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WIS, WWA | half Hawaii!

What I Spent

I’m mainly skipping this part again. 😉

hawaii mountain.

I did make a small trip to Aldi when we got home ($39) and I got a Hungry Harvest box ($30).

hawaii beach.

What We Ate


We walked around Waikiki and saw the sunset there.

hawaii sunset.

For dinner, we visited a food court, where Zoe got Raising Cane’s, and I got a BBQ chicken meal from a local Hawaiian grill spot.


We got up early and went on a super challenging hike at Koko Head. It’s a trip right up the mountain, on some old tram tracks. SO exhausting.

How exhausting? Well, it’s not uncommon for people to puke on the way up.

koko head trail.

But we made it to the top, and views were pretty good. 😉

hawaii ocean view.

two teens on top of a mountain.

Zoe + Lisey’s boyfriend’s brother (who is very close to Zoe’s age)

I thought that going down the tracks was gonna be terrible, but it wasn’t nearly as hard as going up!

koko head trail.

We spent most of our last day at the beach, and we popped in super quick to McDonalds on the way back to shower and then head to the airport.

Zoe got on the plane that night, but I got bumped. Soooo, Lisey came back to pick me up.


My flight left for Maui at 3:45, and then I hopped on another plane for the trip to Chicago (that flight lasted until about 5:30 am Tuesday, Chicago time).

They fed me some kind of cold pasta dish with greens on that flight; all things considered, it wasn’t terrible.


This was the day I finally made it home. I had eaten a sandwich right after my flight, so I wasn’t hungry at dinner time. And after her work shift, Zoe picked up some fast food for herself.

frozen creek.

This was some weather whiplash for sure!


I had a meeting in the evening, so I made myself a quick sandwich before I left, and I think Zoe had some ramen while I was gone.

evergreen branch.


We had grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup, plus some sliced oranges.

grilled cheese sandwich.


I dunno, BUT I do know that today I’m going to make a meal plan for next week.

School starts Monday and I know it will be helpful to have a plan going into that.

What did you have for dinner this week?

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Friday 19th of January 2024

WIS: $36 fish market; $35 meat market; $20 Trucchi's; $15 Walmart Friday: Clam chowder and stuffed clams Saturday: Pizza Sunday: Hamburgers Monday: Egg and vegetable casserole with sausage Tuesday: Pizza Wednesday: Turkey dinner Thursday: A burger

There is a local fish market and restaurant near where I work. I wanted to try their clam chowder. It was pricey for a quart of chowder from the market. They also had some good looking stuffed clams that I decided to buy. The chowder was rather expensive. After I saw that our local meat market had chowder for $8/qt. I did buy some and will give it a try. At one market I found a couple of pizzas marked down. Can't make them at home for that price. When I came home from work Tuesday, my husband said throw in the pizza for a quick meal. I had a boneless turkey breast I purchased before Christmas. We'll have leftovers tomorrow night I think. Good luck on a successful spring semester.


Friday 19th of January 2024

Spent an embarrassing (for a frugal blog) amount this week due to stocking up at BJs and an infrequent but expensive trip to Eataly. January hasn't been frugal...It adds up fast, especially in a VHCOL area. Some stuff will last months so hopefully the next few won't be so bad. WIS: Farmers market-$107 (got cash, didn't spend all but for ease of tracking will add to the week it gets taken from the account); Flashfood-$57; Neighborhood-$13; Milk Delivery-$19; Eataly-$143; Bjs-$261 Total-$600 WWA: Sat- Homemade chicken tenders, fries, and onion rings Sun- Chicken fajitas w/ homemade tortillas Mon- Mushroom/short rib ravioli, mushroom ragu, broccolini & cheese sausage Tues- Brown sugar glazed ham steak, mac and cheese, green beans Wed- Shrimp scampi w/ linguini, can't remember what vegetable but there was one Thurs- Steak & cheese, salt & vinegar potato chips Fri- We had to cook a kale chicken sausage last night before the date passed so probably this w/ some kind of pasta and veg


Friday 19th of January 2024

Wow, just wow over your hike up and down. Down looked more scary than the going up part.

The husband is still gone, so meals continue to be random. Popcorn and cottage cheese, ramen and cottage cheese, egg and cottage cheese (finally finished the cottage cheese)...just finished an earthquake that set Pound Hound to barking and knocked over a glass. They are not usually this strong in this part of the state. But when they happen we automatically think of the one that hit Anchorage years ago when the earth literally opened up in spots.


Saturday 20th of January 2024

Down looked more scary, but going up was FOR SURE more exhausting!

A. Marie

Saturday 20th of January 2024

@Lindsey, I still remember the 1960s National Geographic article about the big quake in Anchorage. Those photos certainly had me going "Whoa!!" as a 10-year-old.

MB in MN

Friday 19th of January 2024

@Lindsey, an earthquake?! So glad you're alive!


Friday 19th of January 2024

128 at Kroger pick up. 23 at ALDI.

Monday: club sandwiches on sourdough and salad Tuesday: minestrone with ground beef and biscuits Wednesday: roasted potatoes and chicken sausages Thursday: big salad and leftover potatoes Friday : pizza and double choc brownies

Blue Gate Farmgirl

Friday 19th of January 2024

Welcome Home, Kristen! This week the PNW had quite the winter storm. I made double darn sure that the outside was winterized, we had a big pile of wood close to the house to safely access for heat and then onto the inside prep. Food has been achingly boring, but we managed to be fed. I made a large meatloaf, baked potatoes and mixed up a large batch of ginger/molasses/oatmeal cookies. So that fed us for 3 looong days. Knock on wood, we never lost power. But present self was grateful to past self for trimming all the trees. The ice storm only showed me one limb that I need to take care of. Got it marked to trim next. Back to dinner. Next, I made white chicken chili w/frozen cannellini beans and freezer chicken carcass, w/cornbread and added a green salad. Last night I finally broke loose, even though we experienced another ice storm last night, I grilled t-bones, green salad and artisan bread and invited 3 neighbor families to dinner. Today is a big pot of spaghetti sauce cooking low and slow on the woodstove @ a nice simmer, tonight will be noodles/sauce/green salad w/fresh lettuce from the greenhouse and tomorrow a lasagna w/fresh ricotta.

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