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Two of them aren’t too old.

(our egg hunt was a little late this year…I do realize Easter was over a week ago!)

easter egg

Joshua and Lisey have been forgoing the Easter egg hunt for the last year or two, but Sonia and Zoe are still firmly on the not-too-old-for-this-yet side of the fence.

(They can’t understand why in the world Joshua and Lisey don’t want to hunt for eggs!)

But the egg hunt is still a family affair because Joshua and Lisey help Mr. FG and me hide eggs for Sonia and Zoe, and we all have a great time watching them try to find what we’ve hidden.

There’s nothing quite as fun as watching a kid repeatedly walk by a hidden egg, am I right?   I think being an egg hider might be even more fun than being an egg hunter. 😉

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Tuesday 5th of April 2016

We only had about 10 eggs to hide because I had used so many the week before in recipes. We kept hiding the 10 eggs then finding them. Since I have 2 small kids I tried to help each one find the same amount of eggs. I kept noticing we had less and less eggs. When I looked over at the dog he had purple egg shell hanging out of his mouth. Busted!


Tuesday 5th of April 2016

Ha ha! One year when I was a kid, there were a few eggs that my brother and I just couldn't find. We talked my mother to into giving us hot and cold clues, but still nothing. Finally we gave up and she told us where they were - but when we went to retrieve them, they were just gone! Curiously, these were all of the eggs that had been hidden within about a foot of two of the ground. We were all mystified until we went outside and saw all of the... um... "colorful" dog poop! Still my favorite Easter memory. :-)


Tuesday 5th of April 2016

I did a few egg hunts for my kids when they were little, but mostly they did them at church. What they really enjoyed were treasure hunts around our house and yard with written clues leading them from one clue to the next. I made it hard on myself by making all the clues as riddles in rhyme form, but it was still fun for me as well as them. They had to solve each riddle and figure out from that where the next riddle clue was hidden. At the very end of the clue trail, they would find a quarter each, and that was just as exciting to them as a grand prize. I just realized that I need to do that for my granddaughter who is now old enough! The best clue I ever did for their treasure hunt was the one in which I wrapped the scrap of paper, with a riddle clue written on it, around the dog's collar. They figured out that the previous clue's riddle answer was the dog, but they couldn't think how I would have hidden the next clue with or around the dog. It took a while for them to spot it taped tightly around a section of her collar. I had such fun watching them!


Tuesday 5th of April 2016

We went to a large family Easter party. The teenagers hid the eggs in the backyard for the young cousins to find. When that Easter egg hunt ended, the little cousins felt bad that their older cousins didn't get to share in the hunt. They made all the teenagers leave while the young kids hid the eggs. The teenagers had to crawl all over the ground looking for eggs. It was a blast watching the little kids hide the eggs & watching the teenagers go through bushes looking for them. A great time was had by all!


Tuesday 5th of April 2016

Last year I started hiding eggs for my parents (my mom is 74!!), and it is a blast!! We all have a fabulous time!


Tuesday 5th of April 2016

When we got older my mom would do scavenger hunts or give us flashlights to find eggs in the dark. We always had a fun time!

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