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I made a pie. (!)

On Tuesdays, I post a picture and just a few words.

Long-time readers know that while I do enjoy a good baking session, pies are rarely on my to-bake list.

I don’t really like pie, is the thing. Pie crust in particular seems like a huge waste of calories to me. Why would I eat pie crust when I could eat cinnamon rolls? Or macaroons? Or any number of more delicious things?

But I made an honest-to-goodness pie, with a real crust.

lemon meringue pie

It was because of the 14 Days of Valentines, where I do something special for Mr. FG each day from February 1-14th. I might not really like pies, but Mr. FG does enjoy a good key lime pie and lemon meringue pie.

I’d made him a key lime pie for Father’s Day this year (It has a graham cracker crust. Yay!) so I opted for the lemon meringue this time around.

I think I’ve only made pie crust twice in my life before, but I followed a Cook’s Illustrated recipe, and mine turned out passably well.

I’ve also never made a meringue pie before in my life, but my trusty Cook’s Illustrated book helped me out, and the pie was quite edible.

I still think bread-baking is easier, though. And tastier.

Pie is so overrated.

(The pie-lovers among us can now rake me over the coals. 😉 )

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Wednesday 10th of February 2016

I agree with you about pies. There are so many other more delicious sweet things. Although, I do enjoy a chicken pot pie. I find making pie crusts to be incredibly frustrating and despite how much I try, I cannot make a good one. I am grateful to my sister in law who now makes all the Thanksgiving pies.


Wednesday 10th of February 2016

Yes. I always let other people volunteer to bring the pies. I bring rolls, because bread? THAT I can do. ;)

Karin in Canada

Wednesday 10th of February 2016

I love all the comments! Apparently nobody feels neutral about pie... I really like pie (any), so mention of all the different pies made my mouth water!

Kay Lynn

Wednesday 10th of February 2016

This makes me smile....because I would have made the opposite argument about spending calories. Why would I have a cinnamon roll with frosting when I could have pie instead? Too funny. Love that you made this for your husband, and I love the 14 Days of Valentine's idea. It would take a lot of advance planning, huh? Maybe we could pull it off when the baby days are over. Do you do anything special for the kids on Valentine's Day?


Wednesday 10th of February 2016

Completely forgot -- cream pies! Maximum sweet, fat, and deliciousness! There's so much fluffy yummy creamy stuff going on -- wait, there's a CRUST under all that? ;)


Wednesday 10th of February 2016

See now, I love creamy things. I just think that they're better without a crust. Give me a nice bowl of custard or pudding instead!


Wednesday 10th of February 2016

You GO Girl! That was a sweet thing to do for the hubby! I have never made lemon meringue before! did it come out great? What did the hubby say?

Linda- LOL. Eating both parts of a pie separately (filling and crust) so one doesn't "dilute" the other. Funny.

Gina- yes, round pies are ideal.....LOL

WilliamB- I've never heard of putting vodka in the crust....I wonder if any spirit would work. Rum anyone?


Wednesday 10th of February 2016

The idea of vodka in the crust came from Cooks Illustrated. The basis is this: crust needs liquid to hold together but water activates the gluten in the flour, potentially making the crust tough. IIR CI chose vodka because it is flavorless.

Based on these premises, any hard spirit should work. I think a juice or flavored spirit - such as grand marnier or kahula - might not work as well as a hard spirit such as rum or gin. Give it a try and report back.


Wednesday 10th of February 2016

I think it turned out pretty well! It's a little hard for me to judge because I am not a lemon meringue pie connoisseur. Ha. Mr. FG said it was tasty, although I think he liked the key lime pie I made a little bit better.

Which is lucky for me because that pie was way easier!

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