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Two quick things (free Big Hero Six, plus a Swagbucks event)

I’ve got two things in my inbox that I wanted to share with you, and I’ll make this super quick.


Right now, you can get a Big Hero 6 DVD free through TopCashBack if you are a new member.

TopCashBack is like Ebates, but I usually find their cashback rates to be slightly higher, so I generally check there first.


You do have to buy the DVD through, FYI.

I’m not a Walmart fan, generally speaking, though I occasionally shop there under duress.   But I know a lot of you have no choice but to shop there, and hey, you might as well get the DVD free.

(We do unabashedly love Big Hero 6! And Baymax. Baymax is the best thing ever.)

The DVD offer ends tomorrow, so hurry up if you want it.


Today is Swagbucks’ 7th birthday, and they have some special birthday stuff goin’ on involving bonuses and games and such.

(If you don’t have a Swagbucks account yet, go sign up for a free one!)

This post contains affiliate links for TopCashBack and Swagbucks, which are both services that I use myself.

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Thursday 26th of February 2015

With Swagbucks, if you run their mobile apps plus do all the daily things (NOSO, poll, etc.), and perhaps watch a few videos or do the Encraves when you have the time, you can make well over $1.00 / day with VERY little work.

I post about Swagbucks and similar ways to make money online at my new blog, too. Here is my overview of another one, InboxDollars, which is similar to Swagbucks but also pays you (just a little) for emails: in case you were interested in other sites that work like this.


Thursday 26th of February 2015

Thanks! I'm a faithful ebates user & haven't heard of TopCashBack, but now I will check here, too. My son was just asking about renting Big Hero 6, so this will be a great surprise to own it! :)

Emily @ Simple Cheap Mom

Wednesday 25th of February 2015

Just got 7 Swagbucks for entering a birthday SwagCode! Thanks for the heads up!


Wednesday 25th of February 2015

This sounds like an interesting read, but I too would NEVER empty my bag at the end of the day. I would just have to put all my junk back in. Moisturizer, lip balm, sunglasses, daily medication-those things already have a home---in my bag. "Hello moisturizer, thank you for your service, now go back to your life in my purse. Say hi to chapstick while you're there."

Anyway, I've put the book on hold at the library (I'm #30 on the list!)


Wednesday 25th of February 2015

Dang, wrong area to comment.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.