Hmm. Guess I haven’t cleaned under there in a while.

Mr. FG and I had to haul some large things in the van recently, so we took out the back seats.

Good heavens.

I did vacuum it all very thoroughly before we put the seats back in. And I even wiped down all the plastic parts on the floor, because they were pretty darn filthy.

Anyway. Just thought I’d share that in case any of you have fallen into that erroneous “Everything Kristen owns is always clean.” way of thinking. ;)

Also, Lisey and I posted a recipe on her blog…a lemon bar recipe (take one!)

We’re trying another version next, since we have mixed feelings about this one and we want to compare. Read all about it!

Aaaaand one last thing: Share a beauty tip on my Mary Kay post and be entered to win a really lovely gift basket. (Hopefully you’ll get some of the excellent mascara like I did!)

I’d just like to say that I love the tips that you guys are sharing…”Get enough rest.” and “A smile makes everyone look more beautiful.” You’re such kindred spirits. ;)


  1. says

    Ha ha!! Looks like my van by about a week after I’ve cleaned it nicely–vaccuumed and wiped down every possible plastic piece, spot cleaned the upholstery, etc. We try to have a “no eating in the car” policy, but honestly, some days, 5 of us practically live in the van and that concept goes out the window, so we’re back to the picture like yours. :-) I try, but fail.

    • Kristen says

      Yeah, we try not to eat in the car either. But there are always exceptions to that rule, especially if we’re out of town!

    • Kristen says

      Left to themselves for long enough, raisins can indeed get more dry! I don’t think there were any raisins under our seats, but there were some old lollipop remains. =p

  2. Diane says

    I am retiring in two days from my job as a sales rep (Woot!). On my list is to completely clean out my mini van. Who knows what I am going to find when I finally clean out the last of my samples? I suspect it will look a lot like yours, also sans raisins.
    Thanks for helping me sharpen my frugal skills. Without your cheerful guidance, early retirement would not have been possible.

    • Kristen says

      Congrats, Diane! I hope your early retirement is delightful, and I’m so pleased that my blog has helped you achieve that goal. :)

  3. Rebecca says

    i make a point of completely cleaning out our minivan 2 times a year, which coincides nicely with the spring and fall trips to the local municipal site to drop off our yard waste and branches. So since we have to pull the car seats out to do that, everything gets a wipe down and vacuum out. those car seats can get pretty crunchy in that time!

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