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Thankful Thursday | a compliment to you guys!

You guys, I was catching up on some podcasts the other day, and one of the episodes was from Laura Vanderkam’s Before Breakfast podcast.

Before Breakfast podcast

She was talking about scrolling more mindfully, and she suggested that reading comments in private or curated communities is a better use of time than, say, the comments section on news sites.

And she said that she enjoys reading the comment section here for that reason!

Soo….her podcast listeners have officially been sent here to read what you all have to say. 😉

This week, I am thankful:

for funny carrots from Hungry Harvest

You know how Hungry Harvest sells produce that is unfit for regular grocery stores?

dancing carrot.

Well, I got a bunch of funky carrots this week, and these always make me laugh because they look like legs!

running carrot.

I roasted them and they were just as good as straight carrots. 😉

mashed potato bowl with sausage and veggies.

that I got to shadow a float nurse this week

My patient from the day before had been discharged, so I got assigned to tag along with a float nurse (an extra nurse who just walks around the unit and does whatever needs to be done to help out), and I really liked that!

I got to see a lot of different kinds of care being done, which was so educational. And I also got to do some helping out.

backpack on floor.


that I know how to program an IV pump now

In previous weeks, I’ve observed this being done, and I’ve done it supervised, but now I can confidently program a main bag and a piggyback bag (like for an IV antibiotic).

Of course, I’m sure the pumps vary from facility to facility, but I’m happy I have at least learned this one!

Same goes for the vital signs machines at this hospital; I was a little confused by them on the first week, but I’m a pro now. 🙂

that I have a long summer break to look forward to

In seven more weeks, we have a nice three-month break from nursing school. Woohoo! My brain will appreciate the rest.

for all the spring green I’m seeing

blossoms on trees.

The underbrush on my trails is so green now. And I see little buds and blossoms on branches everywhere!

tree blossom.

for the appointment system at the DMV

I will never, never stop being grateful for how Covid changed the way this agency operates.

I absolutely, positively love that you can make appointments for things now; it drastically reduces the headache and the wait time. I had an appointment at 12:45 this week, and by 12:46, my name was being called.

(Before Covid, you just had to show up and wait in line and hope for the best. And the best was usually an hours-long wait.)

that I had some time to work on my scuffed table

I’m really going to finish this thing, you guys! I put it on my big spring break to-do list last week, and I did make a little progress.

can of green paint.

Chiquita is wondering if it could perhaps be a cat hotel instead of a nightstand. 😉

cat in a nightstand.

that I got almost everything done on my spring break list

to-do list with a sparkly pen on top of it.

Out of that whole long list, I left only two things unchecked…and I did make some progress on both of those things (scuffed table included!)

So, yay me! I’m thankful I managed to get so many of those things knocked out.

What are you thankful for this week?

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Saturday 30th of March 2024

Admittedly I'm a cat person, but gotta say that Chiquita is one of the cutest cats I've seen. She was absolutely an adorable kitten, but unlike many kittens, never lost her appeal when she grew up!


Saturday 30th of March 2024

Admittedly, I'm biased, but I agree with your assessment. lol


Thursday 28th of March 2024

Loved reading everyone's gratitudes today!

I'm thankful: --that I still had some Novox left from all the dog's surgeries this past year. The vet warned she would develop arthritis in her knees and I've tried some of the OTC anti-inflammatories for dogs, but no matter how I disguise them, she manages to eat around them and spit them out. I found the half-empty bottle on Fri. and started her back on it, and the difference this week is gratifying.

--for the gals in the growth group I co-led at church the past couple of months. It was my first time doing that, and I felt very awkward and inadequate. The pastor encourages the groups to share a meal at some point, so some of us went out for Mexican food last weekend. They wanted to talk more about the subject, even though sessions ended 3 weeks ago, and were so encouraging and insightful, it just made my heart happy. These particular girls are in their 20s, with me old enough to be their grandmother, but we had such a sweet bond--I want to adopt them!

--that my husband has finally realized (without me having to play the bad guy) that he shouldn't be driving any more. He told me he just doesn't feel safe driving the interstate at all now, and I sent up a thank you prayer, because he has had some close calls lately. Then he had his annual eye exam this week, which explained a lot. It's more driving for me, but I am relieved.

--for a slowing down of all the appointments the 3 of us have had since January. I am grateful for the good healthcare we and the dog have had, but I am just so tired of coordinating, scheduling, and advocating.

--that with the calmer schedule I've been able to spend some time sewing. I've been working on a baby quilt, and turning a tablecloth into an apron, while listening to audio books. I'm on a mission to finish up some old projects, so I can start new ones. While I do want my family to give my fabrics and things to other sewists and quilters when I die, that was not my purpose for buying it! It's like having the good china--time to pull it out and enjoy it.

Kim from Philadelphia

Thursday 28th of March 2024

The carrot legs just made me laugh and laugh


Thursday 28th of March 2024

I've listed to Laura before because of your recommendations. Congrats on being mentioned :)

My Thankfuls

1) For a husband who loves to take his daughter on daddy daughter dates. He sees when my girls need one on one time and takes them out someplace to eat and catch up.

2) That everyone in my family is FINALLY well and we're over a month long sickness.

3) Since I'm not longer sick, for the energy to get through my to do list. I'm so happy to have laundry finished, clothes and things mended, most of my Christmas decor finally put away, etc.

4) For a chance to volunteer at my church and library. I love that I can give back to them for all they do for us through my time.

5) For sunnier weather even though there's still snow on the ground. I love having my face bathed in the warm sunlight while sitting on the couch meditating or reading a book. Reminds me of when I was younger and did this often.


Thursday 28th of March 2024

Thankful for slightly better weather so the dogs can go for walks.

For an anonymous person who paid the bar and food bill for my co-worker who got married yesterday. Couldn't have happened to a nicer couple.

That it is break week at work. Nice and quiet.

My bulbs are popping up but the deer are eating them quicker than they grow. There are 3 little deer who run around the back yard chasing each other. Very cute till they eat your garden.

Looking forward to having fresh berries this year. I have many new shoots and these are fenced off from the deer.

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