:

    My 3yo has informed me she does not like their vanilla or chocolate soy milk.
    Their diced green chiles are iffy, last few cans had lots of stems/husks – Ick
    I avoid buying fresh meats in tubs w/the airtight seal at any store.
    Peanut butter (husband insists on Jif, and I love Skippy).
    Macaroni and Cheese in the box (I prefer Kraft)
    Cream cheese (husband insists on Philly — I honestly can’t tell difference)
    Salsa in the jar (bland, bland, bland!)
    Mayonnaise and salad dressings
    Hot dogs (rare purchase, extremely picky about brand/taste/texture)
    Spaghetti sauce (Ragu or we make homemade from Aldi canned tomatoes)
    Hummus (husband and daughter did not like)
    Saltines (husband is picky)
    Dog/cat food

    And last but not least, I NEVER buy produce there. Well, maybe onions or potatoes, long storing vegetables like that. Otherwise, I’ve been very disappointed with the produce I’ve bought at Aldi.

    Honestly, as you can see by the long list above, if only their produce was better, I could probably shop only there and at Costco.

  133. Patricia Harvey says

    I have to say that the detangler or leave in tonic as they call it is awesome!! My Daughter has curly rat nested hair and it is the only thing that will work. I have spent thousands of dollars on pricey products for her hair to only have them fail. I also love their shampoo and their deodorant is awesome. Although their dandruff shampoo smells like comet and had to take back.

    Yes fresh veggies are iffy there. Depends on whether they are in season or not. I would never trust their meats either. I am super picky about my meats. I have not tried any of their ice cream products so that I need to try.

    Amazing that people are still posting. I wish Aldi’s advertised more.

  134. Paul says

    The “Choceur” chocolates are not only excellent but an excellent value.

    Most other stuff is pretty darned good. Here are a few negatives:

    You have to look at the meats carefully. Many of the fresh meats are filled with “up to 12%” of some solution or other, and are of “select” quality, which is lower indeed than “choice”.

    The cheeses are sometimes sub-par. The wedges look like good value but they have been lacking in flavor, and smaller in size than the name brand wedges (check the package weight!).

    The ice cream in the ice cream sandwiches is kinda “grainy” as if it’s been thawed and refrozen, and not so creamy. Had this happen a couple of times (in winter too!) and from a couple of stores. Not terrible but not even up to supermarket-brand standards IMO.

    Aldi has to do somewhat-better policing of its suppliers, IMO, and pay attention to quality in a few areas that aren’t getting attention. Aldi still gets an 8 of 10 in my book.

  135. Patricia Harvey says

    Oh yes the Choceur chocolate is so yummy!! I love when they have their Holiday collections. Perfect for stocking and basket stuffers.

    I am picky about my chocolate and so is my family and we love this!!

    • Diane Johnson says

      ALERT – do NOT do what I did one year.
      I put chocolates in Christmas stockings that were hanging over the fireplace. Of course on Christmas Eve my loving husband built a roaring fire in the fireplace. There are still chocolate drip stains on the hearth and stockings. Makes for a family memory, though – it’s the things that go wrong that are the longest-living fun stories.

  136. Lpie says

    My husband pick’s up and deliver’s for Aldi. He picks up nut’s from Fisher’s nuts, pop from Dr Pepper, Tomato Products come from Red Gold, Vegi’s are from Del-monti, around here the Chip’s come from Vitner but, Aldi has other name brand Chip companies make their chips. They get their chicken from Tyson. Breads are made at Aldi Bakeries and most cerial is generally made at general Mills but, using Aldi’s recipies. Aldi’s Corp. Office in Batavia, Illinois has a food testing lab that checks for freshness, taste, quality for every product that they sale and they turn away a lot of products that don’t pass their tests. Rule of thumb for Aldi is 90% of their products are made at the same locations as name brand products but, unlike most stores that carry products, Aldi is an stickler at inspecting these facilities without notice and rejecting whole shipments that don’t pass there quality control.

  137. Diane Johnson says

    We just tried Aldi’s Gyro sandwich kit. WONDERFUL! And there’s a LOT of meat. We have also tried the taco shells. First time we tried them we didn’t care for them. This last time they were awesome. I think they improved the packaging so that they stay fresher. Also, I noticed they are no sodium; there’s plenty of sodium in filling and cheese. One disappointment – we used to love the blueberry pancake mix. It has not been available for a long time, at least in our Minnesota store.

  138. James says

    We have shopped at Aldi for several years now. I have to second the chocolate. We have been on a diet requiring two probiotics per day. The Aldi Fit’n Active Yogurt is better and cheaper than any store brand we have tried. Heck, it is even better than most name brands. They offer many flavors and during the year they have seasonal flavors. The only one I didn’t care for was the pumpkin spice, but I don’t care for pumpkin pie. Several desert flavors are available occasionally.
    All good, great prices.

    • Jim Beranis says

      The bacterial flora in ANY food labeled probiotic is generally a marketing scam. Yogurt can be labeled probiotic if it’s not pasteurized. If you want to ingest a wide variety of probiotics eat raw fruit. Of course then you run the risk of ingesting bacteria that is deadly such as e coli, but you will introduce new bacteria into your intestines which should(if you are not taking antibiotics) continue to live in your intestines. Did you know that most people have more bacterial cells living in their bodies than they have cells comprising their own body?

  139. says

    Great post! My Aldi experiences have been so hit and miss! When we lived in Upstate NY I shopped their almost exclusively, but here in Mid-Michigan the Aldi is terrible! I’ll sometimes buy baking supplies there but that’s it. Sad, because it’s so cheap!

  140. Jason says

    My girlfriend and I usually get most of the shopping done here withe the exception of chips (not return worthy, but won buy again) the wal-mart brand of chips is far better in our opinion, close to lays products.

