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Would you rather pay for crazy socks or shipping?

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Recently, we were shopping online in an effort to procure some winter boots for Lisey.   Finding decent quality women’s boots that are actually warm is a Sisyphean task, it seems.

(Practical boots for boys and men abound.   But heaven forbid someone manufacture warm, waterproof, durable, tall boots for girls and women.)

Eventually, we ended up at, where we found a nice pair of boots and they were on clearance, which made it even better.

Unfortunately, the clearance price put us about $5 below the $50 free shipping threshold.

So, since I was going to have to fork over the $5 anyway, I browsed through the clearance section to find something as close to the $5 mark as possible and came up with these, um, colorful socks, which bumped me right up into free shipping territory.

crazy rei socks

Hey, I’d rather pay for a pair of socks than pay for shipping.   😉

I don’t normally buy patterned anything for myself, but I figure they were basically free, and no one really sees my socks all that much anyway.

(Except when I blog about them, I guess.   Hmmm.)

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L Chandler

Saturday 21st of February 2015

Oh my gosh there is something sexist going on in the world of shoes! There seems to be tons of men's shoes and boots that are sturdy, long-lasting, practical and warm, but when it comes to women's shoes and boots they are all so flimsy, unpadded and impractical and painful! Or, if you do find a pair of warm and comfy boots they look hideous like they would be worn only by oilfield workers. Argh! I did manage to find a pair of warm, practical and nice-looking black boots for winter but the zipper broke after only 2 months! So I brought them back to the store and they wouldn't refund me the full cost of the boots because they had been on sale when I bought them, so I only got a partial refund. :'( And might I add that the same applies to summer shoes! Nice shoes you can wear with a skirt that aren't super painful? Good luck! Ok, rant over.

Grandma Bev

Wednesday 18th of February 2015

way cool socks, .... always go for "free" shipping


Wednesday 18th of February 2015

All 3 of my kids have the delightful habit of going up a size right around January. I've gotten stuck in past years buying too much of the smaller size. Now I plan for the mid-season size shift and buy them two sizes of winter gear.

And now, I'm waiting for the day when they stop doing this and I end up with boots they will outgrow and never wear, lol.


Wednesday 18th of February 2015

So, now I'm wondering what boots you bought ;)

Kristen @ Joyfully Thriving

Tuesday 17th of February 2015

My teacher husband and I just did the same thing. We could pay $4.95 in shipping or buy a $1 book and get free shipping. We opted for the $1 "Curious George Book" so we could pay no shipping. Great frugal reminder - and yes, I agree with so many others. Crazy and cute socks! :-)

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