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Thankful Thursday | I got a job!

Don’t worry; I’m not giving up my blogging job. 😉

But I DID get an offer letter for the student nurse job that I interviewed for, and I accepted.

Kristen in a blazer.

me pretending to be fancy for the interview

I teared up a little when I got the email…it’s the same feeling I’ve had at intervals all along the way, like when I went to my first nursing school orientation, or got my first scrubs.

I feel a little bit of disbelief, like…”Whoa! I’m really doing this!!”

Kristen in a blue scrub top.

Almost exactly a year ago, when I tried on my sample top at the uniform store!

The tears aren’t sad at all. They’re more like the tears you shed when you’ve wanted something for a long time, thought it might be out of reach, but then that thing turns out to actually be possible.

Happy disbelief might be the right descriptor!

I’m not going to be working a ton of hours or getting paid a ton of money, but that is fine; I just wanted to be able to get some extra hands-on experience under my belt during this remaining year before I graduate.

So, that’s my first thankful for this week!

What else?

This week, I am thankful:

that several of my professors filled out references for me

When you are applying for a student nurse job, you are allowed to list your professors as references (the hospital assumes you don’t have actual medical work references yet!)

I asked my clinical instructors from this semester, and also my microbio professor and my A&P 2 professor, and they all filled out the reference forms.

Anatomy and Physiology textbook with a green cover.

Remember my anatomy book?? 😉

For future nursing jobs, I will be able to have references from my student nurse job, of course, but I am grateful to my teachers for helping me get my starter job.

that I didn’t get Covid at all this past winter

I got Covid in January 2022 and January 2023….but this January, no Covid for me!

that my friend taught me a stainless steel pan trick

My online friend Kathleen told me about a way to make a stainless steel pan basically nonstick…I tried it, and I’m sold! I can now make scrambled eggs in my stainless steel pan, with super easy cleanup afterward.

scrambled eggs.

Here’s an example of the method, but basically, you heat the pan up until it’s so hot that water sprinkled on the surface balls up and skitters across the surface.

Then you turn the heat down a bit, add a small bit of oil/butter, and you can carry on with your cooking.

It works amazingly well!

that Lisey calls me regularly

It makes me smile that we talk so often, even though we have a six-hour time difference! I always love hearing from her and getting caught up on her life out there on the island.

hawaii mountain.

for all the kind words from you guys yesterday

I really appreciate your gentle responses; some of them were so touching, they made me cry.

white flowers in the sunlight.

I sometimes second-guess myself when I write something like that, and honestly, I almost deleted it shortly after I published it. But I’m glad I left it up, both because you all offered me so much encouragement, and also because some of you said it was relatable and helpful.

In her song, “My Mind and Me”, Selena Gomez says,

“But if I pull back the curtain, then maybe someone who’s hurtin’Will be a little more certain they’re not the only one lost”

And that’s why I share things. I have been helped so, so many times when someone else has shared vulnerably, and I want to pay that forward.

flowers in the sunlight.

I think it’s a beautiful way of redeeming something painful; turning it into a force for good in the world.

What are you thankful for this week?

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Barbara Smith

Thursday 6th of June 2024

Well -- I am thankful for YOU, FG! and your inviting readers on your journey and for the stainless steel pan tip, too.

3 John 2


Monday 27th of May 2024

Congratulations on your new job?

Chris b

Friday 24th of May 2024

1. Rain for garden. No hail or tornado. 2. Lilacs in bloom. Love that smell. 3. Making disaster relief quilts and tracing liners and transport cases for days for girls. 4. News that prices may go down. People are struggling. 5. Books on Libby app.


Friday 24th of May 2024

Congratulations! And I hope that you can be proud of yourself after yesterday's reflection more easily.


Thursday 23rd of May 2024

Congrats on your new job As a student nurse we were allowed to work in hospital for $$$ Got a whopping $1.18/hour

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.