  141. kidtrans says

    I live in NC and go to the Hickory store (a 25 minute drive for me). My cousin told me about the ground beef at Aldi’s. She lives in Morganton (40 minutes from Hickory) and would drive to Hickory just to go to Aldi’s (they now have an Aldi’s in Morganton). I buy all my ground beef at Aldi’s. It is so good. It may be a little more expensive but I can tell a huge difference in the flavor. You can even smell the difference while cooking it. I find that it doesn’t have a lot of fat so it doesn’t stick together as well when making patties but I can live with that. I ran out one time and didn’t want to drive that far for a lb or 2 of ground beef so I stopped at Bi-Lo. The next day I had a terrible stomach ache. I don’t care for pork ribs either and I can get boneless beef ribs at Aldi’s. Their chocolate bars are really good too. We also like their potato chips, milk, eggs, and cottage cheese.

  142. Ed Weingartner says

    I think the raisin bran, cheerios clone, and unsweetened shredded wheat are better tasting than the major commercial brands. The Go Lean not so much.

  143. Larry Bousfield says

    I just went through your list and I must comment that you should be reading the labels before buying. Some of the products (canned peaches for example) are from China. You should avoid any canned products from China as well as anything require feeding or fertilizers as their standards are nonexistant.

  144. Jim Beranis says

    I’ve found rice to be of a bad quality. Not that it is bad per se in taste, but the water to rice ratio for cooking it varies drastically not only from bag to bag, but also varies within the same bag. I have never seen such a variance in any rice I have ever used before!! I made perfect rice, then a soup, then a thick sticky rice all in one bag using the same measurements.

  145. Janis Haley says

    Thanks for the great article. I have to ask, however, why your loyalty only extends to Aldis when they are the cheaper alternative. I like to reward a store that gives me such great deals on food every time I am there. So now and then I may pay the same, doubtful much more, than our Kroger store because I’m infuriated at the prices Kroger charges all year round. I am too busy to have to guess who is going to be cheaper on which day. I can make one trip for most of my staples – its now to Aldis.
    Having said that.. If Aldis is listening, two things I would like them to check into: 1. I have gotten celery there several times and it has always been woody – maybe change vendors??? 2. I am careful about checking expiration dates no matter where I shop and I have, on a couple occasions now, gotten half and half that is marked as fresh but that curdles in my coffee (like just this morning with a quart I just bought and opened). I don’t know about the heavy cream but I would send out an inspector if I owned Aldis.
    By the way.. I just bought a great patio umbrella there for only $29! Then I went to Target and similar umbrellas were $109! Sorry Target.

    • Kristen says

      Well, there are always several factors at play when I decide where to buy something. For instance, if I can get unpackaged produce at a regular store for the same or for a lower price than I can at Aldi, then I’ll go with the unpackaged.

      Generally, though, Aldi is the cheapest option, and they definitely get their fair share of my grocery budget! :)

    • ziggymoonunit says

      I have to go by prices only, that’s what happens when you live paycheck to paycheck. Plus, from my experience at my local Aldi, you never know what you are going to get when it comes to meat and produce. I have had good and bad experiences. I bought whole fresh pineapple for $0.99 (unheard of anywhere else) and it was delicious, same with red grapes at $0.99 a pound. Other stuff I was excited about but ended up dissapointed…..moldy cantaloupes, mushrooms that when I got to the bottom half of the pack were moldy, bananas that went bad within 2 days. My question is, with so many Aldi stores being hit/miss when it comes to produce and meat, why don’t they do something about it? Who are they getting this food from?

  146. Diane says

    This time I have a request rather than comment.
    Has anyone tried turkey pot pies from Aldi? I”m hoping they have them and that they are worth buying. I hate going to more than one store. I realize they are not a health food, but in MN with 6+ months of snow I’m now looking for comfort food. I am aware of the ingredients and opinions of such. Thanks.

    • Diane says

      I second that recommendation. Awesome! And there is a lot of gyro meat included. So much cheaper than restaurant and the more people who try them and repeat, the more likely they are to keep carrying them. They really are outstanding.

  147. chelsea says

    I’m so thankful to read this! You had alot of good insight. I expected this to say ‘oh the fruit looked bad, the veggies looked terrible’ ect but you were open minded and honest. I 100% agree with you with the dry tortellini. I thought tortellini was good but i never remembered eating it. I bought some for a recipe and it tasted terrible like spoiled cole slaw dressing! Other than that Aldi is my go-to place. I buy chicken tenderloins there because I can get 8-9 tenders for 3.50! However, the chicken breast halves are with rib meat which i find DISGUSTING! thanks for sharing your info :)

  148. JoJo says

    Aldi is the shizznick. They gots good fruit and veg and sumthin for my sweet tooth. Its done cheaper than the Piggly Wiggly and they take food stamps and cash… no credit card for real.

  149. diannne says

    I love the ice cream drumsticks and so inexpensive
    I love the frozen juice bars
    I love the half and half and SO CHEAP
    the light salad dressing
    I used to like the chicken breasts but not lately their different

  150. Nichole Seni says

    I love aldi’s. I don’t buy their meat but i will literally buy anything else in the store. We typically dont use ice cream right out of the bowl my family prefers milk shakes so i usually get the cookies and cream ice cream or vanilla or chocolate and i use those for milkshakes ( cheaper then buying them out most times!). i will pretty much buy everything there once and try it. lol

  151. Jeannine says

    I just skimmed this and things that caught my eye were CEREAL & ICE CREAM > Both are GREAT… Ice Cream on par with smooth, rich ice creams I have always enjoyed in Europe. Best buys at ALDI CHEESES Shredded, sliced, and so on. I can even find my British cheeses there.. and outstanding prices. I am very, very particular with tinned tuna and Aldi tuna is outstanding

  152. Marianne says

    I really like the canned salmon and canned sardines in mustard that Aldi’s carries. Both a lot less expensive than other grocery stores too. I wish they would sell frozen berries. They are really expensive in Publix and I HATE shopping at Walmart but have to go there to get frozen berries for our smoothies.

  153. Kimberly says

    I decided to write to Aldi customer service and advise them that I had not good luck with their produce. I was courteous, and said that I wished I could trust their produce so that I could do all my grocery shopping at Aldi. I received an auto-reply message stating someone would get back to me but have heard nothing further. It has been a few months now, so I assume I will not receive any response to this feedback. Disappointing.

    • ziggymoonunit says

      That’s a surprise that you haven’t heard back from them. When I emailed with my complaint they got back to me within a few days. I think it took going the extra mile and saying something on their Facebook as well as having emailed through their webpage.

