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Five Frugal Things | a viral Snoopy flip

1. I bought and flipped a stuffed Snoopy

A few weeks back, I saw a news article about how a Snoopy plush from CVS was going viral on TikTok, to the point where they were getting sold out everywhere.

puffer jacket snoopy.

Snoopy is wearing a light blue puffer jacket, and for some strange reason, this particular $13.99 Snoopy is the one everyone wants at the moment.

I went to CVS to look for something completely different and lo and behold, there were 3-4 puffer jacket Snoopys on the bottom shelf!

I bought one for me (!) and also one to sell on eBay.

I listed it at noon yesterday, had several offers come in over the course of the afternoon, and sold it for $39.99 before dinner.

So, I more than paid for my little Snoopy. 🙂

This is definitely the fastest any of my eBay listings have sold!

(Of course, I will be packaging Snoopy up in packing materials I have saved from my own purchases.)

2. I got a free Panera bagel

On Saturday after my assisted living clinical shift, I went to Panera to work on some homework. I got my free drink, since I’m an unlimited sip club member, and the cashier told me I had a free bagel on my account too.

cinnamon crunch bagel.

So, I got a cinnamon crunch bagel and brought it home for Zoe.

3. I got my shoes repaired

On one of the days last week when I got dressed up, I wore a pair of heels and as I was walking back to the parking garage, the rubber heel tip disintegrated and fell off.

(Thank goodness it happened when I was almost to my car!)

So, I dropped the shoes off at the mall shoe repair shop and paid $15 to have new heel tips put on.

black heels.

I suppose I could have found a pair of second-hand shoes for less than that, but I already know these fit me and that they are the right height for the pants I recently bought.

Also: getting my shoes repaired was faster than shoe-shopping, let’s be honest!

4. I got a free Auntie Anne’s pretzel

At the shoe repair shop, they had coupons available for a free pretzel if you downloaded the app.

free pretzel coupon.

So while I waited for my shoes to be fixed, I walked down to Auntie Anne’s, downloaded the app, and got my free pretzel, which I brought home to share with Zoe.

soft pretzel in bag.

5. I got a free Jimmy John’s peppermint cookie

The morning I went to get my shoe repaired, I had gotten an email from Jimmy John’s, letting me know that it was National Cookie Day and that they were giving away free cookies.

Since I was super near there for my shoe repair, I popped in and got a peppermint chocolate cookie.

chocolate cookie.

This Five Frugal Things is full of food freebies…you’d almost think it was my birthday month again! 🙂

Your turn! What frugal things have you been up to lately?

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Wednesday 6th of December 2023

My Five:

1. Gas: Twice this month I was able to use Kroger 1.00 off per gallon of gas to fill up both my car and my son’ car. It’s a bit of an ordeal, but worth it to me. We both drive to the gas station. We fill up the first car and then one of us holds the thing while the other drives and first car forward out of the way and the second car into position to fuel up. Stacked up points buying amazon gift cards on 4X days that I am using for Christmas presents.

2. Travel Hacking: My sister had to make two large purchases this month. She was going to pay cash, so instead I asked if I could put them on my credit card and she wrote me a check to cover it. Not only did I earn a few points, but the $1200 or so helped me meet a minimum spend on a new card to get the bonus points. I pay my credit cards in full each month.

3. Cheese! Our local grocery store had a wonderful cheese festival. I brought my three sons ages 21, 16, and 8 and enjoyed so many cheese samples. They went all out with wonderful appetizers that highlighted the premium cheeses and crackers, and sauces. Free meal. Free entertainment. We did buy a few fancy cheese products, but will love using them during the holidays. My first attempt at making a charcuterie board is in my future…

4. Cyber Monday deal: Spent $400 for $500 of gift cards to my grocery store.

5. Spent $450 for a $500 Target gift card. Beats the 5% I get from using my Target card and I also could put the charge on the new credit card to work towards the bonus.

Torrie @ To Love and To Learn

Tuesday 5th of December 2023

Ha ha, that's an impressive week of free food! My week was much less fun on the frugal side -- it mostly consisted of saving money a million medical appointments :-/

Also, super random about the Snoopy doll. Reminds me of the weirdness that was the Tickle Me Elmo trend back in like, 2000.

Here are my own frugal wins:


Tuesday 5th of December 2023

I don't even like Snoopy (I know, who doesn't like Snoopy...) but thought the one in the winter jacket was cute. Kudos to you for selling one and, also, for leaving some for other customers. Thoughtful regarding others seems to be your default setting. 1. As I mentioned in commenting on someone else's comment, I won 25 pounds of pineapple shipped straight from Hawaii. That will be a huge savings on fruit for us and also saves us some money as we are giving a few of them away to neighbors. I cannot express how delighted people will be over quality fresh fruit in December. 2. Won a $50 gift certificate to Amazon, after spending five dollars in a raffle to support a local youth sport. Usually I say, "I never win anything!" and here I won something 2 days in a row. 3. Bought a gift certificate to a local pizza place as a Christmas gift for a good friend who rarely has spare money for eating out. The deal was buy a certificate and get a $20 one for free, so it will be frugal in the future when I use it on a day I cannot stand the thought of cooking. 4. For the second time in my life, our garbage guy knocked on our door and said, "This was left with the trash and I thought you might want it." It was another accordion! We are already a three accordion family so the husband cleaned it thoroughly and tested the parts and I was able to sell it locally for $150! (I did offer it to the music teacher at the high school but she laughed and wished me luck selling it. More fool her!) I used $50 of the money to buy a gift card for the garbage guy, since I have literally made hundreds off the accordion finds he has brought to my doorstep. I suggested he might want to give it to a family member who likes accordions and he said, "Mrs, I don't know anyone besides you who likes accordions!" (It cracks me up that he calls me Mrs. In 40 years of being married, the only other time I have been called that is by our postman when we lived in Scotland.) 5. Picky neighbor's dog does not like Blue Buffalo dog food so Pound Hound was the lucky recipient of a barely used 40 pound bag of it. I offered her some of my homemade dog treats but she said her dog refused to eat the last ones. "He and I don't like pumpkin." I did not tell her that my husband ate a bunch, thinking I had made him cookies. Apparently the dog bone shape of them did not give him a clue. So now I make some for him, too. They are totally healthy so what the hell...


Tuesday 5th of December 2023

Not a frugal observation, but an observation. I'm glad that assisted living is part of your training. My mother (age 83) moved to an assisted living apartment in July after living alone for many years. It was the right choice at the right time, and she adores (most of) the medical staff.

Heidi Louise

Tuesday 5th of December 2023

Is Woodstock under Snoopy's cap? Or inside the coat?

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