Grocery Spending and Menu Plan-2.28


This is the last week of February, which means that the Grocery Challenge I’ve been participating in is up after this week. Last week, I was $1 over budget, so as long as I kept my grocery spending to $79 or less this week, I was all set to make my goal of spending $320 or less for the month of February.

I actually shopped at three stores this week, because a local grocery store was having a very good sale on chicken breasts. I got 7 pounds of chicken breasts for $1.35/pound, which is a delightful price. I also got some bananas there for $.35/pound, and some strawberries, which were $2.35. So, all told I spent $13.70 there.

At Weis, I spent only $20.29, and at Aldi, I bought $40.32 worth of groceries. Altogether, that makes $74.31! I was very thrilled about that, because it was under my $79 goal, but then I remembered that I had to make a quick stop last weekend before my company arrived, and that trip cost me $10.52. Unfortunately, that puts me at $84.83, which is $5.83 over my goal for this week. Gah!

So, for the entire month of February, I’ve spent $325.83, $5.83 past my goal of $320. I’m sort of annoyed at myself for going over by such a small amount, but at least I came close to $320.

Here’s what I’m making with my over-budget groceries. ;)


  • Chicken and Bacon wraps
  • grapes
  • baby carrots
  • potato chips


  • We’ll be at a birthday celebration for my niece(there are a LOT of birthdays in our family in February and March). I’m bringing bread, naturally.

Monday(This is Sonia’s birthday. My parents are coming over for dinner, to help us celebrate and Sonia chose the menu. It’s not what I would normally serve to company, but it’s what Sonia wanted! )


  • Clam Chowder
  • bread bowls
  • green salad


  • Onion Beef Au Jus on French bread(we didn’t end up eating these last week)
  • Horseradish Carrots
  • Applesauce



  • Pizza
  • green salad


  1. says

    Hey “the frugal girl” author,

    As a fellow blogger & money fanatic I have followed your blog for sometime now….

    Some really great posts and pointers!

    Oh and keep up the blogging!!

    Alex Preece

  2. says

    With my shopping trip today I spent $82.24 – $2.24 over my weekly goal, but since today marks the end of the challenge to spend less than $320 for the month I can report that I only spent $290.81 – $29.19 *under* my goal. I really loved this challenge as well as pairing it with the no food waste challenge and I will continue to strive for the same – but I will probably relax my goals a little and allow for $80-100 since my pantry and freezer are now so depleted. :) You can read more about how things look in my home here:


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