  154. B Wilson says

    WHAT. their butter pecan ice cream is the best. not to mention it’s cheaper than anywhere else and doesn’t have artificial ingredients and high fructose corn syrup. Something you’re clearly not worried about, since you buy their produce, but GMOs are really bad for you and corn is the worst! Everywhere I can avoid HFCS I do. It’s like concentrated tumor juice.

  155. Rob says

    We have an Aldi up here in Acworth Ga, been here about 2 years now and I have been impressed with everything so far (pork not so much) but everything else yes even the groundbeef

    • Diane says

      Hope it’s ok to do this here – I do not have a food report this time but just wanted to tell Rob THANK YOU for a Monday morning chuckle = “up here in Georgia” ;)
      “Hi” from Minnesota to the home of movies including “Courageous”. GA is a beautiful state. Welcome to the site.
      Up here in Georgia – I’m still laughing!

      • James says

        The reason Rob said “up here in Ackworth” is because Ackworth is North of the Perimeter of Atlanta. In the South anything North of your location is “up there.” For example, I live South of Memphis. The wife and I go “up into Memphis” at least once a week. Consequently, any location to our South is “down there.” We went “down to Fulton” last week to judge a BBQ contest.
        It must be a Southern thing.

        • Diane says

          Hi James,
          No doubt nearly all of us imply the direction to a destination from our starting point. I hope it didn’t offend anyone when I said I laughed at it. Your explanation is perfect and actually that is what I was picturing, but I needed a Monday morning lift and that provided it ;) Thank you for sharing and clarifying. Mentioning BBQ has me drooling for the wonderful Q we used to get at Billy Blues’ in San Antonio. The incredible pecan smoke was so intense I got an asthma attack when my food was served. They had coffee in their sauce – now Aldi fans can try to recreate sauces they have tasted and enjoyed and possibly share (using Aldi ingred, of course ;) .

          • James says

            No offense taken. My wife and are certified BBQ judges. We are associated with the two major sanctioning bodies, MBN (Memphis Barbecue Network) and KCBS (Kansas City Barbecue Society). Our hobby is judging barbecue. No golf, no tennis, just barbecue. Barbecue is very regional. Each area has its own distinct style and method of preparation.
            Living just “down the road” from Memphis, we are in the Barbecue Belt. Several of the champions of the Memphis in May World Championship Barbecue Contest live within 20 miles of here. The most consistent “whole hog” champ has just opened a restaurant. Memphis Barbecue Company, Melissa Cookston has been featured on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives. She is serving as one of the judges on the show BBQ Pitmasters on Destination America.
            Happy eating and saving.

  156. says

    My Aldi’s do carry organic produce. We love the half gallon ice cream. All the meats I have bought from Aldi have been very good. I really save lots of money shopping there and as a whole it has been a good experience.

  157. Randi says

    I absolutely LOVE Aldi’s salsa, but have been unable to get it lately at either of our local Aldi’s. The clerk told me the one that comes with the cardboard sleeve around it was the same thing, but definitely not; it was awful! I also really like their pre-made chicken salad, the regular potato salad, and the hummus. I’ve bought their canned corned beef hash, their canned potatoes, baked beans, 3-bean salad, beets, and black beans; loved them all. Tried their pre-made coleslaw and pre-made mustard potato salad and really did not care for either one. Both of our Aldi’s have very fresh produce and I’ve been very happy with that as well, and the frozen products I’ve bought have been just fine. I really like their tortilla chips (MUCH cheaper than Tostada’s), and I’ve tried a few of their other snack products and have been very happy with them. I sure hope they get their salsa back soon!!!

    • Dori says

      It’s funny when people say they don’t like Aldi brands and they aren’t as good as national brands. Surprise! They are the national brands. Aldi does just what it’s sister company, Trader Joe’s, does. They contract out their products to national brand manufacturers who provide the food under Aldi’s private label. So basically, if you are shopping at a regular grocery store, you are getting tricked into paying their prices for the national brands.

      • Patricia Harvey says

        Dori- It is funny you mentioned that because I was test testing a lot of the products against the brand named ones and found a lot taste the same. I then asked the manager of the Aldis here and he laughed and talked to me and said don’t tell anyone, but they do just that. They send out there labels and contract out with companies. Their ketchup is heinz, Mustard is Frenchs and so forth. Now not all their products are like that, but a lot are.

  158. Tara says

    I am picky about where I shop. I do not want to support businesses that don’t take care of their employees. Thus I LOVE shopping at Aldi (and will not set foot in a Walmart). Aldi pays their employess much higher than any other store in our area. In our Aldi in the Hudson Valley of NY, the same people have worked there for a long time. I tend to search for anything German such as the chocolate, sausage, pasta, etc. I tend to shy away from the crackers, meat and cereal. I do a once a week to Aldi and a once a month to Costco (another great company) and supplemant with Shop Rite and our local butcher. Also Aldi is owned by Trader Joes and was green before green was in. Love that you have to bring your own bags and everyone puts their cart away.

  159. amy says

    I have found the unsweetened baking chocolate squares (which I use to make Baker’s One Bowl Brownies recipe — the BEST recipe for brownies, ever) to be totally UNchocolately. I made a batch of the brownies with them and blech. The brownies looked great, but had no chocolate flavor.

    I also am skipping the onion rings. Great look, great texture, but absolutely no flavor. Maybe the batch I got they forgot the salt and/or seasonings, but it no one wanted them at dinner.

    Lastly, I’m starting to question the butter. I bake a lot and go through a lot of butter, so I tend to buy it there a lot. I’m noticing (like the unsweetened chocolate squares) less buttery flavor. I have no idea how this is possible, but I need to do a taste test to see if I need to stop buying butter there now too.

  160. Patricia Harvey says

    I have tested Aldi’s butter against Krogers brand and a couple more of named brand and did not notice a huge difference. I also use a lot of butter and bake with it. Maybe you got some bad batches.

    I do know their cheese is awesome. I am from California where you get “real” cheese-ha. The happy farm cheese is full of flavor and nice texture.

    I found the chicken nuggets and corn dogs to not be good- yuck.

