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You know what makes a really tasty breakfast?

Homemade vanilla yogurt mixed with fresh strawberries (thank you, Aldi, for making these affordable at $1.69/pound).

strawberries in a bowl with yogurt.

It’s delicious, it’s not cereal, and it’s lovely and cool on a summer morning.

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Tuesday 16th of June 2009

I guess living in New Zealand you get used to having heaps of stuff come from overseas. We do pretty well at producing stuff here, but our best produce and meat gets exported!

I must say I care more about the price than where something is from - sure if it's from NZ and cheap, that's great, but if it's grapes from Chile and half the price of NZ grapes, I just get the cheap ones.

Please don't shoot! :-)

Tammy Brackett

Monday 15th of June 2009

I became aware of foreign fruits last year when I purchased a cantelope ...from Guatamala. Nothing against Guatamala, but fresh local produce was in season. The episode made me look at EVERY label.


Monday 15th of June 2009

Julia, I appreciate your gracious attitude. It is harder when you have six mouths to feed instead of three. :) All things being equal, of course I would love to eat all organic local food, but to do that, I'd have to hurt us financially. Maybe one day I will have enough money to do more of the local/organic thing.

I do get milk straight from the cow at a little family farm, and I frequent the local farmer's market in the summertime. And we eat garden produce too, so we're not entirely hopeless.

Jah, I can't believe pineapples get that cheap. That's crazy.


Monday 15th of June 2009

you are so lucky! :) strawberries, and other berries for that matter, are so expensive here in Thailand. I spent 5 dollars on about 10 strawberries .. they are from the states.. Thais strawberries are not as big and not as tasty :( if only they ware cheaper i would eat them every day! hehe

a note on the Dole pineapples.. When pineapples are in season here in Thailand they are ridiculously cheap(especially if you are in the area where they're grown) you can get a pineapple(or two!!) for 0.03 dollar.. seriously... no typo.. I don't know how the farmers deal with this.. not sure if it's even worth their time. The pineapples are so tasty and cheap.. i think that's why Dole is doing business here.. imagine how much money the big guys are making.

back to Kristen! This looks like a yummy breakfast! I eat my yogurt with apples too.. they are cheaper than strawberries and I get more for the same price and they are yummy! :)


Monday 15th of June 2009

@Marianna Thanks for bringing this up---in the last few years, I became aware of this issue and started paying attention to where my fruits and veggies come from. I am in Seattle, so I allow myself stuff from California and even Mexico as treats but I never buy produce from Chile and New Zealand. (No offense to folks in those two lovely places, I have friends from each of those countries actually, that's how I know how far away they are!) I just bought grapes for the first time this year because I could finally get them from California and not Chile. (I think the only grapes grown in Washington are made into wine, but hey, that works too I guess.) Kristen is right, sometimes choosing food that has traveled less miles conflicts with frugality because it can be more expensive. I struggle with this too, but try to err on the side of buying local, in-season, organic, fair trade (as many of these as are possible) and cut back on something else. I only have 1 kid to feed so it's gotta be easier for me to be on this high horse than Kristen with all those cute bellies to fill. :-) Of course there are things that I can't live without (bananas for my son, chocolate, tea) that can't be grown in our area, so I have to be a hypocrite and purchase those things brought in from far away. It's all about doing the best I can.

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