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Five Frugal Things | with two sandwiches

I have a small sandwich theme going on. Are we surprised? (no.)

1. I got a free chicken sandwich

At lecture, my friend alerted me that the Chick-Fil-A app had a free sandwich in it (something to do with the local baseball team, I think?)

chick fil a chicken sandwich in wrapping.

Sooo, I placed an order and grabbed my free sandwich on the way out of college.

2. I bought some razor blades on eBay

I’ve used Dollar Shave Club for a long time and been very happy but…recently they redesigned their product line, which means I can no longer buy replacement blades for my razor handle.


Dollar Shave Club review

For the record, I do NOT change my blade each week. I’m shaving sparse leg hair, not a beard, and my blades last for a long, long time.

Luckily, someone on eBay sells blades that fit the handle that I have, so I placed an order. Hopefully they’re legit…we’ll see!

Will this be frugal or a fail? Stay tuned.

3. I got a refund from MuseScore

Sooo, I was trying to sign up for a free trial to print a piece of sheet music, and somehow, they charged me $50 for a membership. I canceled immediately, but they did not refund my money.

I wish I’d never signed up for the “free” trial because this site makes it very hard to contact them (oooh what a surprise), but I filled out the cancellation form, and if that doesn’t work, I’m just gonna dispute the charge with my credit card company.

4. I made a use-it-up sandwich

I sauteed the last of a purple onion, sliced up the end of the French bread I’d made, added shredded cheese and the last of the Christmas ham (from the freezer, obviously) and made a lunch sandwich for myself.

(browned in a cast iron pan, weighed down by a second cast-iron pan)

grilled sandwich.

So good!

5. I bought a replacement watch on eBay (but first, a fail)

The fail: I threw my scrubs into the wash and I forgot that my watch was in the pocket.


Even after a thorough air-drying time, it was still dead. Sigh.

green spiedel watch.

Dead as a doornail. I will keep the wristband; that at least is still useful!

I was gonna go buy a new one straight from Spiedel, but then I thought, hmm, lemme check eBay.

And I found quite a few for sale there. I made an offer, and ended up saving about 30%.

(I do still have my trusty Withings watch, but it sadly does not have a second hand and we are required to have second hand capability for clinicals. They don’t make my exact watch but this is the most similar one. Mainly I love it because it tracks steps but it doesn’t look like a step tracker.)

withings fitness watch

Your turn! What frugal things have you been up to lately?

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Chris b

Friday 5th of April 2024

1. Libby app for free the library 2. Use up leftovers 3. Free donuts and muffins in animal feed box 4. Get free bread for animals...they get limited amount 5. Potatoes starting to go bad so put in slow cooker with beef roast and carrots

Becca C

Wednesday 3rd of April 2024

Trimmed my own bangs and ends instead of going to the salon.

Used the library for a bunch of free books for the kiddos.

We hosted Easter dinner for my husband’s family, which isn’t particularly frugal but I did make the rolls and the cake from scratch, so I guess that saves some money over store boughten? Also we are using up the leftover ham for sandwiches and tonight we are having homemade ham and pineapple pizza.

Made homemade peanut butter energy balls with the kiddos as a spring break activity. Homemade snacks are always cheaper and more nutritious.

Portioned and froze a bunch of chicken thighs and ground beef to help avoid having to stop at the store in the future. It’s easier to avoid spending if you don’t go to the store as often.

Anita Isaac

Wednesday 3rd of April 2024

i have a frugal fail. in judaism 18 is a lucky number. my last frugal fail was $18 cherries, this time the fam and i were in central park with australian friends who came to visit us. they treated us to lunch at the boathouse restaurant. as we left the park we were still hungry. we stopped at a nathan's truck and we ordered one order of fries for the four of us to share. the fries were $18.

we spent a lovely weekend with these friends and did all sorts of touristy things that we don't do enough.


Wednesday 3rd of April 2024

1. I did use the library for our book club book, BUT chose to by a new book from my now favorite author Abby Jiminez. Her story is lovely. 2. Brought home bread from work that would otherwise be thrown out. 3. My husband made stuffing for our Easter turkey from the last time I brought home the bread from work. Note to self from husband: no whole wheat bread in his stuffing as he isn't a fan. 4. washed out the ziplock baggie from a coworker's banana bread she brought to share. 5. Thawed some bean/kale soup for lunches this week.


Tuesday 2nd of April 2024

--I got an insurance payment for being in the hospital for a week earlier this year.

--Easter "dinner" was granola cereal since I'd eaten a late lunch.

--I cleaned out some of my costume jewelry I don't wear. Some went into the "donate" pile, and I listed the nicest bracelet on ebay.

-I got 2 books coming from One was on my wishlist, and the other was free from the person I ordered the first from. They are free since I have about 15 "free swaps" right now. Membership is about $13/year for the basic one.

--I didn't spent a ton at the grocery store but got a lot of veggies for salads for lunch this week--all on sale except the avocados. I WFH and really like good lunches that are fresh & can be tossed together quickly. Dinner is sometimes easier than lunch.

--I started horseback riding lessons at a barn 20 minutes from the house instead of over 90. That will save on gas! (Yeah, it's an expensive hobby, but I love it...been riding and showing since I was 5. I don't own a horse-just take lessons and occasionally show now.)

--I did not buy a new bicycle.

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