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Five Frugal Things | I fixed it, Officer!

1. I fixed my burnt-out headlight bulb

sienna headlight.

Remember how I got pulled over for having a dead headlight bulb?

(I had no idea it was out!)

burnt out bulb.

It’s a little hard to see here, but only the orange light bulb is working! There should be a white bulb too.

I received a 10-day repair order, and I figured that this was probably a job I could handle myself (with the assistance of YouTube, OF COURSE.)

I went to Advance Auto Parts and bought a two-pack of the appropriate bulbs. I believe these bulbs are the original pair from when I got my van, so I figure that if one is burnt out, the other one is on its last leg as well. It’s not like I use one light bulb more than the other. 😉

two pack of light bulbs.

I watched a couple of YouTube videos, put some gloves on, and got the job done.

working headlight.

Look! A light!

I preemptively replaced the second bulb because I was not enthused about the idea of possibly getting pulled over again.

So, now I just gotta pop into the police station and have them sign my repair order to certify that my headlight is indeed in working order again.

2. I wore an even worse pair of mismatched socks

You know how if one sock sprouts a hole, I save the other one and “match” it with another solo sock?

The pair I showed you the other week wasn’t too bad; the socks were the same brand and mostly white.


But this pair is way worse. Zoe said, “Nice socks, Mom!” when she saw me. Heh.

mismatched socks.

Luckily, they’re a pretty similar cut and you can’t really see them once I have my Vans on. 🙂

3. I drank some free tea

Every week, we get a little bundle of sale ads in the mailbox. Normally, there’s not much of value there, but I happened to notice that this time, it included a little Twinings tea advertisement that came with two tea bags.

tea bag sampler.


(That reminds me: Twinings is a type of tea bag you could use for making the tea bag Christmas wreaths A. Marie shared with us.)

4. I saved my frying oil for greasing my grill

I like to brush my grill grates with oil before I cook, but I always prefer to use old oil for that purpose, and I keep a container in the freezer for that purpose.

I fried some chicken recently, and I’d already used the oil twice. Sooo, I poured it into my grease-for- the-grill container, and now I’m all set for next time I grill.

oil in takeout container.

5. I bought an inexpensive pair of dress pants

I have something scheduled where I need to dress up, and…the last pair of dress pants I have is from somewhere around 2012 or earlier.

I tried them on, but I was definitely skinnier in 2012 than I am now because I could barely button these pants, even standing up. God forbid I sit down in them!

I don’t get dressed up very often, so my current pants are basically just jeans, leggings, and scrub pants.

I tried a thrift store first, but came up dry. Then I went to T.J. Maxx and found a pair for $14.99. Sweet.

black dress pants.

I will wear them with a top I already have and shoes I already have.

Bonus: I did not buy a wasp nest

For some strange reason, someone is selling a wasp nest for $200 on Facebook Marketplace. I don’t even know what to think about this, although if he can get $200 for it, then more power to him.

wasp nest.

I’m just not sure why in the world someone would buy it!

Your turn! What frugal things have you been up to lately?

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Gina from The Cannary Family

Sunday 7th of January 2024

I thought about this specific post today because lo and behold, one of my headlamps had a burned out bulb. I told myself "it doesn't take whiskers", then watched You Tube and sent my mechanic son a photo so he could give me a tip, then I DID THE THING. I replaced both of them because I reasoned the same thing you did, and it turns out I have to replace one of the hi beams as well, but you don't get a ticket for that.... So I will replace both hi beam bulbs this week. I'm kind of shocked I hadn't gotten pulled over and given a ticket!


Monday 8th of January 2024

YAYYYY! You are a queen. Did you feel proud of yourself??


Thursday 30th of November 2023

1. I got selected for a taste testing study on frozen waffles and bought the required box for $1.99, got paid $20 for the test! 2. We were on a cruise just prior to Thanksgiving so I didn't have time to buy a turkey beforehand. We skipped the traditional Thanksgiving dinner until I heard on our local foodies group that HEB (local grocery store) was selling turkeys for $3 EACH 2 days after Thanksgiving. I stopped by after work and picked up an almost 10 lb turkey for $3 (originally $30) and we had our turkey dinner the next night! Everything else was made from pantry items I already had on hand, except for the orange juice I had to buy to make the cranberry sauce (frozen cranberries from last year). 3. Bought something online from Old Navy for store pickup but ended up buying the item for a cheaper price when I went to the store. They never ended up cancelling my online order or refunding my money so I had to make a few calls to finally get my money refunded, 3 weeks later. 4. When I went looking through my emails for the Old Navy order, I found a class action settlement coupon for $5 off any Old Navy purchase that I had forgotten about that expires in a few weeks. I used it on Cyber Monday to buy some new boxers for my husband who conveniently needed some new ones at half price, making the total about $7 for 3 pairs. 5. Used our cruise onboard credit towards the gratuities so we weren't tempted to buy random things to use up the credit if we prepaid the gratuities beforehand.

Karen L

Wednesday 29th of November 2023

I personally have purchased two wasps nests, but if I recall correctly, they were about $25 each. I find them rather beautiful and interesting, and they make a home decor accent piece that is a bit unusual. I'm all about the nature things!


Wednesday 29th of November 2023

* I'm gearing up for a Frugal December in the form of no unnecessary groceries (working on the pantry and freezer content instead) and no unnecessary personal buys.

* I'm also in need of pants. I can't seem to get them on my Buy Nothing group despite asking (and asking again). So I will have to bite the bullet and buy some soon. Will go to the thrift store first, where pants are sold for 6$.

* Not thrifting at Value Village anymore. First of all, they don't have changing rooms anymore. Secondly, their prices are getting ridiculous. 20$ for a shirt from Walmart? I don't think so.

* Keep reading books borrowed from the public library and/or found in free piles. There are so many free books out there up for grabs, I don't understand the need to buy them unless it's a special edition or something (and even then... nope)

* Thinking about cancelling Netflix. Is ''thinking'' about it considered frugal? :P.


Wednesday 29th of November 2023

I give you credit for thinking about it. lol

Heidi Louise

Wednesday 29th of November 2023

@Isa, Your third point about Value Village made me smile. I was at a yard sale long go where the other shoppers were discussing a sale they had just been to nearby. One said, "Their prices are so high you might just as well shop at KMart!"

For your last comment, "Thinking about" is frugal if it helps you decide what is important to you.


Wednesday 29th of November 2023

Around here, people hang fake wasps nests to scare off other wasps, so maybe that's the goal? What a hefty price tag though!

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