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WIS, WWA | with a random lunch

What I Spent

First, wanna see a super random lunch I had?

I frequently make breakfast or lunch by opening my fridge, peering around, and grabbing whatever needs to be used up. Sometimes this results in a cohesive-looking meal.

A white bowl with sausage, eggs, and asparagus inside of it.

Other times…it doesn’t. Here’s an example!

I sliced up some cabbage (I have half a head leftover from a previous recipe) and I mixed it with some leftover tzatziki sauce.


I sliced and broiled a zucchini with oil, salt, pepper, and Parmesan, an idea I got from a previous Dinnerly recipe.


I fried two eggs (because of course.)

two eggs.

Chiquita was interested, but I did not share.

And I sliced up a couple of peaches.

sliced peaches.

I don’t know why this picture is so blurry. Let’s call it an artsy blur.

No chef would put a meal like this together, but I used up some odds and ends, ate plenty of produce, and also got some protein in with the eggs and the tzatziki sauce (the base is Greek yogurt).

None of it took very long to throw together, and hey, I figure my body really only cares about nutritional value, not the cohesiveness of a meal. 🙂

I spent:

  • $20 on peaches
  • $60 at Aldi

Soooo, $80.

What We Ate


Zoe and I both were out with friends. 🙂


I made some ground beef tacos (bonus points for me because I found the ground beef during some freezer spelunking!) and we ate them on corn tortillas from my kitchen freezer.

ground beef taco.

from the last time I made tacos because I didn’t take a picture this week!

Slowly but surely, I’m workin’ through my stash of tortillas.

corn tortillas in a bag.


I made a teriyaki noodle dish with ground beef.

teriyaki noodles.

Verdict: good, but could have used more teriyaki sauce. 😉

We know I always think things need more sauce.



chicken gyro.

Lots of sauce. Yes.

I made a recipe with grilled chicken and broiled veggies; I’d say it was good, but that I prefer raw veggies in my gyros.

chicken and veggies.

I did lightly brush the pitas with oil and then heat them in my toaster oven, using the air fryer setting…total thumbs up to that!


Leftover gyros, but this time I put raw veggies in with the chicken and it was 1000% better that way.


I made some mashed potatoes and stirred in the last of the jar of sun-dried tomatoes. I topped the potatoes with browned Italian sausage and some shredded Parmesan.

mashed potatoes topped with sausage.

On the side, more shredded cabbage with tzatziki sauce.

I have concluded that I need to buy very small heads of cabbage from here on out.



I think Zoe’s gonna be at an event with a friend where pizza is involved. Seems like a good time for me to have a random-things-from-the-fridge dinner. 😉

What did you have for dinner this week?

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Central Calif. Artist

Tuesday 1st of August 2023

Kristen, when I just can't stomach any more cabbage or whatever it is, I dig it into the garden. I figure it isn't wasting food; instead, I am nourishing the soil to (try to) grow more food.


Saturday 29th of July 2023

What a blessing that stack of corn tortillas! I was trying t remember and I cannot recall if I ever saw you make enchilada casserole? That's a great use for extra tortillas and then you have ready-made meals for days--I sometimes cheat and just layer the tortillas (like lasagna) with black beans, corn, cheese, onions, peppers (rather than rolling them ) One of my greatest discoveries as an adult was learning to make my own enchilada sauce. SO easy and tons better than canned --cheaper also.


Saturday 29th of July 2023

Ha, I like the way you look at them as a blessing; I must confess I've been looking at them more as a chore!


Friday 28th of July 2023

I like the term "freezer spelunking"! I'm adding it to my lexicon.

Karen in Maine

Friday 28th of July 2023

A favorite fall side dish is to saute red cabbage, apples, and onions in a frying pan, preferably cast iron, until the onions are carmalized & the apples soft. It takes a while, about 45 minutes. Sometimes I add sweet Italian sausage to the mix and have it as the main dish. So yummy.


Friday 28th of July 2023

I eat about 2 lbs of cabbage every week. Almost always stir fried with garlic and a crushed pepper along with some salt and sugar.

It's a vegetable that requires minimal prep, stores for a long time, and it's quite nutritious! Also fills me up as I'm a volume eater.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.