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Five Frugal Things | Shoe-Gooed boots

1. I shoe-gooed my snow boots

Way back in 2012, before a late-winter vacation, I realized I had no snow boots. So, I went to a shoe store and bought basically the only pair they still had in stock, on clearance.

They’ve held up pretty well, but during my trip home from Tahoe this month, I looked down and realized that the sole was coming off of one of the boots.

loose snow boot sole.

I felt rather nervous trekking through the airports; I half-expected the bottom of my boot to fall off at any moment.

Mercifully, it held up enough to get me through all of my miles of airport walking that day. Whew!

When I got home, I ordered a tube of black shoe-goo, and I used it to repair the sole.

I kinda doubt I’ll need the boots again this year, but I’m happy they’ll be there for me next winter.

2. I printed calendar pages on half-used paper

Remember when my printer was having issues while I was printing tax forms?

full ink lines in a printer.

I’d saved the improperly printed papers, and I used them to print out some calendar pages for my bulletin board above my desk.

printed calendar pages.

You can see a little of the printing through the papers but I really don’t care!

printed calendar pages.

3. I bought a CLEP test

Sooo, yesterday I had a meeting with my college advisor just to make absolutely sure all my ducks were in a row before I applied to the nursing program.

And I found out that the college recently (and unannounced) changed the math requirement so that my finished math credit no longer counts. UGH.

math dinosaur

Always gotta use Lisey’s math dinosaur when we talk about math 😉

If I had known this earlier, I’d have just taken college algebra in one of my other semesters!

I briefly considered bursting into tears, but instead, I opted to register for a college algebra CLEP test.

This is way cheaper (and faster!) than taking a college algebra course, so if I manage to pass, this will be a big frugal win.

I feel relatively confident about my odds, given that I’ve been teaching algebra to my kids for so long.

I’m gonna cram for the next week and then take the CLEP test, and I am really, really hoping I pass!

4. I bought myself some marked-down Valentine’s chocolate

A good thing about being your own valentine? You can wait to treat yourself until the goodies are marked-down.

Valentine chocolates.

Chocolate that’s 50% off is extra tasty. 😉

5. I called and got a late fee reversed

For some reason, I had not set up automatic payments on my credit card. WHOOPS.

And I got hit with a $29 late fee. But I happen to know that if you have a history of paying your card on time, and you call and ask politely, credit card companies will usually give you a courtesy refund.


Your turn! What frugal things have you been up to?

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Fru-gal Lisa

Wednesday 1st of March 2023

1. Instead of buying new books, I got a couple from a Little Free Library in the neighborhood. Of course, I put a couple of my old books in there as "payment." (Even though it's not required that I do so.) It's great to discover new authors this way! [LFLs are outdoor boxes, which usually are made to look like little houses, where people leave books for others to take for free. There is a website, that lists all the registered LFLs and you can look for LFLs in your city this way.] 2. Ordered my OTC meds for the quarter from my Humana Medicare Advantage place instead of paying full price at the drugstore. I get a certain amount free each quarter. 3. Was able to order a new religious book I wanted for a $1 donation to a radio ministry, as per their offer on the Christian radio station I listen to. The book is authored by another radio preacher, who charges more for it on his broadcast program. 4. Paid some utility bills via telephone. This way I don't have to use up any checks or postage stamps, and the payment won't be late. Hackers can't get your info from the telephone! 5. Started taking a reusable water bottle to work. They've installed special water fountains where you can refill a water bottle with filtered water, supposedly to help cut down on the amount of plastic in the landfill. They have vending machines for that first bottle of water (bottles are $1.20 each -- good grief!) but several folks are just bringing their own from home to save even more. Bonus: the water bottle I'm bringing was given to me free. I'm trying to drink more water instead of soda pop.

Lindsay B

Wednesday 1st of March 2023

I hope the CLEP test goes well, Kristen!

1. DH ran errands when he was in the other part of town for work, saving on gas. One errand involved returning an item we didn’t end up needing for our recent travels, so $42 back in our pocket.

2. DH signed us up for a new internet plan at $20/month, and also got himself a year of free phone service (this is through Spectrum and had something to do with recent federal legislation passed– could be worth checking to see if you are eligible too, regardless of your current carrier?)

3. We are enjoying foods from our freezer, with the goal of using them up before we want to stock up again this summer! Rhubarb cake with rhubarb compote has been very enjoyable so far.

4. After several months of looking, I finally found a product for which I had a coupon making it free. I’m not sure I want cream of wheat cereal, but Baby E will definitely eat it!

5. Also took advantage of a free salsa offer through Social Nature.

Frugal fail: after our road trip, we came home and found a large box of size 3 diapers, and Baby E is now a size 4. I went to return them to Walmart, but they said the price was $7?? We paid $28! It looks like they have changed the packaging and the diapers are “new and improved” so the box we have must be discontinued or an old SKU. I think I’d prefer to give them away on Buy Nothing than return them for $7!

Frugal fail #2: DH took Baby E to a well child appointment, and we are now missing one of my favorite warm shirts of his. DH did call the office and the lab several times, but no luck.

Frugal fail #3: I went to a local food coop because they have good prices on local apples- cheaper than the regular grocery store. Got home and discovered my receipt shows an incorrect variety of apple that was more expensive. The difference is only $4, and I don’t think it’s worth going out of my way to go back and have it changed. I’m grateful I don’t have to worry about every $4, but it’s still annoying to be overcharged.


Wednesday 1st of March 2023

I'm behind but remembering my own CLEP experience with both college algebra and whatever the introductory English class was, you won't have any problem. Like in your shoes I wouldn't even bother to look at the book, let alone cram. :)


Wednesday 1st of March 2023

@Kristen, for fun I went to the CLEP website to see what it might entail — it's been a hot minute, after all (and why math is fun for me, I can't say, but it is). Functions wouldn't bother me, but in their three examples I definitely did need to be reminded of the remainder theorem.

But I still think you'll do fine. :)


Wednesday 1st of March 2023

I am reading that there's stuff on the test about functions, and oh man, I HATE functions. So I definitely think I need to review those.


Wednesday 1st of March 2023

Good luck on your CLEP test.

Last month I needed products for our monthly club collection for the food pantry and for an organization that supports survivors of domestic abuse & sexual violence. One item was a hairbrush. I found the hairbrush for $3 at one store and same brush was $7 at another store. Guess where I got 2.

Sandy B Hill

Tuesday 28th of February 2023

I am a retired math teacher. I tutor and teach student math teachers. You got this!

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