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Five Frugal Things | Still at it

Am I still redeeming birthday freebies? YES, YES I AM.

1. I got gold spray paint for $2.11

So, remember my scuffed table?

end table.

Well, I needed to make two screws (for the drawer hardware) a gold color, so I wanted some spray paint for that.

Ace Hardware had sent me a $5/any purchase coupon for my birthday, so I stopped in and found a mini can of spray paint for $6.99.

And with my birthday coupon, it was only $2.11.

gold spray paint.

Don’t get too excited about finally seeing the finished table, though; I’d say the odds of me doing any work on the scuffed table are super low until school is done (May 17, if we are counting. And I am counting.)

“Finish the scuffed table” will go on my summer to-do list. 😉

2. I got a free cookie from Panera

They send me a free pastry offer every year for my birthday, so I redeemed it for a free Kitchen Sink cookie.

panera cookie bag.

3. I got a free blazer from my Buy Nothing group

I have another presentation today, and I have to dress professionally. Soo, I picked up a free blazer from my Buy Nothing group.

It is very slightly on the tight end of things so I don’t know if I will keep it long-term. But it will work just for today.

(I always think it’s funny when they require us to dress up in nursing school. I feel like giving presentations in scrubs would be more appropriate!)

4. I got symphony tickets for Sonia and me

One of my student memberships lets me get a free ticket for myself and a $10 ticket for a second person, so Sonia and I are gonna go together next week.

It’s getting warmer now so I miiiiiiight wear something different than my usual symphony dress.

Kristen's black dress.

We’ll see what the weather is on the day of; it is the time of year right now when temperatures are very unpredictable!

5. The usual…

I’ve been making my coffee, packing my lunches, eating up odds and ends, and spending most of my time doing schoolwork. 😉

(Passing classes is kind of a money-saving move.)

Your turn! What frugal things have you been up to lately?

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Sunday 12th of May 2024

I LOVE that you have a "normal symphony dress" now. Bravo!


Monday 13th of May 2024

I'm so classy. ;)


Saturday 11th of May 2024

No frugalness to share, just wanted to say that I choose the kitchen sink cookie as my Panera birthday freebie every year. It’s the only time I’ll spring for that cookie and I savor that treat!

Lindsay B

Wednesday 8th of May 2024

1. Mended toddler sweatpants and a toddler shirt. These were both hand-me-downs and came with holes in them. I love hand me downs, but I don't love things that come a little too pre-loved and holey.

2. A few weeks ago I emailed Carter’s about some toddler socks that had worn holes within a few months of wear. I finally got around to submitting the pictures they requested, and they are sending me a check for almost $43! My mom bought these socks but wants me to keep the check. $43 was a crazy amount to spend on socks, but you can’t always find things used.

3. My parents visited for a week, and helped with numerous small maintenance things that are also frugal. -They helped rotate my mattress. -My mom mended a flat sheet that had a hem coming unstitched, and also mended/reinforced seams on several toddler bibs and a pair of pants. -My dad helped DH do some tree work that makes our backyard much safer and also tightened up a very leaky shower head.

4. After nearly two years of owning curtains that were too long (welcome to life with a toddler- lots of projects get put off indefinitely), my mom graciously hemmed them. It was a long process I won’t go into here, but it took forever and multiple tries. But they are now skimming the floor and they are wonderful.


Tuesday 7th of May 2024

1. We made our own coffee, cooked all our meals, packed lunches, and ate up food that needed to be eaten. 2. I bought my daughter sandals for 40% off and a pair of pj's on clearance. It was less than $9 at Old Navy for both. 3. I didn't buy any new "spring" or "summer" clothes for myself. 4. I found a specific kind of shirt for a concert at JCPenney, but it was $64! So I kept looking. H&M had a similar shirt for $15. It wasn't on sale, but it was the 6th store I checked and they were the only two options in the correct size. Yes, I did check the secondhand store first. 5. I enjoyed free treats at work this week. There was even a lunch provided today. Nacho bar... yum!


Tuesday 7th of May 2024

Frugal things: 1) I packed my patience and called a medical provider to sort through an insurance issue. The issue was about $600 though (and counting) so it is worth the time 2) picked flowers from our garden for “bring a flower for your teacher” day at school instead of buying them 3) posted some outgrown kids clothes on FB marketplace 4) scored my book club book at the library 5) generally was a good steward of our homes’ food. Used up food, froze food that was close to spoiling, etc

Not frugal, paying the extortion level price for my four year olds “school” pictures. I just can’t resist - take my money!

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