  161. patti says

    Thanks for your update…I have shopped at the very first Aldi’s that came to this country..and have seen their products go from incredible to absolutely terrible and BACK TO GOOD, and great… AGAIN…
    I think they were losing the market trying to save money., and woke up!.Not good..but I still love Aldis..
    I will contact the company with my concerns…as I’m incredibly disappointed!!
    ALDI’S has changed their CORNED BEEF PRODUCT..IT WAS FANTASTIC BEFORE..Just this last month they changed to the same supplier that Save -a-lot stores use..and it is SWILL!..GREASY, AND DETERIORATES UPON COOKING.
    ..the product they had been selling was so lean..SO LEAN!!..that one had to put some oil in the pan…so it would not stick..teflon type pan was okay.
    We don’t eat this often…but as a treat..their Corned beef hash was the best..
    I have done detective work..and the packing number on the can…was an indication that it was HORMEL PACKING IT FOR ALDIS…
    This new stuff is vile!!..Why did I check this?…we got a new Save-a lot..in town(our small town)..and Aldi’s is 75 miles round trip..for a dime on something..and I might need it..I checked out several products.
    ALDI’S IS STILL THE BEST ALL AROUND…but their penny pinching..using a 3rd rate product will not keep my loyalty..ALDI’S..WAKE UP!!
    Thanks for your site..glad to find it!!
    Their money back garantee is the best!

    • Jon says

      Don’t know whether I got a bad batch, or am just too picky in regards to them, but I tried the Clancy’s version of Doritos once, and neither the texture nor flavoring were anywhere near satisfactory for me as a huge Doritos fan. But then, I have NEVER found a generic version of Doritos that could compare to the real thing.

      I’ve reached the point where I do about 45% of my shopping at Aldi’s, 45% stuff that is BOGO at the major local chains, and 10% the stuff that I just have to accept nobody else can match, and have to splurge for the name brand stuff at full price.

  162. jennifer says

    I’m glad to see some folks like the meat here in spite of the initial comments by the author here — it’s great at our local Aldi — looks and is priced SO much better than our local fancy-pants grocer where it’s like twice the price, or at least 30% highter generally. I’m always shocked to see how beautiful the meat -looks- at our Aldi, and also tastes just fine and often noticeably good.

    I didn’t see notes about bread, but their 12-grain is my favorite 12-grain around, good “bits” in it, as I enjoy a nice grainy bread when I eat bread.

    Yes yes yes on produce, and I often find “nice” cheeses at this Aldi. I like to stock up on these for company or holidays. Wonderful store, imho.

  163. Patricia Harvey says

    I have been having trouble with the produce lately. It may be because we are in the South and they don’t have good stuff here. Most of the things I have bought have been bitter and like a chemical taste. My asparagus was horrid. I was so mad because I threw my receipt and package away!! I could of gotten my money back. Oh yes cheese are awesome. I love a lot of things there.

  164. Sharon says

    I live in Chicago and do most of my shopping at Aldi or small, local grocery stores.

    Chicago has a lot of produce marts, so produce at my Aldi is usually more expensive. I only buy fresh vegetables from there if I don’t have time to make any other stops, except for bagged spinach which is always cheaper than anywhere else. The produce marts/small grocery stores usually have cheaper meat, milk, and eggs than Aldi too, so I try not to buy those there.

    What I regularly buy from Aldi is
    Cereal because it’s really expensive everywhere else – Bran flakes (not cheaper anywhere else and they taste the best!), raisin bran, raisin bran crunch, frosted mini wheats, their knock off of Kashi Go Lean Crunch (so much cheaper), and honey bunches of oats with almonds. Whenever they have their version of Life, I snatch up as many boxes as I can because I love it so much.
    90 calorie fiber bars
    Flour/Sugar/Brown sugar/powdered sugar
    Canned goods – tomatoes, crushed tomatoes, beans, corn, pumpkin when it’s available
    Dried fruit
    Condiments – Ketchup, mustards. Tried their mayo twice and it was weird and gross and kept separating.
    Vegetable oil
    Chocolate – Choceur dark with or without hazelnuts, dark chocolate covered marzipan, pretty much any of their dark chocolate is excellent. Not grainy and crappy like American chocolate.
    Chips – Don’t eat them often, but if I need chips for something I never buy name brand anymore.
    Pop – If I’m throwing a party, I get pop from Aldi.
    Meat – Bacon, turkey dogs.
    Dairy – Whatever special cheeses they have, blocks of cheese, cream cheese, butter, half and half, heavy whipping cream, soymilk. I live in a very diverse neighborhood and plain, thick yogurt is usually cheaper at my local independent market, same as milk and eggs.
    Bread – Mini whole wheat bagels, the big loaves of whole wheat bread. They’re just like Brownberry, I literally cannot tell the difference. I wish they had whole wheat English muffins.

    I also love to explore their specials and sales. I bought a cast iron skillet from Aldi a few months ago and I love it. I also bought a mini grill and a special meatloaf pan and both have been great. I love when they get those German dark chocolate covered pound cakes, all of their special treats are pretty great. The sweet potato tortilla chips are dangerously good and I could easily polish off an entire bag without paying attention. We get our jack-o-lanterns there every year, tons cheaper than anywhere else! I also stock up on things like seasonal cupcake liners and sprinkles from Aldi. The skinny cow knock off ice cream sandwiches are good, and their party paper plates are pretty durable. Plastic sandwich/freezer bags are fine, and I get all my aluminum foil/plastic wrap etc from Aldi. I do wish they carried brown rice, we never eat white. I also wish they had 100% whole wheat pasta, but their fit & active pasta tastes fine. Canned tuna is another thing we stock up on from Aldi.

    I buy a lot of stuff there!

  165. Patricia Harvey says

    There tuna is very good!! I have yet to try those sweet potato chips. I see it all the time. Need to do that.

    Happy Farm cheeses are the best. We are from California and took us a long time to find good cheese here in the South. Love Aldis!!

    Oh man there chocolate to die for and those pound cakes- yes. They also do the brioche during the Holidays which is to die for!!

