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Thankful Thursday | I was stressing about the poppy seeds!

Unnecessary picture of Chiquita to start us out:

cat at corner of wall.

This week I am thankful:

that my poppy seed consumption did not screw me over

So yesterday morning I knew I had my health screening/drug test for my student nurse job.

I went to the gym, worked out, came home and made some breakfast, headed to the hospital, and when I got there, I was like, “OH NOOOOO. I PUT EVERYTHING BAGEL SEASONING ON MY EGGS.”

And we all know that has poppy seeds in it.

scrambled eggs.

the worrying poppy seeds

Because I have almost no experience with drug screenings, I immediately started panic-googling to see if that small amount of poppy seeds was going to cause a problem.

I hadn’t arrived at a definitive answer before my drug test but thank heavens, the urine drug test is processed on the spot. So a few minutes after the test, it was already clear that I had passed all the screens.

Whew. That saved me a lot of worrying (and further googling!)

for a nursing friend who understands me

One of my friends from clinical last semester is, like me, a very rule-following, squeaky-clean kind of person.

But also like me, she expends a not-insignificant amount of energy worrying that she has accidentally broken the rules.

So, I texted her about my poppy-seed-drug-test story when I got home. She was like, “OMG I WOULD HAVE BEEN FREAKING OUT.” and I said, “I knew you would understand me.”


that my TB test is gonna do double-duty

I was due to get a new TB test done for the next semester of nursing school, and I was planning on having to pay for it myself.

BUT, I got a free TB test yesterday for my job at the hospital, so I can just submit those results for school. Woohoo!

That will save me time and money.

that my neighbor who fell is fine

About a week ago, on my way home, I found an older neighbor sitting in the road. I stopped to check on him, and he had apparently just fallen. He had a big ol’ knot on his head and he was pretty confused, but he was able to remember where he lived.

I checked him over, helped him to his feet and walked him back to his house, and thankfully his wife was home, and she was able to take over from there.

(He wanted to walk home by himself and I was like, “Ummmmm, that will not be happening.” Heh.)

a neighborhood road at sunset.

Anyway, he was out walking his dog this past weekend and he popped by to let me know that he is ok. Yay!

Something funny about this story: when I am doing clinicals at the hospital, I am not allowed to ambulate patients without supervision. So I almost second-guessed whether it was ok to help my neighbor walk home.

But then I remembered I am not operating in any official capacity in my neighborhood. I’m free to help people walk here! 😉

that my branches are alllllll gone now

Last weekend, my neighbors and I only got as far as cutting up the branches, stacking them, and putting debris in yard waste bags.

But on Tuesday, Donna and I made three truck trips to the recycling center to dump it all into the yard waste dumpster (it gets recycled/composted there.)

sticks in the back of the truck.

Loading it into the truck isn’t all that fun, but I have to say, throwing it over the edge into the dumpster is pretty fun, especially when it’s the larger logs of wood.

yard waste bins in a truck.

It’s kinda like a free rage room!

yard waste dump.

There’s a big yard waste dumpster behind that wall

Donna said, “Flex and let me take a picture for your blog!” So here you go:

Kristen flexing.

for some dry, cool air!

We have a nice string of not-humid days ahead with highs in the mid-7os, and to me, that is PERFECT weather.

What are you thankful for this week?

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Friday 31st of May 2024

So happy to hear everything went well with your testing! It's good to have a friend you can talk to about things like that.

I'm thankful for ...

1) The wonderful time we had with my mother and sister in law. It was only a few days but we crammed so many activities during that Memorial Day weekend. We had a BBQ and roasted marshmallows at home, picnic at the park, walk along the river. We also played board games at home and the girls got to do a craft with their aunt. 2) Girls are out of school and we've had a lot of fun times so far like walks, scooter rides, bike rides & times at the playgrounds and along the riverwalk. We've also watched movies, played card and boardgames. 3) My diligent husband. He's not one that easily gives up and I admire that so much about him. For example, he was trying to make popovers but the problem was they wouldn't rise. He finally got them to rise this weekend and was so excited. 4) The start of summer. It's getting warmer here which means more enjoyable weather and more fun outdoor activities to do together. 5) A more relaxed schedule like a break from waking up or getting the girls to bed early to get the girls ready for school & volunteer activities since the girls are off school this summer.


Friday 31st of May 2024

It’s funny you mention a rage room because I was just trying to find something my friend and I could bring to dump or recycling for that very purpose! Also I love Chiquita’s random paparazzi appearances!!

1. For how many friends & family I have who will support in the hard seasons of life & walk through all the unknowns with me.

2. For my sister in law who is a great resource and very much my rock.

3. For sunny days

4. For having less migraines as I visit home!

5. For a generous community I can easily rehome things in via the Buy Nothing Group as my family is downsizing & I help in that process

Heather Mar

Friday 31st of May 2024

So glad your neighbor got safely home and is doing well! I agree, Donna seems awesome. And whoo girl, those arms!!! Keep it up!

I'm thankful: --that my financial choices leave me in a position to decide whether I want to buy certain things instead of not having the option. This week: a wig lol (long story, my insurance might pay, but it's complicated as usual). --for my husband's support when my medical treatments have mental health effects around the edges and it's part of weathering the storm. --for the coffee shop in my town. There's only one, and I barely live in a town. But we have a little place open 3 days/week with a most interesting/welcoming/inspiring proprietor. I got to spend a little time there yesterday and it's a gem. --for spring fruit and fresh ice cream! --for my dad.


Thursday 30th of May 2024

A cat picture is never unnecessary.


Thursday 30th of May 2024

The last month and a half has been super hard for me to really reflect on what I need to be grateful for. Hoping it's not too much personal info, but I just got out of a 6 month relationship in which I thought all was very good. It was my first relationship after becoming a widow almost 4 years ago. Anyway, the break up was unexpected and I lost money, lots of it that I'm trying to recuperate. But seeing this blog had made me decided to start listing things I'm grateful for on a daily basis, so here goes my list: 1- being able to take long walks in my subdivision where i can be safe even later in the evening. 2- since I tend to be frugal minded, being able to save money by not going out and driving around w my ex. 3- big one... being able to spend more time with my kiddos because I'm home alot more instead of dates (this one has me regretful alot). 4- didn't mean to but having lost some weight and that means I can closet shop instead of going store shopping . 5- being able to start going back to church and having emotional support.


Wednesday 5th of June 2024

@Laura, That’s a rough thing to go through. Good for you for looking at the positives!

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