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Summer Bucket List Update | It’s August!

Every summer, I make a list of fun & practical things I want to do before summer “kicks the bucket”.

Cook with my kids.

I did better this month! I taught Sonia how to make bread (we started with French bread because that is super easy.)

I know I cooked with Zoe once, and there was at least one other time that both of them cooked dinner.

Definitely still room for improvement!

Go see (3) movies at the theater.

2/3! We saw Cars and also the new Pirates of the Caribbean at the cheap theater.

I’m not sure what our third movie will be…maybe the Despicable Me movie will make it to the cheap theater soon?

Keep Sonia and Zoe supplied with books.

Many books are checked out from the library, and many books are being read.

Make photo books.

(I’m making a book for September-December 2016, and then one for January-June 2017.)

I made progress here! I started on the September-December book, and I’m into the mid-December part of the book.

So, I just need to finish editing and adding the Christmas photos, and then take care of the front and back covers and I’ll be done with one.

This page is about our last vacation, which was a mixture of womp-womp and fun times.

Get Joshua and Lisey squared away for college classes.

A few more things are knocked out here, and I believe we’ll get the rest finished in the next week or so.

-Register Lisey online
-Take her in for a placement test (She did great! Tested into the highest level. Yay Lisey!!)
-Have her take a CLEP test for Spanish
-Sign her up for fall classes
-Buy books

Joshua’s already registered, so his list is shorter.

-Register for fall classes (He took care of this 95% on his own. Woo!)
-Buy books

Buy schoolbooks/supplies for Sonia and Zoe.

I’m going to call this done. I have a small stash of spiral notebooks now, although I’m still going to keep an eye out for any more great sales on them.

Paint my kids’ bathroom.

DONE. Photos to come.

Declutter my house.

This month I did the kitchen and the laundry room and I started on the downstairs entry area. I’m getting there!

linen closet
-coat closet
-my room
-laundry room (THE WORST. Which you know if you saw my instagram story about it.)
-the under-the-steps closet (second worst thing)
-downstairs entry area
-living room (not a lot in there, but I’ll give it a once-over)
-Sonia and Zoe’s room (they’ll just need a little help)

Joshua and Lisey can handle their rooms on their own…the only thing I’ll do there is to go through the toys/games that are stored in Joshua’s big closet. Lisey’s closet has a bit of communal storage in it too, and I plan to look through that.

Make new chore lists.

Nothing done here.

a previous chore list

Make lemonade from scratch.

Do random fun things as they occur to me.

Hmm…we did go get $0.50 Frosties at Wendy’s.   Sonia and Zoe have had lots of sleepovers.

Bike rides are happening. And lots of swimming.

And we’ve had lots of friends over to play.

Repaint part of Lisey’s bed.

the before, obv.

Done!   Photos to come.

Refinish the front soffit.

Since I tackled the back, I think I’ll try to get the front finished before school starts too.


You guys, here’s a sad thing. My next bucket list update is going to be when summer is over.   WHYYYYYYY.

(Here’s the part where I remind myself that a whole month is still a nice long time.)

How’s your summer coming along? Have you been spending it the way you wanted to?






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Monday 7th of August 2017

I was thinking about the chore list, and what if Joshua and Lisey had zones? Monday Wednesday and Friday could be the bathroom(s) for one and the living room for the other? Then on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, whatever space they didn't have the previous day they are responsible for tidying? That way it's a communal space that can be done at anytime versus clearing the table. Ideally they would only have to do a general pick up or straighten, dust, vacuum, etc., much like clearing the table and only need about 10 minutes time?


Thursday 3rd of August 2017

Who are you using for your photo books these days?


Thursday 3rd of August 2017



Thursday 3rd of August 2017

Very happy to say that I don't have a summer bucket list this year! I'm home with the kids all august and the plan is to chill: activities at Michaels, swimming pool, parks, picnics, movies, etc. School supplies were bought this morning, so that's done. Yay vacations!


Thursday 3rd of August 2017

I don't have a summer list but I do have some major goals on the list for this year:

- Update will & related docs. I'm dreading this one - the one doc I don't understand is a persistent roadblock.

- Replace windows in house. This may move to a future date, as this year AC needed substantial repair and furnace may need replacement.

- Test for black belt. This involves going to class 3-4 times a week, week in and week out. So far, so good.

- Stand up straight. Which will help the martial arts, in addition to being a good idea. Never too late, right? So far, so good.

- Job transfer. Accomplished! Different role, same company.

- Notable but routine preventative medical procedure. Accomplished!

Ember @ An Intentional Lifestyle

Thursday 3rd of August 2017

I tried to write a summer bucket list and never actually sit down and do it. I have the same to do of painting my kids bathroom.... it's not done though. Along with our bedroom, and lots more. BUT we did manage to do quite a few things this summer too. Your kiddos look like they are loving the summer break! I love hearing about other homeschool moms and where they are. I'm in the early years of HS, but enjoying the whole process.

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