  166. Nicki says

    I live in Norwich in the UK and have been shopping at Aldi for about a 2 years now, it has saved me soooo much money as you
    a) have much cheapers prices and the quality is so close to main brands (in fact i am sure some are the same but in different packets!), and
    b) there is less choice than a huge supermarket, so it stops the ‘oooh i fancy that’ that goes on in your brain every 5 minutes when you are walking down the aisles!
    A few things in there are not great, but i don’t buy them anyway so it is irrelevant.
    i love that fact that you can go shopping for food and come away with birthday or christams presents too!!! Great stuff for kids

  167. says

    I’ve been shopping at Aldi for many, many years, using them as my main store once each month, and have never had a bad experience with ANY of their products! I especially like the “Fit & Active” line of packaged cookies. I love their 12 Grain Bread. The cereals are all excellent and I can’t understand why everyone doesn’t use their Tandil laundry detergent. It’s obviously a knock-off of Tide at half the price and just as good.

    I do wish my local store was larger so that they could carry more items. I would like to see a larger selection of hand soaps and shampoos, but can see there is little room for these items. Perhaps if they got rid of all the children’s toys, as there’s no need for them in a grocery store, they could concentrate more on necessities. I wouldn’t want them to get rid of kitchen items, but the toys . . . . . . . ugh!

    • Granddad Pat says

      The toys have a HUGE markup, even at Aldi prices, and help them offer lower grocery prices… Yes, that huge pile of toys/tools/hardware displaces other items we would prefer to see on sale!

  168. Granddad Pat says

    Love the Tortellini, and Ravioli! It cooks down in about 7 minutes on my
    stove top, to “al denti”… then, drain, and add 6 ounces to 12 ounces of any
    sauce (we love the chunky sauces!).

    My Aldi is 1 mile from my home, in downtown Oviedo, and I not only save
    about 26% on my groceries, frozen juices, bread, Dairy, veggies, PLUS, I save on gas and wear/tear on my vehicles!

    All the Publix and WalMarts are WAY more costly, and at least two miles or farther…

  169. says

    I totally agree about the unsweetened cocoa powder. It isn’t you or your taste buds. If you like at the nutrition facts, the same number of grams has less fat and calories than Trader Joe’s brand of unsweetened cocoa. TJ’s has 2 grams of fat and Aldi has 1. Plus there is a calorie difference – yet the grams are the same! It is indeed a lower quality product. I haven’t compared to Hershey’s… it may even be the same manufacturer.

    I agree dairy and produce is awesome. Though you have to watch their produce. Their large pallets of fruit can be moldy.

  170. Marg woellner says

    Don’t buy Millville oat cereal anymore – the Cherrio type. The new smaller box now has ten times the amount of.sugar Per serving! This is shocking considering the vast increase of obesity and diabetes and the fact that this type of cereal has or many years a been about the most healthy sack most kids would eat. Pleas let Aldi’s and Milleview know if you are also concerned.

  171. katie says

    I know this post is old, but here in good ol’ 2014..

    Our Aldi almost always has better produce than other chain stores, and is WAY cheaper. Our produce is often either from the USA, or from nearby. Our store also has organic produce they are trialing. I mainly base my organic vs non-organic produce purchases based on dirty dozen lists, but am excited about the possibility of organic produce making a regular appearance at Aldi.

    Other items that we think are an absolute steal are the steel cut oats, blue corn chips, salsas, hummus platters, and the spices.
    We eat a vegetarian/vegan diet and are able to buy a big portion of our foods at Aldi.

    $40.81 today at Aldi bought us 6lbs of apples, 1 bag of oranges, 2 jars of tomato sauce, 2 cans black beans, 2 cans minestrone soup, 2 cans tomato paste, 10lbs potatoes, 1 jar dill pickles, 1 bag tortilla chips, 1 loaf bread, 1 bag pepperjack cheese slices, 1 gallon milk, 1 box of 30 ct freezer zip bags, 1 container instant oats, 1 red pepper, 1 yellow pepper, 1 jar salsa, & maybe something else I’m forgetting.

    GO ALDI!

  172. Diane says

    We wish Aldi would again carry Triscuit-like crackers in Rosemary and Olive Oil flavor. They are by far our favorite cracker. Please bring them back to MN. thx

  173. Laura says

    Maple syrup! They have pure maple syrup for $3.99 (central Illinois) where Kroger, Walmart, etc. have it for upwards of $6.99 for the same size bottle. It is great!

  174. Susie. Tyler says

    I would like to know the brand of rocky road ice cream that you used to carry, It was really good we don’t like the Belmont brand. Please let me know I would like to find out somewhere that might sell it. Thanks so much wish you guys would get it back

  175. Fluffysmomtoo says

    I love all the chips which have no MSG, produce, canned tomatoes, etc; however, the ground beef was full of bone fragments which I personally can’t tolerate. I hate biting down on one–ugh. Other than that, I love Aldis

  176. Amanda says

    I really like Aldi’s but it is new territory for me. The only two negatives I have is the Honey O’s type cereal and the salmon I love salmon but this oh my –I had to feed the salmon to my dog, it was AWFUL, AWFUL in this case you get what you pay for. *The dog was happy :) We love their natural fruit snacks for kids, they are so yummy and better than name brand without all of the questionable ingredients.

    • Trish says

      I haven’t liked any of the cereal I have gotten there so far. I usually can find a better deal at Target or Walmart on the cereal. Same with their granola bars. I didn’t care for those. Their cookies have been really good. My Daughter loves those.

      • DJ says

        We love the granola bars. I’m diabetic and always need to carry something in my purse in case of low blood sugar (insulin-induced). They work perfectly.

  177. MG says

    I like Aldi for sure. I just wanted to say, maybe this is recent as I’ve only shopped there frequently for maybe a year but they always have out of season produce. They have all sorts if berries right now. That’s all. Thanks!

  178. Monica says

    Can you tell me if Aldi’s brand name-Benton’s and Millville, are used in all Aldi stores across the US? I am curious b/c our local Aldi carries these and both are names of towns within 20 miles of the store. I am very curious…..

        • James says

          Batavia, IL is where Aldi’s North American offices are there. Benton is very close to Carbondale. Millville is a village in Northern Illinois.
          Here in the Memphis area both brands are in all of the stores here.

