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Five Frugal Things | bras, beans, bonuses, & a book

Item #2 on this list does not start with a B, sadly. I was so close to perfect alliteration!

1. I used multiple small discounts on a bra purchase

I wanted a couple of black bras to wear to work under my scrubs, so I hopped over to because I already knew what style and size I wanted.

two black bras with tags attached.

A few ways I saved a bit on my order:

  • I went through TopCashback to get 2% back
  • I used my Target debit card to get 5% off
  • I got free shipping because my two bras met the minimum order amount for shipping
  • I accepted a slower shipping option for a $1 credit

And of course, I will wash my bras in cold water and also line dry them to help them last as long as possible.

Small savings like this are not going to allow me to retire at age 50, of course. But I figure that if I approach all of life like this, the little savings probably do add up to something significant!

(This is the bra I like; probably not enough support if you are well-endowed but it’s perfect for someone like me. And no wires!)

2. I bought marked-down chicken at Whole Foods

Remember how I found some Whole Foods gift cards when I cleaned out my desk?

whole foods gift card.

Well, I had to pop in there to do an Amazon return, and I looked to see if I could find a deal to use my gift cards on (because we know I always want to maximize my savings!)

I picked up a bunch of packages of 50% off Bell and Evans chicken (it was close to its sell-by date), paid for them with my gift cards, and put them in my chest freezer when I got home.

marked down chicken.

I don’t care if chicken is about to expire; it will keep just fine in my freezer.

I looooove having a chest freezer. It is so lovely to have the space to store things without worrying that they will get freezer burnt.

3. I made a duplicate version of Aldi’s bean salad

I have occasionally purchased Aldi’s little containers of chickpea salad, which cost about $3 for a one-serving container.

To me, that has never seemed like a very good price for what is essentially beans, edamame, dressing, and some veggies.

So, I googled for a copycat recipe, came across this one from Margin Making Mom, and I gave it a try! It’s a very good approximation.

pork and bean salad.

I packed it for lunch here along with some pork.

The can of garbanzos* was $0.81, the edamame was $1.25, the craisins were $0.29, and the cost of the other ingredients was negligible. So for about $2.50, I have a big bowl of the salad, not just one serving.

Definitely a frugal win!

*I know dried garbanzos are even cheaper, but $0.81 is fine by me.

4. I borrowed an audio book from the library

My therapist, who knows about my spatial synesthesia, recommended Oliver Sacks’ book Musicophilia to me because she remembered he discusses synesthesia.

screenshot of musicophilia book.

Sadly, my library only has this on audiobook, and I prefer to read physical copies of books.

I almost went on eBay and bought a copy, but I decided to go the audiobook route for $0.

Of course, I listened to it at 2x speed, which is what I almost always do when I listen to podcasts or books. Sooo, the 11-hour book only took me 5.5 hours. 😉

It was an interesting listen, but I was bummed that he didn’t talk about spatial synesthesia as it relates to music…just color and taste.

Brahms sheet music.

I really want to climb into other pianist’s brains and see how their brains connect the music on the page to the keys on the piano.

The way I think of it is hard to describe, but it’s almost like the keys and the printed music are meshed in my brain, even though the notes on the keys go low to high horizontally, and the notes on the musical staff go low to high vertically. My brain picks the printed music up off the page and lays it over the keys so that it sort of matches up spatially.

And I wonder if this is part of my synesthesia, or if it’s how most pianists think.

5. I opened a checking account for a $300 bonus

You know those bonus offers you get in the mail for opening a checking account with direct deposit? I could never take advantage of those because I haven’t had a direct deposit job since 1998.

But now that I work at the hospital, I do have direct deposit!

Kristen in scrubs.

My direct deposit uniform 😉

All sorts of wonderful bonus possibilities have opened up for me.

I did one that will give me a $300 bonus after I direct deposit $1000 in the first 90 days, and as soon as I get that one done, I have another $250 offer I will do.

cash back mailer.

Once the school year starts, I will be working very minimal hours, so these are probably the only two bonus offers I will do this year.

But next year after I get a nursing job, it’s game on again. 😉

I like this way of multiplying my PCT earnings; I’m putting them to work for me!

Your turn! What frugal things have you been up to this week?

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Friday 19th of July 2024

Your 5 Frugals were impressive!

My 5 Frugals are ….

1) We offered to water my friend’s plants while she was away so she gave us a homemade lunch, 3 pots of marigolds for each my girls, a beautiful bouquet of fresh cut flowers from her garden, and some food from her refrigerator she wouldn’t use up before she left. We were welcomed to cut more flowers and herbs from her garden the next time we come to water it.

2) Girls continued to eat free lunch at the library and the park through the summer feed program. We also ate leftovers, used up food we have, and cooked most of our meals at home. Used Ibotta and Fetch.

3) Batch run errands to save gas. Combined trips to the eye doctor, grocery store, library, and playground.

4) Had free at home and local entertainment. Read books and watched DVDs through the library; Did crafts there and played their electronic touch screen games; Played card, board games, and computer games we already had at home; Went to the school, library, and local playgrounds; Walked, biked, scootered around the neighborhood; Played in the backyard and jumped on the trampoline; Went swimming at the lake a couple times; Rode motorcycle with the girls; Had a water ballon fight.

Also, got to walk around our neighborhood and watched fireworks for free from our front driveway that our neighbors shot. Our city allow fireworks to be shot from residential neighborhoods which is really awesome.

5) Girls got to enjoy some free hobbies. Went to Gardening camp which was sponsored through the library; Get to put into practice what they learned by taking care of my friend’s garden; Made lots of melty bead creations; Made rubber band bracelets; Drawing, coloring, and painting at home; Use of imagination.

Also, mowed our grass, cleaned out the garage, vacuumed our cars, installed a toilet seat, saved an inner tube from floating away.


Friday 12th of July 2024

Frugal Things—


Thursday 11th of July 2024

Test text. Keep getting error message that 'There's something wrong."


Thursday 11th of July 2024

Problem with copy and pasting.


Thursday 11th of July 2024

This one came through!

Meg in SoTX

Wednesday 10th of July 2024

Ten years of piano lessons here and I never thought of the printed music as you describe.


Wednesday 10th of July 2024

Knowing your favorite style and size of bra makes it so easy to grab a new one when they might be on sale. Mine are quite expensive and not available at Target (I call them industrial strength), so I am pretty militant about caring for them. Rotate wear, hand wash or wash in lingerie bags on delicate, watch the armpits for deodorant build-up, and never ever ever in the dryer. I've made some of them last for YEARS.

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