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I thought it might be fun to take a little break from the Christmas series today and show you a little bit of what I’ve been up to in the kitchen.

-Mustard-glazed chicken.

-Milk (for homemade yogurt) on the left, apples (for applesauce) on the right.

-My new, very fabulous ladle, which turns out to be quite handy for the applesauce-making process.

Yay for homemade applesauce! (I am a homemade applesauce snob, if you hadn’t already heard.)

I made another batch or two of applesauce after this batch, and then it became clear that I needed to stop (I ran out of containers!)

-Chicken broth, made with chicken bones from my freezer, some carrots and celery that needed to be used, and an onion.

The broth ended up in some turkey chili,

(oh, hey there, lovely ladle!)

and some corn chowder.

Whole wheat bread in progress.

-A cauliflower gratin, which several people in my family turned their noses up at.

(I’m thinking if you can’t manage to eat cauliflower when it’s covered in a creamy sauce and sprinkled with bread crumbs, there’s no hope for you.)

And lastly, here’s an action shot of Lisey making some toffee bars. I’m having fun taking in-the-moment pictures while she bakes, since most of the time I’m the one doing the kitchen work, and I haven’t gotten skilled enough to photograph myself and cook at the same time.

If you want to make these super-easy toffee bars, you’ll be pleased to know that we shared the recipe on Lisey’s blog.

Oh, and because you might be wondering, I should tell you that the corn chowder, cauliflower gratin, and mustard-glazed chicken are all from a new America’s Test Kitchen cookbook.

Aaaand, I’ll be giving away a copy of that soon. (woo!)


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  1. says

    A friend of mine told me about the cauliflower a couple years back when she did the South Beach Diet. Said her boyfriend had no clue HE was on it too cause she never told him she was making dishes from the cookbook. She said he actually complimented her on her MASHED POTATOES! Said that was the lgihtest and fluffiest she’d ever made them! So I have never told my kids…but everytime I serve “mashed potatoes”…it’s the cauliflower!!

  2. says

    Wow! It all looks delicious!

    Mustard-glazed chicken is one of my favorite quick, tried-and-true recipes. And my husband also turns his nose up at cauliflower covered in cheese and bread crumbs. You are not alone!

    • Elaine in Ark says

      I tend to agree with your husband. I would also be inclined to scrape off the bread crumb/cheese topping and eat that!

      The # 1 reason I like being a grown up is that I don’t have to eat food I don’t like.

      However, other people are allowed to like anything they want to.

  3. says

    That chicken looks awesome!

    And I just have to tell you, I definitely miss checking in to your blog everyday. Although I completely support your decision.

  4. says

    Looks delicious! I would like to learn how to make my own yogurt sometime… I’ll have to read how you do it :)

    Is there a way to Follow you on WordPress on your site?


    • Kristen says

      Hmm. I’m not sure! My blog is self-hosted, so it’s not on the wordpress network. You can subscribe to my blog via email or via google reader, though.

  5. says

    Everything looks great! I had an apple sauce question – I’ve been going apple sauce crazy this apple season but have been freezing rather than waterbath canning them… how do you preserve and store your apple sauce?
    – A Sister Apple Sauce Snob.

    • Kristen says

      I’m a freeze-er! I just leave enough headspace for the applesauce to expand when it freezes, and my glass jars never break.

  6. Tina Ray says

    I have the recipe for the toffey and not being much of a sweet eater I have to say this stuff is YUMMY! The cauliflower looks wonderful. I want to make my own broth and have jars and such but I cannot remember how to can :( I has been…err lets just say a looong time!

    • Kristen says

      Oh, I didn’t can any of my stuff…I froze the broth and the applesauce! As long as you leave some headspace to allow for expansion when the food freezes, glass jars can be used in the freezer.

      Super easy, and since I have a chest freezer, I can spare the space.