  179. Julie K says

    I love Aldi’s! Everything I ever gotten from them has been good, which is pretty much the whole store. The only thing I haven’t tried is the pop, but that’s because I don’t buy it anywhere. The one in Minnesota even started carrying organic, so I can get pretty much everything I need/want from Aldi’s. They will also occasionally carry name brand items, like boca burgers, Dubliner cheese, Nature’s path granola, etc., at a much cheaper cost than the regular grocery stores or our local co-op. In my experience, a lot of the negative comments I’ve heard about Aldi’s comes from people who have never been and once I bring them, they are in love and leave with more food than they originally thought they would buy!

    • Trish says

      Yes it is so cool how this one question from 2010 is still getting answers from people-ha.

      I have seen that Dubliner cheese and wondered if it tasted good. Being from California I am used to getting really good cheese and it wasn’t until I shopped at Aldis that I got good tasting cheese again. Love Happy Farms cheese.

      I have been trying to talk my Sister in law who lives in Tn to try it, but she says Oh it looks so cheap- etc etc. I told her look go in and try something and if you don’t like it they have their double guarantee which I have taken advantage of several times until I found the things that I love there.

  180. kimsmom says

    I don’t buy Aldi’s meats or poultry because they don’t seem to have much flavor. The chicken and beef are bland and the pork is not much better.. I bought the frozen turkey in the plastic tube at one time, then I found bone chards in the turkey TWICE – so that ended my buying that.
    I like the no frills nature of the store and the crazy yuummy surprise buys that come into Aldi’s from time to time. I just bought some organic cheese that was so delicious I just stood in the middle of my kitchen and ate a bite with my eyes closed. I hope they keep it in stock.
    I have also been fortunate to patronize different Aldi’s in 3 different towns and found the staff to be friendly and helpful, more so than the larger markets.

  181. Christine says

    I just shopped at Aldi for the first time this week. The closest one is almost 30 miles away. I really loved the prices. We are in Massachusetts, and the prices are high. I know my prices well, and I thought Aldi’s prices were great. I can see myself working in a once a month shop there for the basics. I bought 46 items and it cost $70.00. I could not believe it. What I bought would have cost well over $100.00 at Stop and Shop.

  182. Andy says

    This is an old post but if folks are still reading it, I hope this proves helpful. Back in April I splurged on a couple Aldi specials and wound up over $80, a rarity for me. Lo and behold, I got presented with a $10-off-$40+ coupon! That’s an amazing deal if you know how cheap Aldis stuff is regularly.

    I mostly agree with the author of the article, though I also shared the awful frozen salmon experience of another reviewer here; I will also never buy their canned olives and their canned soups are horrible. The canned tuna is mush but identical to cheapie Chicken of the Sea only @ 30 cents less. I too don’t buy their flour, as they only sell bleached. Most of their cerals are ok but as the author says you can do better, EXCEPT for corn flakes (in SE PA anyway.)

    On the good side is their bagged guacamole and Fritos knock-offs; on the GREAT side is their nuts, milk and cream, frozen pizza, and OMG the German chocolate!!! Ach, mein vaistline! Sigh…

  183. says

    This is super helpful! I am so picky about my produce and will only buy it at our regional grocery store here in FL. Trying out Aldi produce today!

  184. Paula says

    This is so interesting, I buy most all my food at Aldi’s esp produce. Love since organic is now available, saves me a ton being vegan and not going to huge costly premium organic grocery stores. I make sure it’s not from Mexico due to a chemical US USDA. US will not allow this pesticides this is due to a few Universities in US testing nad research working togetger ongoing. We don’t use on our crops being so toxic, go figure. Anyway that’s another direction.

    I had some organic apples (which true organic will rot quicker so you get about 4 days depending how fresh at purchase) the apples at Aldi’s, had brown as they get older or to high refrigeration, shipping or store storage. I love the manager we ave become congenial since they opened in my area. He’s great about trading even without receipt, trust a person, one day stockers which is opening to closing, one lady been there awhile she said, we chatted about me loving store and produce, she told me something so disturbing. I said to her I will never buy Walmart produce again, she said the reason Aldi’s has less pricy is cause Aldi’s order the cheapest deal, unsold crops lesser quality to make money, I have tried finding how to contact Aldi’s corporate because I’m disturbed spending hundreds a week for my family being vegan, Can you find a way to check this out about produce there? My family works hard to stay healthy and get most out of our budget, Please see what you may find out. She may have been upset with her boss? Or insider knowledge? Thanks

    • Kristen says

      Could you maybe clarify for me what you’re asking? Are you worried that the produce is not actually organic?

      For what it’s worth, the produce at my Aldi is frequently more delicious and ripe than the stuff from the regular grocery store.

      Aldi maintains low prices by owning small stores, stocking popular items that rotate quickly, having a small staff, stocking private labels, stacking things on pallets, and by incorporating many other efficiencies into their models.

      • Paula says

        I also talk a story, sory and in circles my husband goes crazy over my rapid thoughts.

        Do you know if Aldi’s in general organic or conventional buys crappy crops to sell us for cheaper price? If you don’t know can You find out?

        • Kristen says

          I emailed my contact at Aldi, and here’s what she said:

          “ALDI provides nearly 70 varieties of fresh produce, including several organic options. To provide the freshest produce possible, ALDI teams up with top growers throughout the United States, including local growers. ALDI will sell some produce that is grown locally in the region and also offers seasonal fresh fruits and vegetables, ensuring that its produce is at the peak of freshness and at a great value. All ALDI food products – including fresh produce – are back by its Double Guarantee: If for any reason, a customer is not 100 percent satisfied with any ALDI food product, the retailer will gladly replace the product and refund the purchase price.

          Also, if you ever experience inferior produce, contact ALDI Customer Service (http://bit.ly/aldicustserv) ALDI appreciates hearing about shopper experiences so that they can take appropriate action.”

          Like I said, my experience with Aldi produce has been better than at regular grocery stores, and I know I see some of the same produce companies there that I do at a regular grocery store.

