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Five Frugal Things | yard edition

1. My neighbors and I did some yard cleanup

When I moved into this house two years ago, there was a big pile of tree branches and brush on one side of the parking pad.

brush on a parking pad.

And in the time since, I’ve added some to the pile (there are a lotta trees in this yard, and they are always dropping branches and sticks!)

pile of brush.

I have thought about hiring someone to come chip them all up, but of course, that would not be cheap.

Well, when my sweet neighbors Hank and Donna were helping me do some spring yard cleanup a few weeks ago, they offered to help me get rid of that pile, along with one on the other side of my yard.

pile of branches.

Want to see that colorful bit up closer?

pink fungus.Anyway, this past week they came over to help me! So kind.

Kristen in dirty jeans.

They own lots of lawn/trimming equipment, and that helped so much. We all got very dirty. And sweaty.

dirty arm.

Kristen with a red face.

Even though I took a cool shower after this, my face was still red for hours!

Here’s the parking pad before.

brush on a parking pad.

And here it is now. I had never seen this part of the parking pad!

cleaned up parking pad.

And now that I’m free of this backlog of fallen wood, I can have a chance of staying on top of the new branches that fall down.

clean parking pad.

(I will definitely be giving my neighbors a thank you gift!)

2. I got some free cheese

I noticed I had points in my Safeway app for a free item, so I chose a package of Swiss cheese (one of my favorite cheeses!) for $0.00.

swiss cheese package.

3. I fixed a pair of shorts

I was folding my laundry yesterday and I noticed the waistband of my trusty Old Navy linen-blend shorts felt weird. And then I noticed the bottom waistband stitching was coming loose in several places.

waistband of shorts that needs mending.

Sooo, I got out my machine and did some quick stitching with black thread.

mended black shorts.

Now we’re back in business!

(These Old Navy shorts are similar to what I have, but mine have a flat front with a drawstring. I’m surprised they swapped that design out for the full elastic waist.)

4. I bought a backup pair of shorts on eBay

As I was writing this post, I was like, “Hmmm, so Old Navy changed the design of my trusty shorts! I’d like another pair of the old style.”

I hopped over to eBay, found a pair of the old design in my size for $10 (with free shipping), and I bought them.

5. I bought a pair of walking shorts on eBay

While I was on eBay, I remembered that I wanted a second pair of walking shorts. I have one pair of Adidas shorts that I bought years ago, and I like the way they fit, so I searched for them on eBay and found a pair for $7.

adidas shorts.

I do not like to go on eBay and randomly search for clothes, but I do like to use it when I already know exactly what I want!

Your turn! What frugal things have you been up to lately?

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Friday 31st of May 2024

1. Ilinked my CVS reward card to Ibotta and got a $10 rebate just for doing that and making a purchase. I dint normally shop there but for $10 I bought one item that also had a rebate, which made my purchase a small $ maker 2. I had enough points in my grocery rewards to get .50 off a gallon! Waited till I was in empty to fill up. 3. Found a quarter in a cart at ALDIs 4. Found .06 cents in front of the register at the dollar (.25 cent) store. I always find coins there. 5. Bought some new to me yard decorations to jazz up our outdoor space. 6. Bonus one. Got a corn hole set off if marketplace. These are plastic and totally collapse making them great to store in the RV. I a,so bought a big wooden tic Tac toe set from the sane person. Let the games begin!

Amanda in VA

Wednesday 29th of May 2024

1) We're still eating free food from my mother-in-law's free food stash. We grilled free chicken breasts Monday. Yesterday it was free ham, sliced and heated in the air fryer. Tonight I am making a creamy kale pesto pasta which features an entire free bag of kale that I wilted and froze last week.

2) I designed the draperies that will hang in the storefront of our new office. Then I bought the fabric and notions online with a discount from a coupon code. I could have found an even cheaper window covering option, but for the quality we couldn't have done better.

3) I reserved a ton of books for three of the kids at the library and will pick them up on Friday to start our summer. The youngest is more difficult to "shop" for, but I discovered a book recommendation service that the library offers. I'm looking forward to the treasurers they find.

4) I took up the waist band of my new jean shorts. I almost always have to do this with pants, so I have developed a quick and easy technique that involves taking two little tucks without taking the pants apart. Then I hand stitch down the extra fabric. No droopy britches here.

5) I accepted a couple of guest points home exchanges for weekends in June. We're out of town, so it is pretty easy to accommodate folks. And it will rebuild our points balance in preparation for a big trip next year (and maybe a research trip for me in the fall).


Wednesday 29th of May 2024

Good neighbors are awesome!

My 5 Frugal Wins 1) Got $1.50 back through Ibotta for toothpaste I brought. 2) Got a quart size bag of free cookies at church that they were going to throw away. 3) Got food from the grocery store and used food we already had for meals we ate at home and for out picnic at the park. 4) Husband's mother and sister treated our family out at the buffet. 5) Had free Memorial day weekend entertainment: Watched a DVD movie I borrowed from the library, played a board game and bocce ball we already had at home, and went for walks around the neighborhood and visited local playgrounds.


Tuesday 28th of May 2024


1 - switched home and car insurance providers which will save me approx $250/year even after the penalty of cancelling the existing policy mid-year

2 - received a Rakuten cashback cheque in the mail today - $66 back in my bank account

3 - cancelled Netflix since they're getting rid of the basic tier that I've always had and I would have had to pay more to keep a subscription without ads. No thanks. Not paying more to not have ads

4 - signed up for a group-buy for a Disney+ subscripton so now have the top tier Disney+ subscription for less than $45/year

5 - particpated in a gift card promo that gave me 3 x $15 Walmart bonus gift cards

Marybeth from NY

Tuesday 28th of May 2024

Good neighbors are such a blessing. 1. I have been picking a handful of strawberries everyday. They are amazing. 2. Went to a BBQ at a friend's house on Saturday. Brought a watermelon($3.99) and a chick pea salad that costs less then $2 to make and a bottle of home made wine. My daughter brought GF cookies that she made. They sent us home with so many leftovers. 3. It was my birthday so I got a free drink from Starbucks. I have a bunch of other freebies too. I will see what I am near this week to get. 4. I pulled all the beats that overwintered. Some are huge. I will be using them in meals this week. I also picked some swiss chard. I started planting my plants too. I keep transplanting baby tomato plants that self-seeded. 5. Food shopping on Sunday was all at Stop N shop. I got 4 pounds of cherries for $2.49 a pound and gave 1/2 to my son. Watermelon was $3.99. Ribs were $1.99 a pound. I got 4. Buns were on sale 2 for $3. I got 1 hot dog and 1 hamburger. Corn was 5 for $1 I got the 10 I was allowed. Crab legs were on sale for $6.99 a pound. I splurged for my birthday and got some.

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