Avocado Ideas, a Giveaway, and more!

It’s kind of like a miscellany post, but it’s full of links this go-round.

1. Yesterday, a reader shared this great roundup of avocado recipes.

Mr. FG and I have discovered recently (in the last few years) that we both love avocados, so I’m always looking for more ways to serve them.

They’re so healthy and so, so affordable at Aldi, I’m happy to serve them as often as possible.

avocadoes for breakfast

2. I gave an interview to Business Insider last week about the times it does pay to be cheap.

It was a tricky topic for me, because my frugality frequently leads me to paying a little more for something awesome because doing so ultimately saves money.  But even so, there are a few times that I go the cheap route.

(Suave shampoo, for example.)

3. Speaking of Suave, there’s a Dollar General Suave deal happening right now, and I’m giving away a $50 Dollar General gift card.

Suave stash

(Notice the super cheap saline solution I mentioned in the Business Insider article!)

4. This carrot and cardamom soup is definitely going to happen at my house.


I don’t think my whole family will go for it, but that’s totally ok, because I can make it and eat it for lunch.

5. Glad just unveiled a photo project about food waste.

Be still, my heart! Two of my loves (food waste and photography) are united.

Reducing Waste & Recycling at Home  Glad Waste in Focus - Mozilla Firefox 4182014 72544 AM-001

The project shows eight different American families with a week’s worth of their trash, recycling, and compostables.  It’s crazy how much the waste varies from family to family.

(The family in the photo above wins for the least trash.)

On the food waste topic, Food Waste Friday is over at Simply Being Mum today.

(And you get to see not only her fridge, but her lovely kitchen today.)


Have a lovely Easter weekend, dear readers!


  1. says

    Loved the Business Insider article! I don’t buy cheap shampoo because I’m on an anti-artificial-fragrance kick–I’ve been doing baking soda and vinegar!

    Definitely cheap toothpaste, though! Crest and Colgate still make the plain paste that doesn’t do anything besides clean your teeth. My husband was buying sensitive/whitening paste, which is dumb–the whitening makes your teeth MORE sensitive! I convinced him to pay more for “real” sensitive toothpaste and just use it less often (he uses my plain paste the rest of the time).

    • Kristen says

      I have managed to get down to washing my hair every other day, but I am not brave enough to go the baking soda/vinegar route!

      • K D says

        A firend told me the other day that she has been doing the baking soda/vinegar route for several weeks and she loves it. I tried it a while back and did not like the results. I actually buy organic shampoo (on sale and with coupons) because I don’t like the ingredients in other shampoos – not frugal but I am frugal in most areas of life so I don’t worry about it.

        Where I live it is illegal to compost food scraps/waste. I guess because they have rodent issues in some parts of the county. I rely on the garbage disposal a lot more than I would like for citrus peels, fruit cores, vegetable peels, etc.

  2. Michelle H. says

    The profiles in waste were fascinating! I kept looking at the “trash” side of the picture and wondering why they weren’t recycling more of it. I agree with William B – it’s amazing what a difference composting makes.

    Also wanted to yell at a few of the families to Stop Buying Bottled Water!

  3. K D says

    Avocados are often $1.00 or less at my Aldi, I always buy a few. I love them on salads, with scrambled eggs, or just with a little salsa. A lot of those recipes look interesting (and avocados are suppose to be good for you, what’s not to like?).

    The Carrot and Cardamom soup looks delicious, but it will be a lunch for me item (like you the rest of my family would not appreciate it).

  4. S says

    We have also been eating more avocadoes lately.

    On eggs
    in BLT’s
    Cobb salad or chopped salad (especially a copycat version of the Cheesecake Factory chopped salad that is on Food.com)
    my 12 year old makes her own guacamole and has known how to do it by herself for years.
    For breakfast, lunch or dinner
    in any kind of sandwich

  5. Suzan says

    I often wonder how food prices compare. At present it is not unusual to pay $3 for a not so big avocado. It saddens me as avo on toast is my very favourite breakfast. Avocados are grown close to my home too.

  6. penny says

    Notes on vacation…..make sure to pack water bottles and the kids meals were decently priced and good amount of food. Even I would get a kids meal at the quick stop places. Splurge for one character meal. Breakfast and lunch are cheaper. Epicot is a great educational experience, my girls loved it. They have scavenger hunts and activities at each country. We sampled a food item from each country as well. I am not a theme park person but really enjoyed our trip.

  7. farhana says

    Kristen, you might want to think about using Suave again though. Both cheap and expensive brands use loads of SLS and SLES, corroding your scalp while attacking your lungs. Yes, cheap on your wallet but exorbitant on your health.
    Same goes for tap water, full of fluoride that’s neurotoxic and tumorigenic, an added perk would be brittle teeth and bones. You can read more on-


    and Mercola.com

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