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Thankful Thursday | It’s December!

This week, I am thankful:

that it’s December!

small ceramic christmas tree.

I think my last final is on December 14th, soooo….in two weeks, my semester will be officially over. Woohoo!

I just gotta stay motivated for 14 more days.

for some leaves that are still hanging on

When I was walking in the woods this morning, I noticed that there are still a few red leaves out there.

red leaves on a trail in the woods.

for beautiful things to see as I walk

Things like running water.

creek in the woods.

Lichens/moss on trees.

moss and lichens on a tree.

Little mushrooms.

small brown mushrooms.

Raindrops on leaves.

maple leaf with raindrops.

for a good night’s sleep last night

I finally managed to get into bed on the early side of things, and I feel better today!

a little drawing from my niece

She’s on a draw-cute-animals kick and she made little drawings for my girls and me. I told her I’d put mine up on my bulletin board when I got home.

drawing on a bulletin board.

I messaged her this picture and she said, “Thank you.” So cute.

for the benefits of being a homeschooling mom and then a college student

I really, really think my return to college has been a little easier due to my years of homeschooling. There was only a 7-year gap between my last day as a student and my first day as a homeschooling for most of my years on this planet, I’ve been either a student or a homeschooling mom.

I can see lots of ways that this has smoothed my path, most particularly when I need math skills for my classes.

(Heck, even my young classmates seem rustier than I am when it comes to basic math!)

for my piano

I had a lot of responsible things I could have done when I got home yesterday, but before I did those things, I sat down and played through a few pieces, just for fun.

I’m so glad I have it here with me!

piano keys

that pianos are ready to play in an instant

One thing I like about being a pianist is that my instrument takes no prep. There are no reeds to install, no assembly is necessary, nothing needs to be taken out of a case, no tuning has to be done (by me at least!)…it’s so easy to just sit down and play for a few minutes.

And when I’m done playing, I don’t have to clean anything or put anything away.

What are you thankful for this week?

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Friday 2nd of December 2022

* I'm thankful that both my kids are very driven in school and always getting grades accordingly

* That it's friday! It was a long week, very ready for the weekend.

* That my sick daughter hasn't tested positive (...yet?) for Covid. She has a heart condition so this worries me.

* YouTube. How lucky are we to have access to thousands free videos every day!

* For comedians. *yes, I'm watching a comedy show on Youtube right now, aha


Friday 2nd of December 2022

I think another thing of beauty on your hike is that cool hanging bridge in your photo! How interesting!


Friday 2nd of December 2022

Yes to playing the piano! It is soothing & calming; so wonderful to lose oneself in the flow of the music.


Friday 2nd of December 2022

Thankful for-

A relatively quiet week both at home and work.

I have 90% of my Christmas shopping done.

That my wonderful vet was able to see my oldest pup the same day. My pup had a skin infection.

That my boss is super good about working from home or changing my schedule for vet appointment.

That my youngest dog was not severely injured do to a weird stars aligning kind of event. My son's golden went after my youngest pup when our neighbors dog came running by our fence. My neighbors apologized several times but I think they now understand why they need to keep him in their yard.


Friday 2nd of December 2022

As a teacher, the academic year always feels so “crunchy” this time of year with testing and holiday cheer and distractions. I’m stepping back as my mom would say to just “look at it all” “just take it all in” and not rush to get it over with. So thankful for the wisdom my mom shared with me and that I turn to so often. Thankful for aging—shocking recognition—I don’t want to be younger—I’m glad I am where I am in life. Thankful for music in my life, that I spent time honing the craft And art of playing and listening to music. What a refuge. Thankful for coffee, as always! Karen

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