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WIS, WWA | on the first longer day!

What I Spent

Every day from now until the summer solstice, the days up here in the northern hemisphere will be getting longer. Woohoo!

In other news, here’s my blogging situation. Which is fine until I need to use the mouse. 😉

cat by keyboard.

I spent:

  • $30 on a Hungry Harvest box
  • $14 on Domino’s

So, I guess just $44 for me!

What We Ate



I had a few Dinnerly meals left from a box last week and this was one: smash burgers with a special sauce, plus oven potato wedges.

oven potato wedges.

I cut up some produce for a side.


I went freezer spelunking and found a jar of homemade butter chicken sauce, a bag with two chicken thighs, and a package of marked-down naan.

Cook's Illustrated butter chicken

Luckily, I had a little cilantro in the fridge too, so all this stuff combined made a good butter chicken dinner. We had some fruit on the side.


I made another Dinnerly meal; this one was chicken Parmesan burgers, with oven fries.

oven fries.

The oven fries were very good, but the burger patty was made with Italian sausage and while I like sausage, a whole burger of it is a little much.

burger and fries.

I think the concept would be much better with a piece of chicken as the meat in the sandwich.


I don’t know what to call this…a scrambled egg burrito?

egg burrito.

It’s scrambled eggs, cheese, greens, avocado, and whatever sauce I have on hand, all in a whole wheat wrap.


This was the evening I mentioned yesterday; Zoe’s friend had to cancel on her, so we got pizza and watched Pride and Prejudice.

movie on tv screen.


I was out mid-afternoon with Sonia for a Christmas tea outing, so I wasn’t hungry for dinner (too many scones and tea sandwiches in my belly!), and Zoe was at a friend’s birthday party.


My fridge is a little bare but man, I hate going to the grocery store prior to a holiday. So I may go freezer spelunking again.

What did you have for dinner this week?

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Suellen Roley

Thursday 28th of December 2023

Be glad she's only on the mouse!! Or between you and the mouse LOL. My cat decided to sleep on the laptop. Said laptop is now in the garbage because laptop keyboards aren't made for 7 pounds of snoring cat, and even when I closed the laptop he slept on top of it. The laptop didn't survive the cat, LOL, so I went to Walmart and got another one. I'm yelling at the cat from across the house that he'd better not be on the new laptop, I get into the kitchen/office area and the little stinker is laying next to the new laptop with HIS TAIL (and only his tail) lying on the laptop. I laughed for 5 minutes straight!!


Friday 22nd of December 2023

We kept it simple this week. We finished off a brisket, I made a ham that we ate for supper 2 nights this week with various sides, a pot of chicken wild rice soup, bean burritos with chips and salad, and a frozen pizza one night ha! My husband was out of town one night last week and I just made a sandwich. This coming week though....I'm cooking sooo much stuff starting tomorrow for a luncheon with my parents and family. I will be so glad next Friday to see what is left in the fridge/freezer and start cleaning it out throughout the month of January. My freezer is a fright right now!


Friday 22nd of December 2023

Saturday -homemade pizza, salad Sunday - we cleaned out some leftovers, including pizza, tacos, and Salisbury steak Monday - chicken pesto over rice, green beans Tuesday - chicken and cheddar quesadillas Wednesday - a made up casserole that was decidedly not a hit- I mixed cream cheese with a ranch packet, then stirred in cooked chicken, rice, broccoli, and a couple shakes of garlic powder, then baked it. It was edible but not really any better than that. Thursday - roast in the crock pot with mashed potatoes, gravy, and peas. Tonight will be leftovers

Blue Gate Farmgirl

Friday 22nd of December 2023

As I type this I have my long haired version of Chiquita on my right and her huge 30 lb Maine Coon brother on my lap. Bad weather day, big kitty cuddles day. I did make the horrible no good trip to town to grocery shop on Wednesday. I also shopped for elderly friends so that they weren't caught in town traffic. WWS: $90 @ Costco, $9 scratch & dent, $12 Grocery Outlet, $24 Restaurant Supply WWA: S: Taco Salad M: grilled sirloin, green salad, roasted root veggies T: Ham & Cheese sliders, potato salad, oranges W: chicken fried steak, scalloped potatoes, green beans and green salad - made enough for sharing with 2 neighbors. Th: Leftovers F: Taco Soup and cornbread, oranges Sat: Christmas Party: I'm making dirty martini dip w/veggies, homemade airfried taquitos w/guac & pico de gallo and we are also having a "hot ones" wings competition. We each make our own homemade hot sauces. This year I got help from a friend who has a couple of restaurants and we made peach ghost pepper and a mango mix that are very good. I made a cherry blossom hot honey for my "make it hot" dessert selection, it will be drizzled on croquembouche. Can't wait!

Karen A.

Friday 22nd of December 2023

Pray for us, we are braving the grocery store today. Going to find a turkey for Christmas. And probably stocking stuffers.


Saturday: homemade pizzas for the guys at home; DH and I were on a brief road trip to see a niece for her birthday on Sunday. Saturday we were driving, so we skipped breakfast and lunch. Dinner was some frozen dinners heated up in our hotel microwave, yogurt and fruit from the grocery store. Cheaper than eating out.

Sunday: we availed ourselves of the complimentary breakfast at our hotel, went to Mass, met up with some family, then because of predicted snow up North, decided to rest a bit at the hotel then head back that day. We grabbed a frozen meal at the grocery store, some more yogurt and nuts and fruit, ate, then headed out. Got back around 10 and had a very late dinner of pizza leftovers, since the boys had had pizza for dinner as well.

Monday: baked chicken, roasted broccoli, rice. Always a winner here. Clark even begged for and got to enjoy some chicken; we made sure to give him pieces without seasoning, as onion/garlic powder are no bueno for kitties.

Tuesday: Burgers and lentil soup

Wednesday: hamburger stew, mac and cheese for the Selective Eater.

Thursday: Cat shelter night and Chik Fil A! Boy, did Clark want some Chik Fil A. Too many unknown seasonings, so he was denied, but he is a Good Cat and didn't steal any.

Friday, tonight: Taco night. Hoping the avocadoes we got last week and I put in the fridge are still okay.

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