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Grocery Spending and Menu Plan(Battra and Zoe, this one’s for you!)


See what you’ve gone and encouraged? I think there are about 12 stuffed animals in this week’s photo! Joshua wanted me to take the photo from a low angle so that they would be more obscured, but this next picture shows my purchases better. 😉


I spent $15.33 at Weis, but as I was looking over my receipt(I always do this before leaving the store), I noticed that my cilantro had rung up for $1.99, not the $.75 it was advertised for. Happily, my store has a policy that gives you the item for free if rings up at the wrong price, so I got $1.99 back in cash. That brought my total down to $13.34.

At Aldi I spent $67.23. Soo, between Weis and Aldi, I spent $80.57, which means I’m $.57 over budget. I think I can handle that. 😉


  • A mish-mash of stuff…a frozen dinner for me(I got a free one to review), mac n cheese for the kids, a roast beef panini for the husband
  • A mish-mash of produce that needs to be used…kiwis, and probably a green salad



  • Greek Pitas(these have chicken, red onions, and feta in them, plus a yogurt/cucumber sauce)
  • applesauce


  • Calzones(filled with sausage, mushrooms, and pepperoni)
  • green salad


  • Shrimp Pizzas(we didn’t have these last week)
  • fruit or veggie side will depend on what’s on sale(I will probably go shopping on Wednesday)


  • Chicken Divan(with broccoli) over rice or noodles
  • grapefruit


  • Deep Dish Pizza(we didn’t end up having this last week, because we got home so late from the zoo)
  • green salad

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Wednesday 20th of May 2009

hah! you should be careful or there won't be any food left for you!


Monday 18th of May 2009

Ahh...very good "hiding" LOL!!


Sunday 17th of May 2009

Susan, Joshua says he's in between the milk gallons(between the cilantro and the apricots). lol


Sunday 17th of May 2009

Where is the spider? Are they giving him a rest :-)


Sunday 17th of May 2009

That's a whole lot of stuffed animals!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.