  185. Debbie Marts says

    Aldi’s ice cream won’t freeze. Looked today and now there is about an inch of liquid on the bottom. What the heck is this ice cream?

    • Kristen says

      I have no idea what’s wrong! But Aldi has a double guarantee, so if you’re unhappy with it, take it back and you’ll get your money back PLUS a new container of ice cream. :)

    • Diane says

      We’ve been getting it for years and never had that happen. I’m referring to the 5 gal pail. We really like it.

    • Trish says

      It is amazing that this is still going for like 4 years now- wow. Yes they have always been good to take my stuff back at Aldis and let me pick out another item and give me my money back on top of that. :) No matter the brand sometimes it can just be off.

      I have not tried their pie crust. Guess I will have to do that. My friend said they have these tarts around the Holiday that are to die for.

  186. Joe says

    Don’t buy their fresh garlic. I made the mistake of not reading the back. It said PRODUCT OF CHINA. Why can’t they get local garlic grown here in the USA??? Huge fail in my opinion. Otherwise, I think a lot of their products are quite good and taste great.

  187. Dean says

    I stopped buying the canned tuna in water – last 30 cans were soupy.
    Also the luncheon meat is much fattier than spam or treet.

  188. Margaret woellner says

    I bought a frozen peanut butter cream pie in a chocolate shell from Aldis and today it won first place for store bought pies against a large number of other entrees! It was all gone, so I didn’t taste it.

  189. Patti says

    I have been a shopper at Aldi’s since 1974-75..I believe their first store in Burlington ,… Iowa…I am very loyal….BUT..I have seen Aldi’s go from outstanding quality..to dreadful..tasteless…swill…then they lost market share..and re-built their reputation…..they brought in wonderful varieties…of so many delicious products..then started Trader Joes…..and all the nice varieties went to the much much higher priced Trader Joes..that I can not even access..as I’m not near one…
    Yess…Aldis has some fine products..and their produce is out standing in quality and price…..and other fine products….BUT….AGAIN>>> they are going to super cheap quality..and some products I will not buy again….because they are all fat…and horrible!!!
    One being their..Corned beef hash….I did my research..and they had Hormel I beleive…so fat free..you had to put some fat product in the teflon pan so it would not stick…MARVELOUS!! and absolutely delicious!!!! now their swill..is so fat laden….it is terrible…….FLOATING..IS THE CORRECT WORD!! …DISGUSTING…..When I emailed the company…all you get is some stupid…insulting..email back that is so canned..in response..it is insulting… i don’t buy luncheon meat..or their Tuna…SAVE a Lot..has fabulous tuna in water….no scrapings..and non descript .uck!!…….I am now checking prices too……but all in all the large pizzas are fantastic….dairy products…all mostly OKAY…..BUT…I know take products back..on their guarantee..I never complained before..but maybe they will get the message…
    Thanks for reading my comments..

  190. J Chicago says

    I love the Hazelnut spread- a lot like Nutella. The LoFat Cottage Cheese, the Savitz crackers, and the frozen vegetables and fruits. The coffee is ok- a little different.

  191. says

    Thanks for the great post. I googled too late. I must say I agree with everything but would ADD: Never buy Aldi’s boxed yellow cake, or any boxed dessert that must be mixed. I tried the Cinnamon loaf, blueberry, and the yellow cake and all were not sweet at all and I had to throw them all out. Very, very bland. Also, the frozen fish sticks are awful (inedible) and the frozen pizzas are just weird tasting — can’t really pinpoint it, bland and a touch of sweetness maybe. Their Maple & Brown Sugar instant oatmeal is so-so but definitely not like the name brand.

    I DO like Aldi: multi-grain chips, sweet potato chips, S&Vinegar chips, all produce, creme cheese, half-and-half, Twizzlers, cheesy bread (YUM), gummi bears, chocolates, laundry detergent & cleansers and was thrilled to find really BIG pumpkins this Halloween for only $1.68! :)

  192. Angie says

    I buy the frozen 85% lean beef burgers. They are all beef and at $3/pound it’s a really good deal. Plus I’m able to take out the amount I need and use it in recipes calling for ground beef.

  193. oscar says

    The Aldi in traverse City, Michigan is very good for cheeses, dairy and wine. They can have good bread at times as well. Easy to hit Aldi , Walmart and Sam’s club all within a mile of each other. Meijer’s is best for produce.

  194. Trish says

    I am shocked our Aldis here in Madison Al finally is carrying wine- cool. I have been really impressed with all the cool things they have been getting in for the Holidays. :)

  195. Joey Bag of Donuts says

    If you are going to do all of your shopping at Aldi’s then you are not going to save money. You have to pick selected items that you know are less expensive than other stores. Check your local newspaper ads for be best price then compare Aldi’s prices. You will find that not all of Aldi’s prices are low.

    Again, study your local ads and know your prices. That is the only way you can save on grocerys.

  196. shirley says

    i hate is buying a product like their soy chocolate milk, loving it, only to find that it was a one off sale item and not a regular item.. don’t eat meat so i can’t say how their meats are. love their peanut butter, oat meal, spices, plain yogurt, canned tomato, pesto sauce and a lot of their fit and active products, and my aldi’s has great fruit. though like many i stopped buying their bananas as they go from green to brown with no yellow in between. like everything else i have noticed a rise in the prices. love my store in randallstown md. am glad to see that they are starting to carrying more organic products

    • Kristen says

      That is a bummer! But the good thing is that sometimes the special purchase items are test items and if they do well on a special purchase, Aldi considers carrying them on a regular basis. So perhaps your chocolate soy milk will come back!

  197. Tom says

    Notice that Aldi does not actually tell you where any produce is grown so, do not purchase anything that has no country of origin shown.

  198. Pam B says

    We finally got an Aldi near us about 3-4 years ago (north Texas). We love it, and it is definitely in our regular “rotation” of stores, including Costco, Sam’s & Trader Joe’s. Aldi is great for staple items – milk, half & half, eggs, cheeses, canned items, baking ingredients, tortillas, some spices, soda. I also love their Lacura facial cleanser. I use it with my Clarisonic daily and it works great on my dry skin. We live a frugal lifestyle to save money and we love that we can get an entire cart of groceries for $50 there. Recommendation: the German food they stock usually mid-September for Oktoberfest – spaetzle, red cabbage, stollen, etc. – is excellent and definitely worth purchasing.

