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WIS, WWA | I didn’t feed us much!

What I Spent

Man, this past week has been a blur. And it was also a week where some other people fed us!


I spent:

  • $22 at Panera
  • $27 at Safeway

What We Ate



I had all-day clinicals and a friend popped by with enchiladas, rice, and beans for Zoe and me. So kind.


Another all-day clinical, plus we gave our presentations.

canva cover page.

A friend had brought me some marinated thin fajita meat, so I used that to make tacos, which we ate with applesauce and chips.

steak in a skillet.

(The applesauce and chips are separate, please know. I can think of no circumstances where those two should be combined in any way!)


We had burrito bowls with leftover meat from the one friend, and leftover beans and rice from the enchilada meal from another friend. 🙂

burrito bowl.


It was the last day of our semester! And I had another downtown appointment shortly before dinner….

black high heels.

…so I picked up some Panera for Zoe and me and we watched a movie together.


Zoe was out with a friend, so I had some soup that a neighbor had dropped off for us, and I also made a cheese quesadilla.


A friend took me out for dinner, and Zoe was out with a friend at the mall, so neither of us was here for dinner!                                          


Today, I need to take a good look in my fridge to see what’s in there. It’s gotten to be a bit of a disaster because of the last few crazy weeks, so once I take inventory, I will decide on a dinner plan that uses up some of my fridge contents. 🙂

Time to get my life back in order, post-semester!

What did you have for dinner this week?

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Chris B

Sunday 17th of December 2023

Had 99 cent per lb ham that was put in egg and ham. Also, ham and raw fries from our garden potatoes made in deep fryer. Roast with mashed potatoes and corn from our garden. Made a beef barley soup with leftover roast and garden veggies. We ate lots of apples we got from our neighbor in trade. No restaurant meals. We get free bread that pantry give for animal feed. Our cows eat the bread and veggies; our cats eat bread and ham fat/ grease. Very happy and healthy animals.


Sunday 17th of December 2023

I'm from the Netherlands and here chips (fries) and applesauce are a common combination!

Blue Gate Farmgirl

Saturday 16th of December 2023

WWA: Sun: A huge chuck roast, slow cooked, green peas and green salad M: Mashed potatoes & chuck roast, veg & gravy T: Roast and gravy w/homemade egg noodles, green salad W: Rest of the roast and various veggies into big pot of soup, froze the rest Th: Taco Salad F: Chicken fried elk steak, baked potato & green salad S: BBQ burgers, sweet potato fries, fruit salad


Friday 15th of December 2023

After Thanksgiving I made stock from our 22 pound turkey and 3 rotisserie chickens from the single guy who eats only a little of the meat and hates leftovers, so he puts the meaty carcasses in his freezer and hands them over when we make contact. Wonderful stock that I then froze with the meat and skin I'd stripped from the 4 birds before roasting and then boiling the bones for 18 hours. Into the freezer when the stock and meat. Last Monday I pulled out the stock, added the few cups of sausage/onion/mushroom stuffing I'd also frozen after Thanksgiving. I then chopped up and added a bag of baby spinach. The end product was delicious. Good thing because it made a HUGE amount and we ate it for dinner M/T/W/Th night and today for lunch. (Cannot remember what we had to eat last Saturday and Sunday.) Each day as more of the stuffing bread disintegrated, it thickened the soup so the last two days it was still delicious but stew-like. Tonight the husband has a performance for a Christmas show and on the way home is picking up McDonalds fish sandwiches, my biggest reason for loving Fridays. I could eat those things every day I am afraid.


Friday 15th of December 2023

This week was a blur for me too! It was supposed to be a quiet week especially at school but it was anything but that.

Let’s see…what did we eat?: Saturday: lasagna and veggies/salad Sunday: I can’t remember. It was a really rough day. Maybe chips and Guac? Monday: leftover lasagna with veggies and fruit Tuesday: last bites of lasagna with yoghurt and fruit Wednesday: pizza and salad at church Thursday: friend brought Alfredo pasta over for me. Friday: leftover pasta Alfredo with veggies.

I have had enough pasta meals to last me a very long time. Would so much rather have fajitas/rice bowls/tacos on repeat!

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