    • Rebecca says

      I can both my broth and applesauce, etc. We buy meat in bulk so I don’t have room in the freezer. Plus I make up to 40 qts of applesauce each fall, so that takes up room, plus all the other things I preserve.

      You do need a pressure canner for meat and veggie items, like stock, but it is really easy to do.

  7. zooey says

    You might try roasting cauliflower. It really has a very different taste when roasted. It’s so good! Just toss with a little bit of olive oil and s+p. Sometimes I also add a little cumin (seeds or ground).

    • WB says

      I love roasted cauliflower – I make a pasta dish with it and you’d never know it wasn’t chicken. Ok, well you’d know, but you wouldn’t care! (Pasta with Roasted Cauliflower, Garlic, and Walnuts @ Cooks Illustrated)

  8. dorthey says

    Does Anybody Else Purée & Eat the Veggies
    in the Chicken Broth ? I turn it into Poridge …yum
    I steam White Rice, add some leftover Chicken & then
    top with the Pureed Veggies. Stir & Eat ! ;)

  9. says

    Thanks for this great post! Will you share your Mustard-glazed chicken recipe?

    Also, I think that we Americans have missed the cauliflower boat. Check out Turkish cauliflower recipes-lots of yummy options.

  10. Libby says

    Christopher Kimball was just interviewed on NPR this morning about the new cookbook and I was wondering if you would have a freebie to give away! Sounds like a fantastic book with lots of ‘myth busting’ in it.

  11. Mrs. R. says

    I’m WITH YA on the cauliflower gratin assessment….and thank you for Lisey’s recipe link, all the gorgeous photos, and the inspiration to do a little extra for my sweet family asap!

  12. Mrs. R. says

    I’m WITH YA on the cauliflower gratin assessment….and thank you for Lisey’s recipe link, all the gorgeous photos, and the inspiration to do a little extra for my sweet family asap!

  13. Mrs. R. says

    I’m WITH YA on the cauliflower gratin assessment….and thank you for Lisey’s recipe link, all the gorgeous photos, and the inspiration to do a little extra for my sweet family asap!

  14. Julie says

    I have been making those toffee bars for years now, though the recipe I learned them from called them “birthday candy”. In three seperate states, my friends independently named them “chocolate crack” because they are so addictive, so I decided to give in and roll with that. :)

    They’re also very good with graham crackers in the place of saltines.

  15. Candace says

    I just thought I’d mention that I hated cauliflower for most of my life (I’m 34 now), even when it was cooked with a creamy sauce or cheese or something else fatty and delicious, because the flavor is just so strong (to me, at least). I eventually grew to like it after trying it enough times. I think it’s just one of those foods that grows on you slowly, so don’t give up!

    • Elaine in Ark says

      I’m almost twice your age, and I still don’t care for it.

      Fortunately, not liking cauliflower won’t keep me out of heaven. ;)

  16. Janknitz says

    Try this for the cauliflower:

    Cook the cauliflower until soft. Mash it and mix in cheese, butter, sour cream, and seasonings. Serve it in place of potatoes. It’s different than potatoes, but so delicious that kids will even eat it, especially if you don’t call it “cauliflower”. Some people call it “loaded fauxtatoes”.

  17. says

    Yum! It all looks delicious. I’m looking forward to the cookbook giveaway. *meaningful eyebrows*

    I love cauliflower and like to use the cauliflower steak method — cut a slices from the middle, keeping it intact, so you’ve got all the florets still on there. Sear it like a steak in a hot pan with oil. You can mix up the seasonings. I like sesame oil with five spice powder, or coconut oil with curry power and red pepper. Really sear the heck out of it so it’s brown on each side. Then, if you want it softer, roast it for about 5-8 minutes at 400F.

    Oh hey, just saw the link to the toffee. I know what my kids and I are doing tonight!

  18. says

    Have you posted a recipe and directions for your chicken stock before? If not, I’d like to know how you make it. Just chicken bones from a previously roasted or boiled chicken with onions, carrots and celery?

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