  199. Rosalyn Pack says

    I have an Aldi’s less than a mile from my house. I had heard about Aldi’s prior to moving to the city from a small town, and was afraid of their “our brand only” deal, so I avoided shopping there for more than a year. Now I’m a huge convert. I don’t buy meat there, simply because I’m picky, and it is hit or miss. The produce in our store is usually good. The dairy products are very good, and I find most of their canned goods just fine. I actually love their bacon, maybe because it has an old fashioned bacon flavor, which I’m sure some younger folks might find too salty. I would go there for no other reason but their choceur dark chocolate alone!! It is the best I’ve ever had, and at 2.49 a bag, would be worth an extra trip!! It’s always my first stop, and then whatever I can’t get there, we have a wonderful local chain, Crests, that has excellent meats and many other things at Walmart prices. I also shop at SAMs, since OKC still doesn’t have a COSTCO. Since I’m picky about laundry detergent, they have the best price on Tide, downy, ect. Since I also get my meds there, it doesn’t require an extra trip. The only dairy product I don’t buy at Aldi’s , is milk or ice cream. We have a local dairy store, Braums, and despite their milk not being cheap, I still indulge in buying my milk and the occasional ice cream there, because it is just fresher and better tasting. But, having said that, I HAVE bought Aldi’s milk, and find it second best of all the other stores. I also buy a 2 lb block of Tillamook cheese, extra sharp, at SAMs. Again, an indulgence that should I have to give up, Aldi’s would be my second choice!!

  200. Sue says

    I am concerned about the amount of GMO’s they are selling there. I just wonder. I also have noticed that my local ALDI’s has remodeled and has a lot more household items and less food. hmmm. and i have been in there twice in the past 2 months and they have no canned mandarine oranges, none? why?

    • Kristen says

      Aldi uses the same suppliers that other grocery chains do, so the amount of GMOs there will be the same as other mainstream grocery chains.

      I don’t know why yours wouldn’t have mandarin oranges-mine definitely does! Perhaps ask when you stop in?

  201. Justin says

    Have you tried their toilet paper yet? they have a recycled kind that was decently priced.

    btw, kudos on your blog, soooo many comments!!

    • Kristen says

      Yep, I buy their toilet paper all the time. I haven’t tried the recycled kind yet (not sure if my store got it?)

  202. Diane says

    Ah, er, does “recycled toilet paper” sound slightly questionable to anyone else????
    Sorry Folks, couldn’t resist ;)

  203. says

    Solid assessment if you’re going solely for “taste,” but very poor one if you’re striving for optimal nutrition. ALDI is really not significantly different from major chain retailers. I recommend the “grass-fed” beef from ALDI and the 100% organic yogurt. They also have Stevia for sugar replacement, green tea, and sometimes pretty legit broccoli. Plus they have prepackaged organic spinach / kale, etc. Some good stuff, lot’s of junk too just like any other grocery store.

  204. Burt Castellano says

    I think aldi’s is a great store except for one product. I bought the millville Banana nut cereal and
    liked it so much the next visit I was going to get more but they were out. So I bought the Millville granola with real fruit & nuts. Big mistake. The problem was the raisins. I like raisins but they were like bitting into pebbles. The first bite I took I thought I was going to break my teeth. They were hard as rocks. I found myself after that picking out the raisins before I poured the milk in. Never will by that cereal again.

  205. North RI says

    I’m very impressed with the Northern RI Aldi. I’m very pleased with the Fit and Lean line. The microwave popcorn is so much less salty then comparable brands, and their lean ground turkey is a great product I typically add sauté chopped cremini mushrooms (don’t like mushrooms used finely chopped zucchini ) and onion to a package of turkey to make 4 big burgers (no shrinkage in turkey burgers) or 8-10 sliders. Just add a slice of pepper jack cheese along with salsa and guacamole to make a wonderful Mexi-burger the whole family will love. Don’t forget to use Aldi’s potato hamburger buns (so much less expensive and just as good as Martins potato bread products)
    I also like their “Never Any” lunch meat brand that contain no nitrates, antibiotics, or hormones.
    I also purchase their G Free brand (gluten free) fresh breads, wraps and frozen entries for my husband. I recommend the lasagna and stuffed shells and as always the price savings is wonderful .
    I initially went to Aldi for the purpose of purchasing a 4 shelf metal storage unit. They sold it for $29.00 ($49.00 at Home Depot) and I was hooked! Every home item I’ve purchased has been of excellent quality! Example … I purchased an oven probe thermometer for $9.99 at Christmas. The unit comes with a temperature gage and an alarm. It can sit up on the counter or lay flat on the oven door with it’s magnetic bottom. The probe goes directly into the meat and an alarm sounds went the desired temperature (doneness) is reached. A must for prime rib!! A similar item cost $30+ at Target. A nice saving touch is that all Aldi’s battery operated items come with batteries included and carrying cases depending on the item chosen.

  206. John says

    The Aldi’s here in Central NY (Camillus and Auburn) have great produce priced about 40% less than Wegman’s or Tops. The produce always looks fresh and tastes good. The lowest-fat deli turkey slices are excellent. I buy the canned tuna in water at 65 cents, press out the tuna water and give it to my cat and there is still enough for 2 sandwiches. They have a good premium pasta in plastic bags at $1.29 which are as good as the $2.49 brand at Wegman’s. I regularly buy the milk, cottage cheese, fresh OJ, butter, half-and-half….it’s always good and always cheaper than the other stores. I was at Aldi’s 2 days ago my total was $39.84, I compared prices yesterday at Tops the same items would have been $51.15. I don’t buy their coffee, mayo, mustard, or peanut butter I am addicted to my name brands. If you buy candy that is a great deal at Aldi’s too. And one more thing, one of the major reasons I like Aldi’s is that the store is quiet, it is clean, and the check-out process is blazing fast. Their cashiers are amazingly efficient, polite, and pleasant….that is something that Tops and Wegmans and Wal-Mart have not yet been able to accomplish.

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