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WIS, WWA | an FG meetup!

Ok, so, one of my readers is organizing a Frugal Girl meetup in the mid-Atlantic area this summer, and I’m gonna be there!


She made a Google form so that we could collect emails for interested readers, and then we’ll organize the rest of it via email rather than on here. That way you all can feel comfortable that not everyone on the internet will know the time, date, and location. 🙂

Click here to fill out the Google form.

We’re gonna do a picnic type of thing, so it’s weather-dependent (we’ll hope for a break in the heat!!) and I wouldn’t plan on traveling a long distance to come, just in case we have to cancel for the weather.

What I Spent

roasted marshmallow.

This week, I spent:

  • $30 on a Hungry Harvest box
  • $62 at Aldi

Sooo, $92.

And we did no eating out at all, so yay us!

What We Ate


mashed Yukon Gold potatoes

  • some steaks because they were on a good sale due to the upcoming 4th of July holiday
  • mashed potatoes
  • sauteed asparagus


  • sauteed tilapia seasoned with some Old Bay
  • leftover mashed potatoes
  • sauteed asparagus (freshly sauteed, not leftover!)


I ate a tuna melt (handy for trying to meet the protein goal my trainer set for me) and Zoe had a ham sandwich.

tuna melt.


On Monday, I had cooked a pork butt for making pork tinga. So when I got home from work, I just needed to do a few more steps to make tacos.

(Brown the pork, then cook it in a sauce.)

pork tinga tacos.

But I think in the future I’m just gonna have a heat-and-eat meal because by the time I get home, it’s usually 8:00 pm and I just want to eat, shower, and sleep.

(Zoe was at work until 11 pm and so she ate when she got home.)


Leftover pork tinga, as a salad.

taco salad.


I grilled some burgers and we had corn and cherries on the side.

fresh cherries


I’ve got a 12-hour shift today so I’m probably just going to have a sandwich when I get home.

What did you have for dinner this week?

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Sunday 7th of July 2024

After my son’s cooking class he has been more interested in helping in the kitchen. I had him look through a cookbook where each recipe had only seven ingredients or less. He made Monday and Tuesday’s mains!

Friday: Pizza, we used a credit we had from when they undercooked a previous order. This time around it was just right!

Saturday: Italian Sub Salad. My son had a friend spend the night and they spent most of the day fishing so this was easy to make and have ready when they finally came home.

Sunday: Steak, Spicy Vodka Risotto, roasted veggies

Monday: Parmesan Pork Chops, mac and cheese, green salad

Tuesday: Air Fryer Chicken Drumsticks, mashed potatoes, green beans

Wednesday: Zuppa Toscana, garlic bread

Thursday: dinner at my parent’s – grilled tri-tip, potato salad, beans, fresh veggies, garlic bread. My son made a peach cobbler for dessert.

Blue Gate Farmgirl

Friday 5th of July 2024

WIS: $36 @ Costco, $9 @ scratch and dent store Chuck roast in Instant Pot w/veggies Meal #2 - Hot beef sammies w/leftover gravy Meal #3 Gyudon (Japanese Beef Rice Bowl w/pickled ginger and dashi broth Fourth of July = work w/bbq @ work & root beer floats IP bbq chicken thighs, sauteed broccoli & chopped kale salad Saturday - Southern Rock concert @ bbq competition Sun & Monday work - some kind of salad w/protein & berries/cherries for dessert Fishing Tuesday & Wednesday for salmon


Friday 5th of July 2024

Saturday - burgers and fries at a chain restaurant Sunday - dine out Mexican Monday - what better half called an experimental meal - rice, beans, pork, red peppers et al. It was pretty good. Tuesday - 2 burgers/side of fries special at a local joint ($15 - you can't beat it) Wednesday - $8 rib eye steaks and potato salad Thursday - burgers and fries at above chain restaurant - better half is impressed by their fries which are just as good and a fraction of the cost at the numeric guys place. Hit a local BBQ joint and bought a dinner which we had for lunch on Friday Friday - tacos - some of the fixings were leftovers. The leftovers will be lunch on Saturday


Friday 5th of July 2024

WIS $78 Aldi

WWA--when I write fruit, it might include cherries, watermelon, red grapes, apples, bananas, strawberries, blueberries this week; bowls on the table and folks choose whatever they want.

One thing that is fun is that I'm making our peanut butter. $2.19 for a jar of dry roasted unsalted peanuts at Aldi, about 1-2 tsp olive oil, a dash of salt, and whirl it in my food chopper until it the consistency I want, then put into clean jars (saved jam jars because they have good openings) and store in fridge. So for approximately $2.25, we have slightly more peanut butter than the $3.79 organic version (green label) from Aldi, and it's fun to make :) This week's jar is ever so slightly crunchy (husband's preference).

Sat & Sun: salads, fresh fruit, graintastic bread toasted (mine's plain, husband's is garlic toast)

Mon: Turkey and veg sandwiches on same bread, yogurt, fruit, chips

Tues: quesadillas, yogurt, fruit

Wed: hmmm...??? there's a good possibility that I was on my own and, therefore, had a bowl of old fashioned oatmeal with raisins, 1 T walnuts, a small banana, and a sprinkle of cinnamon.

Thurs: black bean burgers (homemade always to avoid fats & rosacea) on same bread (toasted), fruit, berry cake (homemade non-fat)

Fri: leftover bean burger on white rice & spinach with soy sauce, olive oil, & black pepper

Joan from Dublin

Friday 5th of July 2024

WIS: €90 (roughly $97.50) – way too much for just two of us but in my defence we fed our daughter and son-in-law on Wednesday, and our son and future daughter-in-law are eating with us this evening. Sunday: Normandy Pork – cubed pork cooked with onions, cooking apples, apple juice and cream ( served with boiled potatoes Monday: ham and cheese omelettes with peas and baked potatoes. We Irish love our potatoes! Tuesday: Cod in batter with chips (french fries – more potatoes!) with salad and coleslaw Wednesday: chicken curry made in the slow cooker (crockpot?) with boiled rice Thursday: chicken stir fry with a sweet and sour sauce and ready-to-wok noodles. Friday: lasagne, garlic bread, green salad, coleslaw and pasta salad. Followed by apple pie with whipped cream.

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