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Spring break stream of consciousness

Hello there!

Sometimes when I write blog posts, I feel like I’m writing a letter to a friend….or just typing a little email to you all. 🙂

A medical bill in mailbox.

I am old enough to remember writing letters to friends and family who lived out of state, actually. How else were we going to communicate? Long-distance telephone bills were prohibitively expensive, so snail mail it was.

You know, I was just remembering that when, as a teen, I’d been writing to my piano teacher who moved out of state, one of the things she said is, “Your letters sound just like the way you talk.”

letter in mailbox.

That memory made me smile because I’ve had that repeated experience with my blog; when someone who knows me in real life starts reading my blog, they say my blog “sounds” exactly like me.

I’ve been typing the way I talk for many, many years, I guess. 🙂

The List

If you follow me on Instagram, some of what I’m gonna type here will probably be a repeat.

I’m on spring break this week, and because I am A WHOLE PARTY, I thought, “Ooh, what a good chance to get caught up on a bunch of niggling tasks that have been bothering me.”

So, I did a big ol’ brain dump onto a piece of paper and made a list.

to-do list with a sparkly pen on top of it.

Unfortunately, this is basically the most un-fun to-do list ever because it is comprised almost entirely of things that I have been putting off all semester.

And…not gonna lie, some of these things are holdovers from the to-do list I made for winter break. Ha.

I have 16 things on the list, plus four school-related assignments I need to do.

My list has things like, “scrub the boiler room floor” because it was covered in soot from that explosion that happened right before the semester started, and I never did get around to scrubbing all of the black soot off the floor.

So far, I have done 8/16 on the main list, and gotten halfway done on two more. And I have done 1/4 of the school assignments.

The “break” part of spring break

Since the stuff on my List of Distasteful Tasks has been weighing on me, I do feel like it’s a gift to myself to devote some time to getting those things done.

That way, when I go back to school and clinicals next week, I will feel a little lighter.

cat in window.

But also…..

I’ve been taking my mornings a little slower than usual.

I’ve been walking on trails I have to drive to (something I typically don’t have time for during school).

I’ve been doing some non-school reading.

I bought myself an extra-large latte yesterday after running an errand I’d been putting off. 😉

And hopefully if I get my tasks done in the next few days, I will have a lovely empty weekend to do some fun things.

Last minute: not for me

One of my school assignments is due on Monday; I have to write 20 test questions about various immunology disorders that we had a lecture on, covering pathology and also the drugs we use to treat these disorders.

school assignment.

It’s not due until Monday night, but…I have clinical until 8:30 pm on Monday. And I know from past assignments that the process of writing test questions is way harder than you’d think.

Soooo, I’m gonna try to knock out this assignment today. That feels a million times better than trying to do it after clinical on Monday night.

Last minute = stressful!

The Winery

Last night, I went to a winery, which makes me sound 100% more bougie than I am.

view of a vineyard.

It was an event put on by PEO, an organization that has awarded me one of my scholarships, basically to have me and the other scholarship recipient meet and greet the local PEO chapter members.

sunset over a vineyard.

Well, when I got there, I realized that the other recipient was a classmate of mine from developmental psychology! We hadn’t seen each other in over a year, so that was a delightful surprise.

(Did we squeal when we saw each other? Yes, yes, we did.)

sunset over a barn.

PEO is an organization of women, devoted to supporting other women in their educational pursuits, and I love that so much. 🙂 Everyone I met was just so sweet and kind, and I felt so supported.

YouTube is not for me

My microbiology professor from fall 2022 asked me if I’d make a video encouraging students to knock out their microbio credit prior to nursing school, rather than trying to fit it in during the RN program.

So, I worked on that yesterday. Please enjoy all these awkward screen grabs of me.

screengrabs of Kristen.

Every time I make a video, I am reminded of how much easier it is to type than to film. I always have to record clips multiple times to get a good take, and then even after filming, I have to edit them all together into a single video.

I know I could get faster at making videos if I practiced, but blogging is definitely more my thing!

Alrighty. That’s probably enough words, so I’m gonna go get started on my distasteful tasks for today. 😉



(just to keep the whole letter feel going!)

Wanna join me? Do a little stream of consciousness in the comments.

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Saturday 23rd of March 2024

I was scrolling through my email looking for you and voila! There was your post! I do love the way you write and am glad you can see silver linings these days. Your hiking is a reminder to me that I must spend more time in nature-the woods vs just walking the neighborhood with our puppy. You're doing great in school and I am so proud of you! <3


Thursday 21st of March 2024

Love it! I’ve been a reader for years ❤️


Wednesday 20th of March 2024

All I can say is I'd have a hard pass on any and all things "video". Talk to the group/small group/individual like say IN REAL LIFE, you betcha. Ack.. I hope someone does not AI you. Spring break - I like your plan. Always told the kiddos that if you can afford to go somewhere on spring break, you can afford to help pay for your college costs. To be blunt - you spend money having a vacay on spring break, I'm not paying that cost plus my annoyance fee towards your education. Same went for overseas studies. I'll pitch in a reasonable cost for food/hygiene/my definition of necessities but no more. You are on your own dime. Both complied which went a long way to neither of them still living in my house when pushing 40 years of age. There also was a one way time limit on college choice as well as my "I will not pay a penny for you to attend X college". By the time both were ready to make a college choice, all of the X colleges were not even on the radar.


Thursday 21st of March 2024

Heh, well, the videos I post on Instagram are WAY more public than this video ever will be. This one will just be used in the biology department at my school. ;)


Wednesday 20th of March 2024

When I first saw the winery pictures I instantly thought, I bet those are tables from Marketplace and she painted them!!! haha Long rough week here, but a good day today at least. :)


Thursday 21st of March 2024

A "Kristen painted this" assumption is quite reasonable. lol

Jody S.

Wednesday 20th of March 2024

It's been a week. My body hasn't been cooperating with me; I'm not enjoying vertigo. But the sun is shining, even if it's too chilly for me to enjoy the outdoors. And "Country Roads" is playing, and I can look out the window and see WV. I'm thankful my kids can help me with meals and other household chores. We enjoyed a tea party this afternoon after our read-aloud time (the 2nd Luck Ugly book is our current read) because I was craving cookies. Sometimes I wish I didn't have to do anything but read books I like out loud to my kids all day long--- with only tea and cookies to interrupt. The wind is strong today, but so far out electricity is still on. Another good thing. Did anybody else listen to the Grand Ole Opry this weekend? Good times.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.