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WIS, WWA | I’m $55 over budget

What I Spent

Last Friday, I spent $10.47 at Target.   I rarely buy food there, but I had to get some clothes for Zoe, so I picked up some pepperoni, tomato sauce, and mozzarella for our naan pizzas.

I got my $25 Hungry Harvest box on Saturday.

On Sunday, Lisey surveyed the snacks I bought and noted that Doritos were conspicuously absent.   So, she and Mr. FG dropped everything and went out to get Doritos, a few other snacks, and some bananas ($14.47).

I spent a whopping $124 at Aldi.

And then I had another $14 stop elsewhere.

And an $18 stop at Costco.


That’s $205.88, folks.

However, I was $55 under in January. And February is still young! I have time to get back on budget.

February Spending (average/goal is $150/week)

Week 1: $154

Weeks 2: $205

What We Ate


Mr. FG and I went on a date, Joshua was at work, and the girls had pasta alfredo.


I made ramen noodle bowls after church for lunch.

And for dinner, we had bacon cheese quesadillas plus all kinds of snacky stuff, since it was Super Bowl Sunday.


I made these make-ahead chicken enchiladas except I didn’t make them ahead of time.

baked chicken enchiladas with red sauce

We had orange slices with these (from my 5 pound bag!)


I made panini, using up some ham from the freezer. Yay me!

I made a green salad to go with our sandwiches.


We had BLT chicken salad, and I made some skillet cornbread to go with it.

The skillet cornbread turned out pretty well, but I think we all decided we like our cornbread to have at least a little bit of sweetener in it.

(I know, I know. Southerners feel that’s anathema, but hey, we like what we like. 😉 )




We had fresh orange slices and also some steamed broccoli topped with cheese to round out the meal.


My newest issue of Cook’s Illustrated has a recipe for One Hour Pizza.   It calls for semolina flour, so if I can find some of that, I might give this recipe a whirl.


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Saturday 10th of February 2018

I ate out a lot this week - two lunches, a breakfast, and two dinners so even though my grocery budget was in check, I went a overboard on restaurant spending this week. Sigh.

Saturday - hot dog and oven fries Sunday - a big green salad with lots of bits from the fridge thrown in. Monday - wasn't feeling well so I just heated up a can of soup and had with a toasted english muffin. Tuesday - Went to Applebees and had the 6 oz steak with garlic mashed potatoes and green beans. Wed/Thurs - Tacos. Fri - Attempted to go to a pizza place with a friend but we were informed the wait was 90 minutes so we wound up at a local Mexican place where I had taquitos.


Friday 9th of February 2018

Sunday: Philly cheese steaks (because Eagles!!!) and Cannoli Cream pie (because Philly!!!) Monday: leftovers from Superbowl plus Salad Tuesday: fajita soup Wednesday: Chik-fil-a(a reward for my daughter) Thursday: teriyaki stirfry Friday: potato skillet

Not the healthiest week, but sometimes that happens.


Saturday 10th of February 2018

That reminds me! in the film 'Julie & Julia' Julie Powel makes a chocolate cream pie that looks so good I haven't been able to find a comparable recipe does any one have one?

I try to cook regularly on my days off to freeze whole meals or parts of meals so they are quick to prepare after a long day at work so sorry if this is getting a bit boring but I have a few things on rotation: Sun - Shakshuka on toast - base & bread from freezer fresh eggs & parsely Mon - Bolognese - freshly cooked pasta, sauce from freezer Tues - Tacos - More bolognese sauce from freezer, fresh salad, cheese, greek yogurt & sweet chilli sauce from fridge, stand n stuff shells from pantry Wed - sister made one of our favourite pastas - fettucini cooked in chicken stock, lots of pepper, parsely, blanched frozen baby peas, & parmesan Thu - Fried rice from freezer Fri - Braised beef mince, pasta & vegie dish from freezer Tonight - Thai takeaway - spicy wide rice noodle dish w beef n lots of veg; so yum & will eat the leftovers for a snack tomorrow:)


Friday 9th of February 2018

Saturday- Spinach salad with dried cranberries, pecans, shredded carrots, sunflower seeds, and honey mustard dressing with garlic bread.

Sunday- Chicken wings, barbecues, chips and chocolate chip cookies

Monday- Pepperoni pizza

Tuesday- Salmon, sweet potato fries, mixed veggies

Wednesday- Deli turkey sandwiches with provolone cheese, potato chips, and fruit

Thursday- Turkey meatballs, baked potatoes, corn

Friday- Cheese Quesadillas, sun chips and fruit


Friday 9th of February 2018

Monday - pasta with goat cheese, peas for the kiddos, pureed butternut squash and mixed greens from the freezer for the adults Tuesday - pasta fazool, broccoli Wednesday - baked tofu, roasted cabbage, rice, pickled carrot and daikon Thursday - rice and black beans, cheddar cheese, mango and cuke salad Friday - pasta with tomato sauce, chickpeas stewed with carrots and garlic

This week was good budget-wise again. I spent $125. Tomorrow is my husband’s birthday and we are having people over for lunch, so next week will be a bit more spendy, but that’s alright.


Friday 9th of February 2018

Kristen, do you calculate what's spent on food for the year and see what the average is for each month? I only ask as spending may be different month to month but the average amount spent for the year may be on target........

With a stocked freezer, we've been thawing out meats and buying some milk/veg items. So far, we've had stew, smoked pork, breaded chicken, and homemade breads (banana and white bread). For February, my spending is at $80 which is on target for the family.

We've had gift cards for subs and chickfila so those got used too. Nice not to cook once in a while.


Friday 9th of February 2018

$150/month is generally my average over a year's time. Since it's a year, I don't stress too much if I'm over in a particular month. As long as it averages out over time, I'm good!

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